The bitter wind tore the earth crazily, and the thunder still roared angrily in the sky, and Raytheon gathered his physical strength for the last time.
Ready to take Morred’s soul
Brewmaster, the panda who died in the shadow moon, and several dead souls for justice.
However, the Holy Spirit ignored that Abaddon was obviously completely angered in Defense of the Ancients. The crazy mask made his face extremely ferocious. The rune sword shone with a deep blue light. He waved high and desperately to kill the storm spirit. The dark force caused the storm spirit to flash and burst into huge energy, and it seemed that everything was gone.
The smoke cleared away, and dozens of meters of forest shrubs in Abaddon and Motriti Center were burnt. The storm spirit was killed in the same place, leaving only a shadow. The sun was softly scattered on them as if nothing had happened just now. The magic Defense of the Ancients offset most of the damage, except that the armor became broken. Everything else was still intact. Abaddon took out a jar of therapeutic ointment and applied it to Morred’s wound. She also recovered for dozens of minutes. "Forget just now." Everything is all right "He smiled at her reluctantly" The fate is in our own hands, and there will always be someone who will hinder our progress. "She got up and handed him a grateful look. Although Abaddon felt very tired, they continued to tell her all the way, which made her giggle. She found that this daily unsmiling company was actually quite interesting.
They walked forward happily, but just then Morred suddenly paused. Defense of the Ancients pulled out his soul-sucking sword and prepared for the death.
In front of their eyes, it was magina who had not seen him for a day. Many gaunt faces were full of yearning. Morred knew that he must have been looking for him in the forest, but when he noticed that there was Defense of the Ancients beside her, his eyes gradually dimmed. "Priest said yes, you really degenerated into the undead." Maggie’s voice was hoarse to the extreme. She was like a child who had made a mistake and dared not look him in the eye. She knew that he must be extremely disappointed now.
"I can’t believe it’s true! You’re willing to sleep with such an animal? !” Maggie gnashed her teeth with anger, and her blood was boiling, and she didn’t even have the grace to call names. "You have angered me too many times, magina, and I will never put up with you insulting Motretti like this! My brother Parana, you killed him, too! " "Ha-ha," Maina laughed wildly. "Soon you will have the same scene as the Dark Lord. Do you dare to try an abyss blade anger?" "What can’t? I’d like to teach you this ignorance. "The reason swallowed up by anger" Magina immediately killed Defense of the Ancients and went to Abaddon to draw his sword to meet him. Morred stopped her from knowing that Abaddon had almost exhausted all his physical strength after killing Storm Spirit. If he was so strong, he would soon be hacked to death by Magina’s sword.
On the other hand, Defense of the Ancients is very dependent on magic. The destruction of the death knight magina’s mana has caused him to lose strength continuously, triggering dizziness and gradually being at a passive disadvantage. Magina’s deadly wrist blade hit the rune sword in Abaddon, and a stone spark was overwhelmed. The Lord collapsed to the ground. Magina stabbed the weapon at his throat quickly and emotionally, and Morred lost his scream. Desperate body blocked magina’s fatal blow.
The wrist blade was less than a centimeter away from Morred, and Magina stared at her incredulously. "Can you kill me first?" She closed her eyes calmly, and Magina’s mind suddenly felt a roar. His hand was shaking uncontrollably. "Hehe, you know I can’t do this, right?" His voice was deeper and worse than that of a dead man. "You won’t explain to me what happened like this? I want to hear it from you." But Morred shook his head vigorously. "Mortrigan doesn’t want to be with you. You’ve brought her harm and pain forever!" Abaddon gasped at him as hard as he could. "No, it’s not true. Will you come with me, Mottie? We want you to give up everything! " "Please stop pestering that noble priestess!" "What? !” "You go! I have never liked you! "
Magina froze. He stabbed the wrist blade into his eyes slowly and deeply, and the biting pain came to his pupil. The world collapsed and withered before him, but it was replaced by darkness. I won the war, but lost the whole world. Blood and tears melted in the resolute and handsome face. Maggie slowly turned around and left with a lonely body. Morred watched his decadent figure leave until it disappeared in her sight. She covered her mouth and nose and twitched violently. A crystal liquid crossed her eyes.
Not far away, the blood elf guards from Silencer, kaer, arrived. "What just happened?" Carl looked at the two people who fell to the ground in surprise and motioned for Nuochong and the priest to treat them. "I told you why you didn’t arrive so long." MacKensmo and the golden halo of medical surgery enveloped Defense of the Ancients and Morred in Abaddon and helped her up. "Let’s leave here and never come back from Azeroth."
"Are you leaving the Palace?" Nuochong looked anxiously at the blood elves who wanted to leave and stay around Carl, and also focused their attention on Carl. "I think I can go back to Quel’ Salas again." Carl sighed, and there were some fine wrinkles in his handsome eyes. "Forget me, forget Carl Seth sunstrider and bring my teachings to the people. One day Sindore will honor you!"
In the evening, the sunset extended the shadow limit. Nuochong and the blood elves put their right hands to their waists and made an extremely elegant bow to Karseth. This is an ancient etiquette for the blood elves to salute the king and the loyal soldiers to pay tribute to the former king. Goodbye Azeroth.
Before parting, everyone boarded the Stormwind Tower and looked at another fortress city in the kingdom-Sodal. The eagle struck the sky and stretched the mountains, and then looked at the southwest. You could vaguely see the far horizon. In this mountain with an average altitude of more than 7,000 meters, the holy mountain of Haigar has the source of life-the number of sacred ancient guardians of the world. "One day, the death knight’s war horse will flatten the world trees." Morred looked up at the blue sky and silently made his wish. Carl went to the phantom assassin Defense of the Ancients’s side Abaddon has already sent the door to undercity. Before he left, he waved goodbye to Silencer. "I officially ordered Lord Nuochong Stormwind to ask you to defend the territory for the Lich King and recite our story from now on."
In Carl’s childhood, a senior elf child was squatting on the grass in the back garden of the Wang family in Silvermoon City. I don’t know what she was looking at. A beautiful and luxurious senior elf woman entered the back garden. When she went out, the guards all bowed to her. "Carl Carl …" This elf man smiled and went to the child. "Hmm …" And this child, whom she hated, squatted on the grass without looking back carefully. A baby dragon with little magic was excited. "Carl, your father and king.
"Well, I’ll come as soon as I can." Little Kyle replied, but he still stared at the little baby dragon with little magic. Then he slowly reached out and tried to catch this silvery and shiny little thing. The little bird didn’t want to give up soon. Little Kyle naturally didn’t give up and started chasing this poor little thing on the grass. It was really too small to swim, and it was not many times bigger than it. A high elf child turned around and tightened its silvery body.
"Oh dear!" Little Carl shouted and fell to the ground, and the poor little magic dragon took advantage of the gap to hide in the thick trees next to him. "Carl!" " The noble high elf woman did not consider her elegant and noble posture and ran quickly to Carl. Carl looked up at her mother, the Queen of Quel ‘Salas Kingdom, and said, "Mother didn’t catch it again." After that, she lowered her head and looked listless. With his elf-marked long pointed ears still standing, it was like towering in the distance. His mother took him in her arms to comfort him and said, "It’s okay. You will be able to …" "Kyle! "My son," said the queen in a simple voice, "Father of Carses, King Anastasian sunstrider of Quel ‘Salas, has strided into the back garden, followed by a beautiful girl, teasing magic teacher Lena Inbath" Father! And my sister! " Little Carl cried and jumped into the king’s arms. "What gift did my father bring me?" Little Carl looked at his father’s lush glasses. "You little brat missed the gift." Lena scratched a little Carl’s nose and joked, "This is for you." The king took out an elegant small box and turned it into a carefully engraved wand. "This is Dalaran’s greatest wand. The hook belongs to you. It’s your birthday. Happy birthday, my son. May the sun shine.
Lena and the queen also wished little Carl the same thing. Then the king couldn’t help smiling. Lena also said to little Carl with a smile, "It’s easy to look at my sister." Lena carefully found out the little tool hidden in the bushes at a glance, stretched out her right hand and held it in her palm with a slight grip. Then when she collected the magic dragon, it condensed into a mass of energy essence, then released it and became a lost soul poor little thing. "Oh …" Little Carl was frightened and opened his green and clear eyes. Eyes then pestered Lena’s sister to teach him this simple little spell. The queen watched her naughty and said to the king, "Maybe we should teach him magic. He is six years old."
"Well, I sent this boy there to study when I was asked by the light guard Izaro in Dalaran. I think we should at least let him stay here for a few years. We elves are spell researchers. I heard that … the king of storms, Priest, has been chosen by the paladin Chen." "Chen? That guy named paladin? " The queen seems to be a little disloyal to paladins in her heart, but she can imagine that after a few years, many paladins loyal to the Guards will emerge in her kingdom. "Yeah, but my son will become a great magician, just like every high elf heir," the king said proudly looking at his son.
At this time, Carl Jr. has been practicing this little magic, and Lena has just taught him this little magic. He is quite gifted with magic. This magic gift was revealed in his magic study in the next few years. When he was ten years old, an incident that stirred up the whole kingdom made him highly recognized by his future people.
On that day, little Kyle patrolled the Yongge Forest with the king of the country at noon. eversong woods was completely surrounded by the bright sun. It was warm, detailed and full of atmosphere. Little Kyle rode in a small Chocobo. He clung to Chocobo’s neck and face. He was anxious and happy. This was the first time that he left the king’s city and galloped around in this vast jungle. He was surprised and surprised by what he saw. Even when he saw the lone troll in the distance, he was not afraid. Because he didn’t know that the blue-skinned creature had almost put out, the king patrolled his kingdom. As soon as the king waved, the guards rushed to the king, and the horse walked slowly forward, saying, "Carl! Stay close to me! "
"Father, what is that? !” Carlgard excitedly asked his father, but his father didn’t reply immediately. The king and the accompanying mage had already sung ice arrows. At that time, Carl left the most unforgettable image of his childhood in corona village. It was a phoenix, a real fire phoenix, with a golden figure and the sun back. It was as brilliant as usual, and it was covered with fiery flames everywhere. The proud head fluttered its wings as if to announce that everyone present was the king of birds.
It was said a long time ago that there would be a powerful magical creature like Phoenix elves waiting for Acura, but when it really appeared, it brought disaster here. However, little Carl didn’t think so. Now he is full of curiosity about everything. He has a plan, so he rushed forward and a small body stood behind the pet phoenix. "Carl!" The king stopped casting spells and ran to try to pull his son back. His entourage was shocked.
Carl has stretched out his tender left hand and aimed at the giant firebird in front of him, just like Lena taught him in those days. Although this is a powerful magical creature, it is not just a bigger magical dragon in little Kyle’s heart. He wants to obey it flexibly. Phoenix seems to be angered, dancing his wings and pouncing on Carl’s little figure. At the same time, all the surrounding elves rushed to protect their young king, but it was already late, including Phoenix. When Carl was there, his green eyes were full of fortitude. He growled. In an effort to close his palm, his little hand released a powerful arcane energy, and the phoenix let out a moan and was quickly condensed into a flash flame floating in the palm of Carl’s hand. He did it! He captured the only fire phoenix in Azeroth!
"Its name is Icarus!" Little Carl named the creature he summoned. At that moment, everyone around him stayed in the same place and looked at the little king in amazement, but soon everyone cheered. They were shown courage and led by their little king. The king happily lifted Carl’s little body and let him cheer in front of everyone. At that moment, little Carl’s face showed pride for the first time. That moment will always be engraved in his young heart.
After the young king conquered the phoenix, the king’s attendants liquidated the unlucky village, and the king personally rescued the injured villagers one by one. An old hunter was seriously injured in a dilapidated hut. The king ordered the entourage priest to give him treatment. During the healing process, the entourage searched around for the spring of life. When the spring was in a hurry, the young king waddled in with a heavy water bag. Everyone was surprised to see him. "I just rode the phoenix back to my mother and told her that the healing result was very good." Little Carl waddled the water bag to his entourage with a childlike face.
As soon as the old hunter stayed, his eyes burst into tears, and everyone was surprised. "Carl …" The king was dazed, too, and then pressed his hands tightly on little Kyle’s shoulder and said, "Good job!"
On this day, the queen moved all over Quel ‘Salas, making the high elves feel complacent. He won the praise and praise of the whole kingdom. In the future, when he was carefully cultivated by the king and expected to thrive in the whole kingdom, he gradually lost his childish taste. At the age of fourteen, the king chose to send him to Dalaran, a wizard country, to continue his research on magic, and the king shook his childhood.
Before sending the king away, the former king of Dalaran came to Quel ‘Danas Island with the young king, where the king saw the glorious sun well for the first time. Here, the king remembered a sentence: "The great Darth Rema sunstrider founded this well, which is the source of our life. Our sunstrider family has to keep all the fountains of high elf power for generations. We are the sun king." In the welcome of the royal family and the people, the king embarked on a journey to Dalaran, where the magic mentor Lena Windrunner Aurelia, the fairy dragon Parker Skywrath Mage ZaGunnars and several subjects waved goodbye to him at the gate when he looked back. I didn’t think that the separation of other people’s high elves would become eternal, and I didn’t think that his head would be hung in the square of the Guards Expeditionary Force in the future. At the same time, in Quel’ Salas, his great statue still stands at the gate of Silvermoon City.
Chapter 36 Admiral
The cave wall of Sargeras’ tomb is engraved with blood and written with orc runes. The cemetery is surrounded by orc skeletons that are in a frenzy of revenge and ambush their Naga guards at any time.
Maiev and the watchers struggled forward and accidentally found a statue of the Queen Maiev. "These skeletons were all dead orc shamans. Gourdain blindly led them to their death. We must find Illidan and follow his snake-like creatures as soon as possible to stop his evil plan!"
Naisha "see, mistress? There is actually a statue here! " Maiev: "This is the statue of Queen Aisara. She used to be the queen of our night elves. Although I don’t know what the queen has to do with those terrible snakes, the appearance of her statue in the ancient tomb makes me tremble deeply."
A demon burst into laughter from the depths of the hidden cemetery. "Haha!" Illidan fiddled with the blade of Essinos, and he was surrounded by those strange snake-like creatures Naga siren, Slardar, fisherman Nightcrawler, and a snake-haired banshee with a bow and arrow was whispering darkly to her master, "The exit of the cemetery is sealed, Lord Illidan. If those watchmen dare to break in here, they will be buried here!" "Ha ha" Illidan’s eyes were full of confidence. "If I get the power of Sargeras’ eyes, I can destroy the frozen throne, and then I will lead you Naga to dominate the world of Azeroth!"
"ah!" When Morred exclaimed, his forehead was covered with fine sweat. It turned out that it was just a dream. It was a strange dream, but what does it mean? What are those ugly snakes? What do they have with the Watchmen? Defense of the Ancients happened to come over at this moment, so she repeated the dream to him just now. He frowned and lost in thought for a long time before he gently rubbed her hair. "Relax, this problem will be solved for you." After a while, Abaddon brought the versatile Carl in, followed by errorblade and traxex. Now they always stick together when they suspect that they are the happiest couple.
"I seem to feel that something is calling me," Morred added after describing the dream to Carl. "Those snake-like creatures are called Naga, but some species are amphibians." Carl’s eyes are so complicated that people can’t guess what he is thinking. "Naga also helped us understand the dream blood elves. If you really want to understand the dream, I suggest you go to the depths of the sea. Maybe this mysterious race has some secrets." "I support this action! The most primitive creature was born in the deep sea, hiding a powerful energy source, where we will definitely get the mainland without artifacts! " Terrorblade agrees with Carl’s proposal. He still pursues strength so enthusiastically and never misses an opportunity to become stronger. traxex rubs into his arms like a coquette and supports his decision in principle.
Morred recalled in her mind that she was almost killed by the storm spirit before, and it was obvious that she was not strong enough. Whether to solve the dream or look for the artifact, she felt it necessary to unveil the mysterious Naga nationality. "But we dived into the deep sea." Abaddon questioned this unrealistic idea. "This is not a problem. The dark sage will find a way." Carl hesitated for five minutes before deciding to find the man he wanted. kaer said that the "dark sage" was a wise man of the Natural Disaster Corps-Ishka. Phil is also an assistant arranged by the Lich King for Carseth. He is really a mysterious and wise mage. He doesn’t talk to anyone except the Lich King and Carl. "Don’t worry, master, I can create a magical enchantment. When you cross the enchantment, you can walk as smoothly as on land even under the deep sea."
Three days later, "Have you really decided?" Abaddon woke up again. He thought this risky decision was too hasty, but Morred insisted on his own point of view. So everyone finally decided to dive into the sea. The dark sage sang spells and pure magic to create a magic wall. He said goodbye to Carl like a human being. "Good luck, master." kaer, Zall Ranger and terrorblade and others passed through the magic door one after another. The dark sage narrowed his eyes and five figures drifted away in his eyes.
"Black Pearl" has been drifting in the ocean of North Lordaeron for more than three months. The luxury ship sailed against the Gulf Stream and waved the red flag of the Guards regiment. Because the sea water near the mainland of North Lordaeron was infected by the undead plague, many marine life has unfortunately disappeared. This is bad news, because it will make the long-term drifting crew lose their food sources. But today, the bad situation has turned for the better. After several months of rain, the torrential rain finally stopped, and the early days showed Mediterranean blue. The sailors finally caught some sardines. The crew were excited and cheered, and the nets were slowly salvaged. Then everyone discussed.
Cuenca didn’t take part in it, although he was also hungry. The captain was a native of Azeroth. His hair was a little gray and his neck was deeply wrinkled. His burly figure looked thin and gaunt at this time. Because of the long war, the captain left wrinkles and deep scars on his hands. Those scars became like corroded places in the desert without fish for years.
Every part of him looks old except his eyes, which are as blue as the sea. He is happy and not depressed.
Although the current situation is very bad, Kunka has no fear. He is not only the captain of the Black Pearl, but also the navy of Storm Kingdom. Now he will lead the fleet to the natural disaster continent-Northrend will help the Guards to win, but the Terran on the eastern front has suffered a great defeat. Not only has almost the whole Lordaeron fallen into the hands of the undead, but even his fleet supply has gone wrong.
"The port of Harvey is ahead," the old sailor reported to the captain hoarsely. "Go immediately and we can finally make supplies! There are a few fresh water and food left in the cabin, and many crew members are suffering from scurvy. A small speedboat came to the Black Pearl, and several sailors skillfully jumped off the deck to take off their hats to pay tribute to the captain. "Harvey harbor has been occupied by the Scourge, general, and we have contacted local officials and offered to replenish them." "Leave the harbor from the direction! The fleet is close to the harbor, Cuenca has reached the order. Usually, the captain is a humorous and easy-going old man, but he is also very principled. No matter whether the enemy really wants to help him or not, he must never do anything that betrays the country and the Guards.
"It’s strange that there should be such a prosperous harbor under the rule of the undead." The old sailor muttered to himself, "The Black Pearl" seems to have run aground for half a day, but the ship has made little progress, but it never rains but it pours, and another crew member came in a panic and reported that they had been attacked by a monster. "Talk to me later, water element. It says Leviathan is coming back!" Well-informed Kunka didn’t know him, but Leviathan should be a sea monster’s name, so he took out his sword and led a group of elite Terran infantry to meet the mutant elves.
"The sealed god is coming to the world, and human rule will soon end!" The mutant elf seems a little unusual, but its words are clear like roaring waves. "Try my old man’s sword first!" " Kunka ignored its gibberish, making the well-trained Terran infantry rush to the water element variant. A wave scattered the formation, and most of the soldiers were killed. It raised its hand again, and the variant attack would come. The navy would repel and copy an identical Kunka. The two captains fought together with their swords. Although Kunka woke himself up in his heart, it was his own mirror image, but this replica was really powerful and was not inferior in the physical confrontation. Kunka had to be kept in check by this mirror image.
When the crew was stranded in Kunkafa, a group of natural disasters took command of the huge ship and helped them solve their difficulties. The silver-haired flying death knight took the lead in winding and releasing it to the mutant elves. Archers in the dark deadly ice arrow quietly left; The phantom assassin immediately threw a choking blade and stabbed it in the throat; Summoner, the impact of the sun is burning in its feet; Terrorblade turned into an energy ball and hit the captain of the elf body. The torrent splashed and the variant elf wailed, and a pool of seawater melted on the deck. traxex cheered and cheered. Abaddon extended his hand to the captain in a friendly way. "Nice to meet your friends." Cuenca smiled brightly and remembered that the Scourge did not hurt his daughter Crystal Maiden, which made him have some affection for the undead. "Is there any wine?" Abaddon speaks fluent Mandarin, and of course Cuenca didn’t know that he was once a human being, so the captain ordered the Black Pearl to brew rum for the guests.
Everyone had a good chat. A group of people were like long-lost friends, but they all kept silent about natural disasters and the guards’ war. "Your wine is very good, old man." errorblade Zanken nodded and the captain laughed proudly. Hu Yishan personally filled the young man with wine. "Don’t drink too much, you will get drunk." traxex held his slender fingers against errorblade’s lips, but he didn’t care. "Although he belongs to different camps, he still thanked you." Cuenca took a serious tone. "Less you. We didn’t hurt my daughter Lilai. "Thank your son-in-law for this." "It is said that Wang Yizhi is taking care of Miss Lilai in Dalaran Pliester." The old sailor put in a sentence and the captain was confused. He didn’t know about it, but everyone laughed.
"What’s left of the cabin resources? You can replenish it in Harvey Port. We are willing to give resources to the neutral side." Abaddon looked around. "We have to leave. There are important things." The Cuenca fleet is not neutral, but as far as their current situation is concerned, it is even a problem to maintain normal operation. He had to accept supplies and cancel the plan to cooperate with the Guards to attack Northrend. Although this was broken by the Guards, what is it that I did not betray my motherland alliance? Cuenca thought so wryly.
The generals of the natural disaster are ready to leave Cuenca. They bid farewell to the "mutant elf", another name of which is Tidal Elf. Carl suddenly said, "We will definitely meet the captain again." Morred smiled and waved to the navy.