After the game, D ‘Antoni and Cooper were discussing over there, as if it was near the end to determine the last candidate to stay here for trial training.
After the trial, the players were all sweating and panting on the field, but Mei Sen couldn’t hide his smile at this time. His performance from beginning to end can be said to be excellent. It is certain that he will stay in Beijing.
White saw Mei Sen’s expression a little uncomfortable at the moment and said, "Little people succeed."
Anthony is laughing and getting up at the moment. "Let’s go and congratulate Kaili!"
White was shocked when he heard Anthony speak and turned his head and said, "Merlot, you said hi?" Are you going to congratulate Jim? "
"Of course not …" Anthony smiled and shook his head and looked in Roger’s direction. "Congratulations to your good brother, of course …"
White saw Anthony’s strange reaction and gave him a look. He didn’t know what medicine he was selling in the gourd, but before he could speak, Anthony had already walked over there. Although he was confused, he had to follow quickly.
"Everyone performed very well in today’s trial, and I believe everyone played their part," D ‘Antoni said to ten players who were sweating in front of them.
Anthony and White are now behind D ‘Antony and fighting Cooper in a row, waiting for D ‘Antony to announce the result.
However, the three people have different expressions. Cooper is a relaxed look, Anthony is relaxed and White is worried.
"But there is a quota today, which is very difficult for our coaching staff to choose."
He said that D ‘Antony paused for a moment. After ten players’ faces were scanned, he then said, "In order to ensure fairness, we decided to announce the last remaining players today."
Mei Sen’s smile grew stronger when he heard D ‘Antoni’s words. He came to play in nbdl. Of course, he also knew that he was happy to perform well in front of some hidden rules. However, after all, he was a player in the second-tier league and had to guard against others’ means. Now it is natural for him to announce the results directly.
"After careful selection, we decided that the last player to stay was …" D ‘Antoni said here and cast a glance in the direction of Mei Sen.
Mei Sen blew up the flowers when he saw D ‘Antoni’s eyes and face. It was him!
D ‘Antoni sighed and then said, "Carey? Roger "
"yeah! Yeah! " Mason was about to move forward with a jerk of his hands.
"yeah!" White suddenly shouted out.
I heard White calling Mei Sen one leng and then looked around, only to find that other people looked at him strangely. D ‘Antoni also looked at him like a monster.
"Is it me?" Just then Roger couldn’t believe it. He stretched out his hand and pointed to himself.
"The guy is you!" Cooper then smiled and said to him
"yeah!" Hearing Cooper’s sound, Roger was sure that he had heard it right and jumped up like a fly.
"It’s not fair!" Mei Sen suddenly shouted angrily.
D ‘Antoni saw angry Mei Sen and said, "This is our last choice."
"I don’t think I’m the best in this!" Mei Sen not gas said.
"You really did your best," D ‘Antoni also said.
"Then why not choose me? !” Mei Sen was furious. Then he took a look at White and said, "I know it must be because he and Carey are college alumni. This trial is meaningless. You have already decided! Our root is to go through the motions! "
Mei Sen’s words immediately made the players who came to the trial talk about it. Even Roger was puzzled and looked at White and Anthony.
"You are wrong," Anthony said with a smile at this time. Now Mei Sen’s words have affected the reputation of the Nuggets. If it is as he said, no player will come to the Nuggets for trial training.
Mei Sen then looked up at Anthony’s eyes with a look of horror. "It’s you!"
Then Mata seemed to find something. "It’s really you. I told you it looks like you’re up to something!"
"You shut up!" White rushed forward at this time.
Anthony stopped White, but his face never changed. He still looked at Mei Sen with a smile and said, "I admit that you did very well today, but you found that you lost in the team today."
Anthony’s words made Mei Sen speechless for a while. Although there was no detailed technical statistics, he did lose in the team, but his mouth naturally would not show weakness. "That’s because there is a gap between the two sides, and my teammates are not as good as the opposite side."
As soon as Mei Sen said this, the trial players suddenly burst into confusion. Those teammates with Mei Sen looked at him with disdain.
"You are really not white" Anthony nai shook his head.
"I’m not white?" Mei Sen looked at Anthony rather disdainfully.
Anthony still smiled bitterly at this time, and he didn’t bother to dawdle. He just said, "Jim, I know you think it’s unfair, and I also admit that you have the ability to score points and play some marginal players, but have you forgotten that today our team is going to recruit the third point guard? What is your duty as a third point guard?"
Anthony said in a higher tone. "The responsibility of the third point guard is to keep the ball firmly in his hand and then have certain defensive ability and ball ability. You scored a lot of points today, but what you showed us today is your scoring ability, which is exactly what we don’t need. Which team do you think will need a third point guard to score crazily?"
"Especially in a team like ours where everyone can score," Anthony said and looked at Mei Sen with pity.
D ‘Antoni heard Anthony say that it was also a long sigh. Before the match, he was also optimistic about Mei Sen, but the shortcomings of playing Mei Sen in the match were completely exposed. The attack with too much ball was too casual, and he liked to make too many mistakes alone, which would not create opportunities for his teammates and so on.
All this is what D ‘Antoni is most interested in this trial, because as Anthony said, he is only a third point guard.
Mason is still not angry after hearing Anthony’s words. "I still don’t! If you give up for this reason, you will regret that I will try out successfully in another team and make you regret it! "
"anytime," Anthony said with a smile, "but if you don’t go back and train more, I believe it will be difficult to gain a foothold at the present level."
"You …" Mei Sen didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"All right, Melo, let him go," D ‘Antoni said at this moment.
Anthony heard D ‘Antoni’s mouth and retired without saying anything more.
"Melo, it’s Melo!" Just then a player shouted during the trial.