"It seems to say that you follow death to the ruins of the gods, and Hayes and Hagrid will appear one after another, which will definitely make you miss one."
"The seventh prophecy is close at hand, but there is no place to see. When fate decides, the mainland will show you according to the instructions of the gods."
"Not at the same time and in the same place, um … Ye Zhang, you have a rich imagination. Finally, you found the final seal of death according to the instructions of gatling’s dead."
Then there is the last known person who predicted that the dark heart was not their companion, and the king did not appear among them.
"Suppose this prophecy says that Hayes is still as dark-hearted as you are, and he is the king’s successor because of his presence, but Hagrid was dead. In the end, Hagrid didn’t die, and Hayes died, so he didn’t inherit the throne."
Ye Zhang looked up and Xu Yin’s words were quite clear, but she repeatedly assumed that if such ambiguous words seemed to make Ye Zhang a little confused.
"Is there anything wrong?"
Ye Zhang asked inexplicably, in fact, except for the last prediction, which was a bit far-fetched and unexpected, all other predictions made sense, but Ye Zhang happened to be entangled in the fact that the last prediction was not fulfilled. Is it still a prediction?
"Fool’s prophecy is a kind of interpretation of alternative objects. Prophecy has different interpretation methods for different people, not for you alone."
Xu Yin said with a smile
"What do you mean?"
Xu Yin re-paved the prophecy in front of Ye Zhang, and then Ye Zhang re-interpreted it one by one.
"The first prophecy for isis, she was afraid of death, sad about Poseidon’s death, angry about Raytheon’s betrayal, and fighting side by side with the god of war brought her happiness, and finally Osiris brought her love."
"The second prophecy, Anubis, the god of death, succeeded Osiris, the keeper of hades. An heir from ancient Egypt came to this world when Hayes started the Continental War, which plunged the gods into shadow of fear and led to the death of the god of war."
Xu Yin said here suddenly raised his head and his face was shocked and surprised.
"Since the third prophecy is aimed at you and death, is it aimed at you and not at death at the same time?"
"The fifth prophecy is that Poseidon is dead, gatling is dead, and isis is gone. Is it the happiest to live in Thor?"
"The sixth prophecy says that when you fled from the Babel, you chose to return to the Babel. If you chose gatling, you would miss Poseidon, but you didn’t follow the route agreed by Poseidon when you left, and Vulcan died in the hands of death."
"The seventh prophecy is the same as the third prophecy. In Tutankhamun, the treasure was delivered to the door, and Anubis, the god of death, came to the mainland from then on. At first, the seal must have been intact, but who lifted it? Did Anubis come to the southern continent from ancient Egypt?"
"The first prophecy, um … only this prophecy has no good answer to any object at present."
Looking at Ye Zhang’s shocked eyes, Xu Yin indulged in a drill into his arms and immediately smiled.
"Don’t be so pessimistic. Well, in fact, prophecy is a way of expression. You don’t need to get entangled in it. Besides, there are still a lot of things waiting for you to go back and solve. When will you be decadent?"
Ye Zhang, return to absolute being.
Xu Yin said that another kind of prediction explanation is reasonable, reasonable and far-fetched, but Ye Zhang finally realized that he was too obsessed with it.
It’s like someone predicting that you will be happy today. Maybe you are not happy after a busy day, but this happiness is not for him, Ye Zhang.
Happy Ye Zhang thinks that happy people in Ye Zhang and happy people in Ye Zhang are all expressions of happiness.
Ye Zhang scratched his head embarrassedly and then went into glitz.
At this time, he received a unified message
"Show the Prophecy Chapter"
Ye Zhang hurriedly called to have a look and wrote.
"This prophecy has not ended."
Ye Zhang didn’t have any ideas when he saw this veritable pothole prophecy. He wanted to take off the game helmet and return to reality at once, then picked up Xu Yin and shouted.
"dear, you are so clever!"
Chapter one hundred I’m back ()
"The little whirlwind is coming back!"
The other end of the microphone said a word and then hung up the phone.
Feng Zhi squinted when he spoke. He held his head half high and looked a little disdainful, but when his eyes scanned everyone present, he returned to that decisive temperament of war.
At present, there are more than three resource points in Somalia, including major exchanges, just occupying neutral towns, and the total income has reached an amazing figure.
But now Somali Night will definitely not be satisfied with what they have planned for a long time. They need more resources to expand their fighting capacity and develop Xu Tu.
It can be said that there is no guild that can stop them in the glitz now.
It’s nothing that the only elite team has the strongest free and unfettered family and rules the sky. They are just a few eyesore ants.