Radical … will make people ignore a lot of security ideas in advance!
And this radical attitude is that Lin found himself a wife, and later, because the person in charge of the reward told Lin that others could find him through the God Corps, Lin became more radical and urgently needed to win.
Lin turned to the dark king and made a solemn 90-degree bow. He sincerely said, "Thank you!"
Because the dark king told Lin that he had made a hidden program for another’ ghost hand’ of the dark king not long ago … that is to bet that the dark king would not find the hidden program.
It is an extremely radical attitude!
"Ha ha!" The Dark King smiled and said, "It’s rare for a talent like you. Without you," Time "will become a game of repeating the past patterns."
"Past mode?" Lin frowned slightly at the word.
"Isn’t it?" The Dark King smiled and said, "Almost everyone in every corner of the world is doing something, talking, planning a plot, planning an open plan … all of them can find the shadow of the past or even copy it directly."
"…" Lin zheng big eyes.
The Dark King went on to say, "The world is talking too much, repeating the past and implementing the past model. In the past, people and things that dare to think, dare to do, dare to think and can do will always appear, which will be more exciting!"
"Like the First Star Wars?" Lin knows that there are too many people in this world, so are the smart people, and the probability of madness among smart people is greatly high.
"Don’t you think so?" The Dark King looked at Lin Qing and said, "Without this idea, how could you do that in the first few special trainings?"
The Dark King … or completely crossing himself. Why would he have such a radical idea?
"Don’t say that!" The dark king looked at Lin and smiled and said, "Are you sure you want to be patient with me?"
"No more!" Lin shook his head. He didn’t dare to be patient with a crazy person. He directly asked, "How many of those experts can you handle at the same time?"
"Four is absolutely no problem," said the Dark King. "I can’t guarantee more than four!"
"That’s enough! Let’s kill it! "
"yes! I will accompany you! "
Chapter four hundred and eleven Eat fast and read Buddha!
The news that more than 100 top experts fell into the forest trap department again and were killed soon reached the ears of more than 100 other top experts hiding in the base.
"Depend! Are they idiots? It’s unforgivable to make a mistake once and even make a second time … "
"What qualifications do these bastards have to share life burning technology with us and not give them a word!"
"In fact, this can’t completely blame them!"
"Yeah, I’m afraid it’s the same for us. We all want to continue to live. To have the opportunity to kill the Dark King and the life burning technology base is tantamount to entering our pockets … It’s even worse for people who are eager for quick success and instant benefit. We are an old man whose life is dying soon!"
Get down to business after some discussion.
"Joint with the dark king … the horse should be killed."
"It’s impossible to continue to blow up this base with crushing bombs. This base has anti-shock function … Besides, there are so many of us, and this base is very small. Even the dark king can’t deal with more than ten of us at the same time in this narrow base with almost no room!"
"Yes, wait here for the two of them to die!"
There is no objection that this group of masters are afraid of Lin’s intrigues and intrigues, and they are even more afraid of the strength of the dark king. No one goes out to fight, fearing that the scattered forces will be divided by Lin and the dark king.
Waiting is a kind of torture, especially for these elderly people who are not far from death
For ordinary people, playing Time is a kind of rest, which is similar to sleeping, but for people like them, time is millions of times more precious than gold, and they will feel tired if they don’t have a rest after playing Time.
One day goes by!
Two days passed!
Until the last day of special training registration, which is also the last hour of special training, Lin and the dark king appeared outside the base gate.
The Dark King smiled and said, "Why did they choose this time when they were most defensive? Although I also want to kill it, this is obviously not a good time. "
Lin said lightly, "Yes, they are the most strict at this time, but I chose this time not because of them but because of you."
"Because of me …" The Dark King was stunned and immediately guessed Lin’s idea and said, "You are worried that my sudden release of water will make you unable to participate in special training, so I didn’t have enough time to carry out my own cause except to cooperate with you!"