"Lin Ze, please wait!"
And when Carlo spoke, he stopped Lin Ze Road …
Carlo was originally a ghost in Lin Ze, but he has a considerable position with Lin Ze in this sea of spiritual knowledge … Even Lin Ze actually avoided Carlo’s ghost inflammation in a short time!
"Carlo, what do you want?"
Lin Ze was very disappointed with Carlo’s choice, and it was even more unacceptable for Carlo to stop him!
All the ghosts and gods present can feel Lin Ze’s anger, but even so, Carlo still didn’t disperse the regiment to stop Lin Ze from leaving the ghost inflammation …
"Lin Ze, I’m sure Luo Cha won’t joke in this kind of thing! Would you please listen to Luo Cha’s explanation again? "
Carlo seems greedy this time. He not only wants to seize Luo Cha’s hand, but also hopes to resolve the misunderstanding between Lin Ze and Luo Cha … He still believes in Luo Cha. Although Luo Cha’s answer is hard to believe, he still believes that Luo Cha has her own reasons.
But for Carlo’s pleading, Lin Ze took a cold look at Carlo, and the golden light in his eyes became more and more brilliant! Carlo knows that Lin Ze will no longer be emotional. Now Carlo has entered the state of ignoring everything by ghosts and gods …
Carlo knew that it was impossible to change Lin Ze’s mind by relying on his pleading now! Then there is a way for Lin Ze Carlo to be in such a state of indifference, that is, he must pay enough to impress Lin Ze in exchange for Lin Ze to listen to Luo Cha’s explanation.
At this moment, Carlo’s pure black eyes and Lin Ze’s golden vertical pupil are indifferent to the cold eyes, which makes Carlo feel that he doesn’t know Lin Ze. However, when he thinks of Lin Ze, he always feels very sorry that they want Lin Ze to enter Carlo.
Only Carlo, who is outside the office, can realize how inhuman this state is! Maybe he himself has presented this state in front of Lin Ze before?
Carlo nai shook his head and hugged his arms plague ghosts and gods Luo Cha said to Lin Ze sink.
"Lin Ze hope you can listen to a Luo Cha explanation! If what Luo Cha said before is a joke, then I am willing to leave with Luo Cha … "
Carlo’s words surprised Lin Ze to know all the ghosts and gods in the sea. They didn’t expect things to be so serious! Actually let Carlo directly say such a thing … And they don’t know. Is Carlo threatening Lin Ze? From what point of view, it doesn’t look like a request for Carlo to say such a thing.
Of course, that’s what they think. They don’t have doubts about Carlo’s identity like Lin Ze!
When I heard Carlo say this, there was a flash of thinking in Lin Ze’s golden eyes … but it wasn’t too long when thinking. Lin Ze seemed to have made a decision in an instant
Lin Ze’s soon-to-disappear figure once again appeared in front of Luo Cha and Carlo, and he agreed to Carlo’s deal … Although what he said to Luo Cha could not be understood by other ghosts and gods, it would be nice for them to know such things themselves!
Carlo looked at Lin Ze and nodded gently! He knew that Lin Ze would only accept his own deal in this state of ignoring everything … If it was normal Lin Ze, he would never agree to discuss it with himself. Even if he had doubts in his heart, he would not let himself leave because he had been together for so long.
But for this state of Lin Ze this debate is very tempting!
Listen to Luo Cha’s words and you will have the opportunity to remove your hidden dangers! No matter where you look, it’s a sure bet for Lin Ze who is absolutely indifferent …
But Lin Ze is willing to listen to Luo Cha’s explanation, but is Luo Cha still willing to explain?
Although the former Carlo chose to hold her hand and let her enjoy it for a long time without feeling her heart! But it still doesn’t change her dislike for Lin Ze … She told him the solution to the problem only because she helped him. I didn’t expect him to believe it and push Carlo to this point.
At this moment, Lin Ze has become the most hated human being in Luo Cha …
"What should I tell this man!"
Luo Cha lie prone on Carlo’s arms and said that if possible, she would like Carlo to leave Lin Ze’s body with her! Otherwise, I feel that Carlo was reluctant when he just said that, so Luo Cha didn’t say anything that would make the situation worse.
Although Luo Cha is careless and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions … but she can still feel other people’s emotions, and she can also take care of his beloved’s emotions …
Chapter 15 misunderstanding
Chapter one thousand and thirty-six Misunderstanding
But Luo Cha muttering this sentence is also very clear to Carlo and Lin Ze ears two people face a black moment! The dignified atmosphere of the original two people was actually dispersed by Luo Cha’s words.
Carlo nai patted Luo Cha back gently in her ear and said.
"Don’t say too many urgent words. Tell us what you mean by that sentence before, right? Diregie is about to break free from the chaos caused by the little black … "
Lin Ze’s face suddenly darkened when he heard the name of Xiaohei. Xiaohei’s consciousness should have been swallowed up by the black plague Diregie. He didn’t recognize what Luo Cha could say to convince him … Lin Ze had no reason to believe Luo Cha from the bottom of his heart.
While the other side didn’t want to talk to Lin Ze, Luo Cha finally gave in when Carlo appeased him …
"Man, I know you don’t want to believe me! But without me, it’s not for you, it’s for Carlo … Just think of yourself as a thief eavesdropping on our words. "
Say that finish Luo Cha directly no longer see Lin Ze but will focus on Carlo.
"Carlo, I know you want to save that little black hole, too. Before I told you, the way is the only way!" Speaking of which, Luo Cha’s eyes caught a glimpse of Lin Ze and her mouth slightly raised a smile.
"You don’t like some people recognize the little black consciousness has been destroyed after rushed into the Diregie body! But that’s not the case. It’s just wishful thinking of some people … "
Lin Ze listened to Luo Cha talking about some people, some people, and his face became more and more ugly. He naturally knew that Luo Cha said that some people meant him … But Lin Ze didn’t interrupt Luo Cha’s words because of the deal with Carlo. Still listening patiently.
Carlo’s face was very naive when he heard Luo Cha still saying these sarcastic words about Lin Ze, but he knew that this was Luo Cha’s personality, love and hate! But when I came to Luo Cha, I should explain why she said such a thing before …
As Carlo expected, after satirizing Lin Ze, Luo Cha said bluntly without further delay.
"Black is a part of the dark attribute source force separated from Diregie body. It has its own consciousness. Can’t you see anything unusual from this?"
Luo Cha asked a question but didn’t answer it to Lin Ze and Carlo, and then said simply.
"From the little black state can see Diregie body problem! Blackie separated from Diregie, no matter what, it should be the auxiliary consciousness of Diregie, not the auxiliary consciousness of human beings, but the result is that an apostle’s body power has become an auxiliary consciousness of ghosts and gods, which is very telling … "
Lin Ze and Carlo were attracted by Luo Cha at this moment. It is true that Luo Cha said these words that they had never thought of before.
"What exactly did this say?" Glared at Luo Cha ruthlessly is give ear to listen to Lin Ze continued sarcastically said.
"When you look at some people, you definitely don’t know what happened to Diregie!"
Carlo and Lin Ze face a weak smile at the same time! Luo Cha didn’t forget to dig at "some people" even when they explained these problems …
"Well, Luo Cha, come on. What’s wrong with Diregie’s body that can make Xiaohei have a sense of autonomy?"
Carlo at this time can constantly in chin urged Luo Cha to continue to explain.
Hear Carlo urged Luo Cha stopped looking at Lin Ze continued.
"The gap between ghosts and gods and apostles is a dependence on * * and a dependence on spirit. This is the consensus of the whole Arad continent. We all know that the apostles are not too strong in spiritual attainments, but we don’t know that Diregie, a dark apostle, has a big loophole in his spirit …"
"Because of the number of virus syncytium flowing with filthy blood, Diregie Root Method makes his soul clear, so he can control his body virus. Every time he walks through a place, it will make this place become a purgatory, and Diregie’s manic personality also shows that his spiritual defect is very big …"
Lin Ze nodded puzzled. Luo Cha said it was reasonable, but he didn’t seem to find out what Diregie’s mental defect and Blackie’s self-consciousness were!
See Lin Ze such expression Luo Cha that delicate face flashed a trace of anger Bei tooth bite bitterly said.
"You are so stupid! It is because Diregie’s spirit is flawed that he separates the little black from himself that he will have his own consciousness … Diregie’s root method controls the little black, the source of the dark attribute that he separated himself. Otherwise, how could he not notice the source of the dark attribute of your body if you are so close to him? Otherwise, why would Diregie become so confused that he can’t control his body? "
Lin Ze and Carlo nodded their heads clearly. Before the original, they were wondering what little black would do so much damage to Diregie. Now, when Luo Cha explained that they were white, it turned out that Diregie’s spirit was in addition to the problem …
But they still don’t know what Luo Cha meant when he said that killing Diregie would save Blackie!
Seeing Lin Ze still shows doubts. Luo Cha has given up letting Lin Ze come up with the answer himself, she said bluntly.
"Diregie spirit since method control he separated from the dark attribute source force so he naturally can’t devour the little black consciousness so quickly! A little mental fluctuation can affect Diregie’s Diregie. If he wants to devour the little black consciousness, he must find a place where he will not be disturbed … Now he is in the battlefield. If he doesn’t want to die at your hands, he will never devour the little black consciousness easily. "
"Now Diregie will forcibly suppress the little black consciousness. If you don’t give Diregie a chance to devour the little black, the little black consciousness will not disappear! Are you lying to me now? Little thief who eavesdrops on me? "
Luo Cha looked at Lin Ze with his hands clenched and his head held high, saying that even though everything she said until now was for Lin Ze, she still let Lin Ze "fall" the thief with her old attitude …