"I have experience in killing monsters for nothing, and when accumulated to a certain extent, I will upgrade my level and strength," Lena suddenly said with a smile.
"Are you white?"
"Well, I heard from your friend," Lena said with a smile.
"Well, let’s kill all these ink snakes in this mountain stream." I instantly summoned the bronze armor leopard demon and the Jinqi flurry wing to fly directly to the mountain stream. The ink snakes have discovered that I am crazy to release black gas from my body when I fly ~ Nima put smoke bombs? These black gases are poisonous ~ Command Jin stays behind and I say to Lena, "Lena turns into water and ice magic. These guys are poisonous and can’t be touched."
"hmm!" Lena turned into a huge body in an instant after winning, but she covered a small piece of mountain stream in an instant. Seeing Lena Longkou, a shower enveloped the whole mountain stream in an instant, and the stream flooded as soon as it was flooded ~ Shit, it seems much worse than our rainstorm technique ~ Do it! Ice spikes, tornadoes, minefields, hail ~ While we release our skills, Lena is also pouring pieces of magic into the mountain stream, rolling over and making waves of’ hissing’.
Stop the instant skill. I’ll prepare the ultimate skill directly. These 6-level ink snakes can’t be stronger than our spiritual attributes, can they? Directly freeze to death and end up brushing skills like this!
It takes five seconds to prepare, but our equipment can speed up the release of skills. When the skills are released in a little more than two seconds, the 2-meter-long area is directly covered by crystal ice, and the ink snakes keep the instantaneous attitude of ice arrival and are directly sealed in the hard ice.
Seeing the effect of ice prison, Lena also gave up low-order magic, and one by one, high-order magic kept hitting me. It’s really hard to cope with this holy-level little female dragon’s outbursts ~ Not only did the whole mountain stream seem to have been plowed again in three minutes ~ There were about two or three hundred ink snakes hanging up, because I still gave the experience to Jin, and this little guy’s experience bar rose a little bit, but there was still some distance from the upgrade.
Get rid of all the black gas in Moshe mountain stream and almost dissipate it. Those trees and stones still remain black. It is estimated that they have been polluted for a long time and cannot be dispersed for the time being.
"Rena, change back into a person. It’s not convenient for you to wait for a while for such a big body in this forest. I’ll pack my things." After greeting Lena, I landed directly in the mountain stream to pick up the fallen things and collect them.
After collecting dozens of ink snake corpses, I’m a little tired of snake blood ~ snake skin ~ snake gall ~ snake meat is still poisonous ~ nothing good is too lazy to continue collecting. Just put the corpse department away and throw it back to the firm for handling.
The body hasn’t been cleaned up yet, and it has turned back into a human body beside the mountain stream. Lena suddenly exclaimed, "Fly behind!"
When I heard Lena exclaim, I was surprised to be able to teleport back to Lena and look back into the mountain stream. What a big snake! It is more than ten meters long and its body is as thick as a bucket.
However, after reading this big snake, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t run a fart ~ Although this guy said he was a boss, even if he attacked us, he couldn’t drop us! Our guardian skill is not something that it can endure, and it has to be tossed by the ice flame counterattack.
"Scare me. What am I? It turned out to be a snake ~ I haven’t reached epic strength yet." I pouted at Lena.
"I didn’t think of it at the moment. You won’t be afraid of this serpent ~" Lena said with some embarrassment.
"The normal reaction is nothing! Now that we’re out, let’s clean it up. Let’s be shocked and let it die! " I’m a little embarrassed to see Lena. I’ll quickly divert my attention and kill this guy.
Lena frowned at my words and looked at the serpent who was showing this strong hostility to us, pouting and saying, "Damn bugs!"
Uh, bug? The commander of the 10-meter-long ink snake was called a bug! However, compared with the dragon’s forehead, it’s really not big, and the dragon seems to like to call other races small ~ humble ~ reptiles, which seems to be our luck. The dragon’s attitude towards us is really excellent ~ You’re welcome. A life curse was released and 95% of the blood was sacrificed directly, followed by a tear and a sudden stab of ice, a wind cone and a sacred burst bomb, and the ink snake commander almost died.
At this time, Lena didn’t react and waved a cutting skill and released it. The ink snake leader didn’t come to react. Several blades were cut instantly, and the body was almost cut into several sections, and then it collapsed and fell to the ground, leaving a few things to die.
"Feiyang, did you just curse magic?" Lena frowned and asked.
"Well, it’s the curse of life that sacrifices one’s own health value to make the other side lose the same proportion of health value, because I am a soul mage, no matter what magic I can learn, it is very effective to deal with some more powerful guys." I replied with a smile.
"But curse magic is too dangerous. If you are not careful, you will bite yourself. Just like you, you are also very dangerous," Lena said with concern.
"So I generally don’t make it when I face a powerful guy alone, but when I face a group of guys who can attack me at any time, I won’t rest assured that it’s okay! I’ll pack up my things and then I can continue to go somewhere else. "
"All right!" Lena saw that I didn’t care much and nodded and didn’t say anything more.
Put away the fallen things from the ink snake and then pick them at the body. It’s a pile of materials and nothing else, but the materials are all high-grade goods, so maybe you can make good things.
After packing things, there seems to be nothing worth exploring in this mountain stream. Take Lena directly and continue to go to other places. Since the first kind of monster is Hell Warcraft, this forbidden mountain range is estimated to be occupied by hell guys. Is it an’ enclave’ of hell in the mainland? Base?
Chapter 413 Rain Yang Tuan
Taking Lena to explore around the mountains, I really met a lot of strange things. The level was very high, from the sixth ink snake to the later 65 ghost snake, the seventh Teng snake, and the flying singing snake with wings like bees, but it was many times larger than the bee’s wings. The snake body was more than three meters long, and the level of paralyzing toxin was 55, which was the lowest.
A large area in the northernmost part of the Forbidden Mountain seems to be snake territory, of course, it is also a hell snake. According to Lena, these snakes were not born into a hell race, but also a mainland race, but they all had a certain dragon blood, but they were killed by dragons and took some dragon blood, and all of them changed, so they hid in hell and became a hell race.
More than two hours later, I repeatedly met snakes in the gathering place and killed the most powerful Teng snake, commanding the 75-level epic boss. Teng snake is very strange, but it can fly without wings, and it is also a magical monster who is good at dark wind.
In addition to killing all the monsters we met, we also arrested the commander of the rattlesnake and trained more than a dozen rattlesnakes into mounts. There are quite a lot of rattlesnakes. It seems that they are still very good as mounts, and they are fast and carry paralyzing toxins.
And the area that I walked through for more than two hours is even a small piece of the northern section of the Forbidden Mountain. The whole mountain range has been explored for a long time, but I am becoming more and more interested!
It’s almost time for the line to stop here. "Lena, I’m going back to our world. I won’t be able to come back until late. Don’t go to places we haven’t explored yet while I’m away. We’ve only walked a short distance now, and it’s still outside the mountains. If we go deeper, there must be more dangers waiting for me to come back."
"You want to leave? What’s your world like? Do you also have a high position? " Lena asked after a listen to me to leave the leng instantaneous.
"Our world ~ well, it’s completely different from this world. Without Warcraft and magic, it’s all ordinary people, and I don’t have any position. I’ve always been looked down upon at the bottom," I said with a self-deprecating smile
"There is no magic of Warcraft? All ordinary people? How can there be such a world? And you are the bottom! You’re not lying, are you? How can you have such a strong strength and high status in this world and have no position in your world? " Lena, I can’t believe it. Look at me
"Ha ha, you understand the world completely ~ I was a man without money and power before that world, but now it should be regarded as a small achievement."
"Ha ha, you must be modest. Don’t people all like modesty? You must be great in which world! " Lena said with a smile
"Well whatever you want! Hehe, well, it’s time for me to leave. Remember never to go to an unheard-of area! If you chat, you can also go back to Black Dragon City or go to my territory and wait for me to call you. "
"I’ll wait for you here," Lena said with a smile.
"If you don’t keep chatting, I won’t come back until twelve hours later."
"For the dragon, twelve hours is a short time. I’m almost one hundred and seventy years old," Lena said.
"Well, then I’m leaving?"
"Well, you go!"
After sending messages to Xiaoyu, Lulu and Wu Yun, I went straight to the original line. With Lena here, I believe there will be nothing I don’t want to see when you and I go online.
Line and Xiaoyu had breakfast together, and Qiang, widow and others came over. Qiang and Xiaohei have adjusted their time back from today, just like us. Now there are so many cadres in the guild who have finished taking care of things in reality, and more people have to be busy.
I ran a lot of places in the afternoon to find an office building, and decided the temporary office location of Houtuan Company. Then after a while, people from Haihua came over in the afternoon. Ling Zhou specially arranged several people who said they were absolutely trustworthy. These people are all great people, almost all of whom have experience in Fortune 500 companies and are middle and senior managers. In addition, several lawyers are also former optimistic about the law firm, and those are persuaded by Ling Zhou.
After receiving the person, we had a simple meeting and arranged all the arrangements. Then when everyone came, they worked together to get through all kinds of festivals and go through all kinds of formalities without rest.
Late again, Lena was in the same place and didn’t leave to see me come back. She looked happy and continued to explore the Forbidden Mountain with Lena until 12 o’clock. She finally walked out of the snake’s nest and met other monsters, but she was still a hellmonster, with Warcraft and orthodox demons. The racial level is not much different from those snakes.
After 12: 01, I went back to the city directly with Lena. It took us a little more than two hours to brush the vice-chairs. Both the single and team vice-chairs finished painting, and the gold level rose to 61, which was one level higher than that of Tiny and half a wing.
When the deputy is finished, he and Lena will be sent back to the Forbidden Mountain again to explore, while Xiao Yu, Qiang, Lengfeng and others will take the guild to train and continue to team up to brush the deputy guild. Everything is going on in an orderly way.
Lulu’s territory has been filled with many refugees, adventurers, low-class aristocrats, etc. since yesterday, and all kinds of people have gone to ask to join the territory or apply to live in the territory in the future. Harris, Cambridge and other city guards, emerald army and Lord’s house guards are constantly recruiting people. Lulu has also divided non-combat occupations according to their professional specialties and is also recruiting people.
In addition, the design of the territory city has been basically completed, and the city will be built soon. Now the materials are already being prepared in the territory.
In the evening, I quickly went there and went online again for various meetings and negotiations, and went to various’ departments’ to register and go through various formalities.
Then I repeated almost the same thing, and it was nothing special. It was only a week, but with the joint efforts of everyone, the establishment of the group company and the reorganization and integration of the group were basically completed
The registered capital of the newly established Yuyang Holding Group is directly 10 billion yuan. In addition, the original Yuyang network technology Yuyang human resources management consulting company and the whole honest human resources group Yuyang Game Workshop Jia also acquired another transportation company, a pharmaceutical factory and a food processing factory, and merged into Yuyang Group to reorganize the whole group’s capital, totaling more than 1.3 billion yuan. At one time, a storm directly rolled up in the provincial capital, causing many people to talk about it.
However, before Yuyang network technology merged into the league, we also fulfilled our promise to directly give 2% of the company’s shares to a group of girls such as Liu Xiao and Luo Ling, and Yong, a total of 4% for Liu Xiao and 3% for Luo Ling and Yong, and 25% for five girls such as Kiki, so it is still a group holding company or a group holding company.
After the group was established, I also directly contacted Lin Hao, this guy, and said that he would give up the shares. After I was confused, I later called Ling Zhou to know that this guy and Ling Zhou are not bad now. Ling Zhou knew that he couldn’t get the money now, so he directly told him to give up the investment. I was also you ~ I was very jealous ~ At the same time, Ling Zhou and Wu Yun didn’t know where to get the money. One of them invested 500 million yuan to get 2% of the shares according to the original agreement, but the two girls were dead or alive. I insisted on 15%, saying that the original agreement was that they would double the amount I invested, but I didn’t expect that I could not play as soon as I invested more than 10 billion, and I wanted as few shares as possible.
It’s really bad for us to take advantage of others, but that’s hundreds of millions of things. Now we’ve made billions of things directly, and that’s cheap. As a result, Zhou Linggen took out what she was ready to change the agreement by injecting capital into the contract shares without me saying more, just waiting for us to sign it, and Naiza also took advantage of it ~ and the group investment reached more than 20 billion.
In addition to Lin Hao’s cold front, he also found it yesterday, not only with his brothers, but also ~ It seems that this guy, the captive pity frost, directly lost 500 million to me as soon as he came, saying that he joined our security company ~ After a great deal of concession, I directly gave 5% of the shares to the cold front security company, and I also left 2% of the shares myself or 3% in the name of the group, which was stronger than 1% of the widows, shields, Blackie and liu er.
No, these guys refused, so I asked my lawyer to draw up the share change contract directly on the spot, and then everyone signed it, and it was settled. When I came to the security company, it became a joint venture.
Ling Zhou and Wu Yun each held 15% of the group’s shares, and the remaining 7% was due to Xiaoyu’s share integration in Yuyang Network Technology. Xiaoyu was less than 1%. I was going to give Xiaoyu 1% of the shares directly, but Xiaoyu said that she didn’t contribute money and her family and identity were not suitable. In the end, I also gave Lulu 2% of the shares. However, it was a great contribution for us to take care of the business.
Early in the morning, the line came to the lobby to wait for some girls and cold front to go to dinner with pity cream (the brothers of cold front directly and strongly went to the security company). As a result, Wu Yun said with a smile as soon as he came, "Lingling will come over in the afternoon, and that bastard will come over and say that it is at home during this period."