"Yun Chang and Yi De are brothers Liu Bei, not domestic slaves!" Liu Bei quickly shook his head. "The second brother and the third brother are all ten times as talented as they are prepared. If they can win the new dynasty, they may not be weaker than Lu, Zhang, Taishi, Gan and Sun. How can they be wronged by their own selfish interests?"
"Big Brother!" Zhang is even more moved.
"In that case …" I thought for a moment and nodded. "Then please stay in Luoyang for a few months. Please wait for my courtiers to think it over before making arrangements."
Liu Bei once again devoted himself to "everything follows the king’s will"
After talking about Zhao Yun and Liu Xie Liu Bei in a good mood, I turned to Chengtou. "You, Liu Xie, have agreed to go to Luoyang Tai College to study. Why don’t you hit the city gate to meet the king?"
A dozen old Han court etiquette are all a face of pathos. Do they want Liu Xie to draw out his sword and commit suicide, and keep the big fellow’s last dignity?
"Brother," I tilted my head towards Liu Xie. "Why don’t you persuade them?"
Liu Xie slightly lower the head and walked forward a dozen steps to ensure that his voice can ChengTou "hosts … hard hosts the big fellow work over the past few years! Liu Xie corrupt failed to keep the big fellow Jiangshan … "He said two words and fell to his knees crying.
"hey!" ShiSunRui and others don’t move.
Ma Ridi suddenly boarded the wall. He stretched out his right index finger and pointed it straight at me. "Old Ma Ridi is a big fellow and Pacific, and he will lead the family country to be loyal. Now Ma’s family is out of this rebel thief … and the old face is based on heaven and earth! I’ll leave first! "
He yelled at the crowd and jumped flat from the wall as high as three zhangs!
94 who died in the country?
When Master Ma jumped, I was about forty or fifty feet away from the wall.
My lightness skill posture is also the best.
But … this is the earth flying 120 meters in 1.5 seconds. Please forgive my ability.
On the ground where the acceleration of gravity is as high as 9, Ma Ridi falls very fast, and after one and a half seconds, it turns into a pool of blood on the wall, while Chengtou exclaims that it is not over yet.
"Ma Taibao!" Liu Xie repeatedly kowtowed to his body in tears.
"Pursuit …" Accompanied by him was my old acquaintance Gao Shou’s father-in-law, who hurriedly knelt with Liu Xie and tried to dissuade him from continuing to kowtow.
"Ma Chao children!" Another familiar veteran also stepped on the highest point of the city wall.
My pupil suddenly contracted "Zhang Gong …"
Zhang Wen and Zhang Boshen are the top leaders of my big fellow’s service period, and they can also be called my Bole-I couldn’t have been weak without him at the beginning, even though I didn’t think highly of this official position.
He held a sword in his right hand and a gray beard in his left hand, shaking slightly in Chengtou. "The old man was wrong about you! I hope you will be my big fellow! Now that Ma Taibao is going to die together, how can he face the ancestors of the Han Dynasty? !”
I silently read a sentence about the ancestors of Liu Xie … How many emperors were really good?
"Father!" Jaco Zhang Ren "fluttered" almost at the same time and threw himself on the ground.
Zhang Wen, however, looked at his two sons, opened their mouths and said nothing, then backhand took up his sword and cut his neck very simply, then slowly fell off the wall like a withered leaf.
Jaco Zhang Ren wailed.
Then came Fu Liu Yu.
He looked at Liu Xieyin, who cried into a clay figurine in front of me. He was extremely bitter. "My uncle entrusted Liu Yu, a state minister, with a negative trust, which caused the prisoner of the Great Han country to live up to Liu’s ancestors. I am even more sorry that Zhang Gong and Huang Fu Gong died today."
Liu Yu shook his robe and calmly took a right foot jump in the middle!
And then … Stuart Hanrong, Guang Luxun Zhou Zhong, Dasinong Huandian, Zong Zheng Liu Ai, Dahongxiu Zhou Huan, Shang Lingqing and more than a dozen other old Han officials scrambled to jump from the wall!
But for a moment, there were more than a dozen bloody bodies in Shanyin City!
The three armed forces outside the city are not lost!
Liu Xie broke his head out of blood and wailed, so he was hoarse and couldn’t cry.
Even though I have been used to seeing corpses for a long time, I can’t help but move forward for more than 20 steps and persuade, "Do you have to suffer like this?" Is the old and new dynasties a hell for people? You’ve all sent your sons here. Why can’t you choose to surrender?
Situation … Is your Lord kneeling at my feet now? !
What are you insisting on? !
Yang Biao, Kong Rong, Liu You, etc. are the few remaining Chengtou veterans.
"If I hadn’t run away without fighting, maybe I wouldn’t have been humiliated so soon. I’m also a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-