Zhao looked at the corners of the mouth of the elders at the level of Soul Saint.
The dark body surges, and the immortal shroud is instantly released behind him, and the ancient immortal bird Wu Soul is released.
Zhao’s body is covered with black light and black inflammation, and his breath seems to be no weaker than that of the holy elders who released the soul of Wu.
"This smell?"
"Zhao Gong’s momentum seems to be no weaker than that of the Three Elders?"
Everyone looked wonderful and stayed where they were, feeling the horrible momentum of Zhao, and I couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.
At this time, the holy elders who released the soul of Wu opposite Zhao also looked at Zhao dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Zhao to have such strength at such a young age
Their eyes were fixed on Zhao.
They saw Zhao’s right arm flashing black light, and then a black sword appeared in Zhao’s hand. This is exactly what Zhao got from the black dragon’s right arm bone, the black dragon sword.
"Soul bone? This is a soul skill. "
Several elders felt Zhao shou’s sword, which exudes darkness and sharp breath, and could not help but exclaim.
They Zhu’s parents have naturally seen many soul bones, but they rarely see the horror of soul bones like Zhao’s right arm.
The holy elder who released the soul of Wu felt a little danger, and he couldn’t help falling back.
Zhao holds the black dragon sword, and draws a horrible breath with a black firm but gentle, which makes the surrounding gas oscillate.
With the immortal nightgown, Zhao’s sword is enough to easily kill the general soul saint.
The soul saint elder had a look of horror on his face and a trace of remorse in his heart. Why did he provoke Zhao?
His original Zhao strength is the soul king at most.
But now it seems all wet.
Zhao Gong’s strength, especially those ordinary geniuses, can be compared?
He can’t take this sword!
Looking at the firm but gentle shock wave, the elder of Soul Saint quickly dodged the body in an attempt to avoid this sword, but he couldn’t come.
"Poof!" The soul saint elder was hit by the black dragon sword but firm but gentle. He was thrown out of the high school for 360 degrees and hit a column in the hall more than ten meters away. At this time, his soul disappeared and a dark red ferocious wound was scratched on his chest to see that the people could not help but change color.
"It’s okay now, isn’t it?" Zhao light way will look back at several elders.
"After that, we will be careful to assist Miss Zhuyun, and there will be no more infidelity." Several elders, including the soul saint who was wounded by Zhao, also bowed respectfully.
Seeing Zhao’s strength, they are no longer dissatisfied, on the contrary, they are still excited
After Zhao’s strength is so strong, their Zhu family will become stronger and go to an unprecedented height with Zhao’s help.
Zhao, a genius, is a strong man in the whole continent in the future. They can also get many benefits by staying with Zhao.
"After the bamboo cloud, what can be done badly is up to you to give more advice." After Zhao’s face softened a little, they helped the bamboo cloud to control Zhujiajian more quickly.
"Brother, you are so strong." Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao’s chest, and Zhao was so strong that his talent was better than that of others in this world.
Even those geniuses in the Hall of the Soul can’t compare with him.
At this age, you can defeat the soul saint.
This day in addition to Zhao people can do it.
Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao and smiled like a fallen city.
She likes men must be the best in the world.
Zhu pride and Zhujiajian elders looked at Zhao and Zhu Zhuyun with a smile.
Only Zhao, a peerless genius, is worthy of their Miss Zhujiajian.
After waiting for Zhao to grow up.
They Zhujiajian will become a stronger family than Daijia at that time.
Chapter 67 Zhuyun is getting stronger again
"Great, let’s have a big party tonight. All Zhu Jiadi in Xingcheng will attend. From now on, Zhu Zhuyun is our Zhu Jiasi elder in charge of family finance." Zhu proudly said with satisfaction.
The Zhujiajian banquet can’t be held casually. It will only be held on a Zhujiajian big wedding day or a very important day.
Today, Zhuyun will be able to control the family finance and become the fourth elder of Zhujiajian, and Zhao is here now, just to let Zhujiajian meet him. Although Zhao has been in Zhujiajian for many days, most of Zhujiajian’s younger brothers know Zhao, but he has not been formally introduced.
"Uncle, I’ll go first with Zhuyun." Zhao Yixiao is not interested in these things of Zhujiajian. He is only here to see his baby Zhuyun.
"Well, go ahead." Zhu proudly smiled and looked at Zhao. His heart was full of satisfaction. Was it better for him to marry Zhu Yunhe and Zhu Qing than to correctly decide which young man can compare with Zhao on this day?
In an elegant pavilion in the backyard, Zhao Shu lies on Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful long legs.
Bamboo cloud legs are so warm, soft and fragrant.
Lying in the face, his flight fatigue has dissipated a lot today.
"Good Shu!" Zhao said, narrowing her eyes and enjoying a face.
"Brother, are you flying today? Tired? "Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Yushou stroking Zhao’s cheek with a little happiness.
Zhao was able to come to see her today, which made her a little happy. She said it would take a long time for them to meet again. After all, Zhao still has so many things to do.
"Yes, I am very tired, but I don’t feel tired at all when I see my baby bamboo cloud." Zhao Brilliant smiled and lay on his baby bamboo cloud’s long legs. How could he be tired?
Want to know this position, but how many people want to have a position, but this position is his exclusive.
"I don’t believe it." Zhu Zhuyun gave Zhao a red Jiaochen look, but he still involuntarily stretched his long legs and tried to make Zhao lie more comfortable.
"By the way, what are you doing back to me today? What can I do for you? " Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao and asked her if she knew that Zhao was at Shrek College, but in Soto City, the empire of Tiandou, even if Zhao had wings, it would take a long time to fly so far.
"Can I come to see my baby Zhuyun?" Zhao brilliant smile tease Zhu Zhuyun way
"Oh, stop fooling around or I’ll lay you down." Zhu Zhuyun couldn’t help but be angry.
"Well, actually, I have a good thing for you this time, but it took me a lot of effort to get it and get it promoted to your repair."
"After that, your cultivation speed will be faster, and you will never be inferior to others." Zhao said that every plant of Xiancao is a treasure of heaven and earth, and the small dance bamboo Qing Rongrong has become a god after eating this Xiancao. If his baby bamboo cloud can swallow a talent of Xiancao, it will not be bad in the future. When he or she finds a few suitable soul bones, then she can become a god.
"Is there such a magical treasure in this world? Can I still improve my cultivation talent? " Zhu Zhuyun was surprised to stare big beautiful eyes. She had never heard of such a thing in Xingluo Empire.
Zhao smiled and pulled out a plant from the soul guide.
It’s a huge chrysanthemum with a magnificent purple color.
Every petal of the chrysanthemum looks furry and lovely, but the whole chrysanthemum is seamless, but there is no fragrance overflowing. The central stamen is more than half a foot higher than the petals, and the top of the stamen shines faintly with golden luster.