I don’t sell any of my existing players, but I have to buy players from outside to supplement my strength and prepare for Lazio’s multi-line battle next season.
When Chang Sheng coached Lazio, he always fought on one line. Later, when Lazio won the first Champions League, Chang Sheng thought that this team could adapt to multi-line combat, so in such a difficult situation last season, he didn’t say which side to give up, but insisted on it until the end.
The same is true for the new season.
If a team wants to be a giant, but it is always afraid of multi-line combat, what kind of giant is that?
Multi-line combat is the normal state of the giants, and it is a common thing for the giants.
If Lazio wants to become a giant, it must first adapt to the competition intensity of the giants.
Chapter one hundred and twenty An important member of Lazio
Since the end of the season, there have been a lot of rumors about the transfer of Lazio players in the media.
However, after the baptism of Lazio fans last summer, they are much calmer.
On the one hand, they believe in winning. No matter what happens to the team, as long as winning is in this team, there is hope for Lazio.
On the other hand, through last year’s events, they also fully saw the faces of the media. What the media say, they must remain skeptical first. Last season, they said modric was leaving. What happened? Modric stayed. This season, they also said that modric would leave. Why are they so boring?
Although Lazio fans didn’t buy it, the media still enjoyed it.
There are many scandals about Lazio players and other teams in various media every day.
Modric played very well as the central midfielder of Lazio last season. Although he was injured in the last two months and missed the subsequent game, his injury has almost recovered.
He didn’t leave last summer, and this summer, there are many clubs interested in him.
Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are all interested in him.
Although david silva was seriously injured and missed nearly one season last season, he is still a hot spot in the transfer market.
He also has a lot of big clubs chasing him.
In addition, Motta did well in the two rounds of Champions League against Manchester United, and finally replaced modric as the new commander of Lazio, which was also dazzling.
A number of giants have expressed interest in him. Among them, Inter Milan is naturally the most active.
Because there is only one Cambiaso in the midfield of Inter Milan, but there is no organized midfield, Motta can just meet their requirements.
It is said that Motta is the player named by Mourinho.
Of course, unless Chang Sheng is out of his mind, it is absolutely impossible to sell Motta, who is at his peak, to Inter Milan, which really weakens his own strength and strengthens his opponent’s strength.
Because he knows very well how Motta will play in Inter Milan. In the history, Inter Milan won the triple crown this season, and Motta’s performance was excellent.
If Motta really goes to Inter Milan, then Inter Milan will definitely be even more powerful.
In addition, players like Gotze, cavani and cazorla have received invitations from other teams.
Gotze can’t sign a professional contract with Lazio because he is under eighteen, and more teams are eyeing him. For example, Bayern Munich, the German Bundesliga overlord, may think that their team’s reputation can beat the ever-victorious personal charm.
But on this, Chang Sheng believes in Gotze very much.
As Lazio’s main winger last season, cazorla also performed well as a guest midfielder, and he has shown his potential as an all-around midfielder. With his outstanding performance, he has long been selected for the Spanish national team, and has gradually become the main force in the Spanish national team.
It is normal that he has many teams interested in him.
In addition to these, in the backcourt, Juventus regretted that they let chiellini go easily, because chiellini has proved that he can be an excellent central defender, and Juventus just lacks a good central defender now …
Last season, a full-back like Lichsteiner was not allowed to go to a central defender who had been a guest for a while …
It can be seen that Juventus’ central defender is lacking.
So they hope to buy back chiellini. However, there is no repurchase clause between the two clubs, and Juventus will have to pay a higher price if they want to buy back chiellini.
This is only one of the problems.
Another problem is that Lazio may not be willing to let people go. Now everything can see chiellini’s potential. With a winning eye, how could he let chiellini go?
Juventus can only pin their hopes on chiellini himself now.
Anyway, chiellini once played for Juventus. Maybe he has feelings? Moreover, Juventus is the most popular team in Italy. In the eyes of many Italian players, the status of Juventus is just like that of Real Madrid in Spain. It is their lifelong dream to play for Juventus …
They hope to persuade chiellini to put pressure on Lazio to release them.
Inter Milan also regretted that they let bonucci go easily, and sold it all to Lazio, without even keeping half the ownership.
Now everyone can see that bonucci has the same potential as chiellini …
Even if Inter Milan don’t need it, they can sell it for a sum of money, instead of watching bonucci’s progress like this, which has nothing to do with them.
Coentrao, as the team’s backup left-back, is also interested. Porto, the Portuguese giant, wants to bring Coentrao back to Portugal. They think Coentrao can only be a substitute in Lazio, but in Porto, they promised Coentrao the main position.
In addition, the common trick of these clubs to seduce Lazio players is a raise!
How much do you get in Lazio? Come to our team and at least double it for you! I used to give you six million with three million top salaries and four million with two million!
This is really lethal.
However, Lazio always promises these players not only money, but also honor.
If you hang out with the boss, you will get honor and become the best player in today’s football. The temptation of this point can sometimes resist the temptation of money.
This summer, I always win, and most of the time I am talking about rumors.
"modric is leaving Lazio? No, I haven’t heard of it. There is no such thing. If he really wants to go, he will tell me directly, not through you, I didn’t know the news … "
"david silva? He was seriously injured last season and is still recovering. I think he will stay at Lazio and will not go anywhere. Geze will not affect David’s position and future … "
"Juventus are interested in chiellini? I’m very happy. It says that BenQ Jelini’s efforts are fruitful, but I’m sorry, it’s impossible for me to let chiellini go back to Juventus. He’s not going back anywhere, he’s staying in Lazio! He is an important member of our team … "
"There is nothing to say about bonucci. He is an important member of the team. He will continue to improve in the new season, and I look forward to his performance! "
"Motta is an excellent midfielder, and he filled the vacancy of modric perfectly when Modric was injured. He will continue to be with us and fight for the championship. No matter how much Inter Milan pays, I won’t sell him. He himself is very happy in Lazio, and I believe he has no reason to leave Lazio … "
"cavani, Gotze, cazorla, Rocchi, Gill, david silva, modric, ledesma, Motta, candreva, José Passareira, Paven, Chiellini, Bonucci, Balzaretti, Coentrao, Belletti, Azpiliquita, Handanovic, Milante … all these players are important members of Lazio! We will not sell any players! "
The media are going to collapse when they see these names-damn it! This is Lazio’s first-team lineup! If these are all "important members", isn’t it a bit worthless to be an "important member" of your team? !
"I have repeated many times that modric will not leave Lazio. Not only modric, but also david silva, cazorla, Gotze, cavani … these people will not leave Lazio. We won’t sell our own players because Lazio doesn’t make a living by selling players! "
These words made the reporters feel like spitting at him-damn it, Lazio doesn’t make a living by selling players? Then all the teams in the world don’t make a living by selling players!
It’s a typical example of being a bitch and setting up a memorial arch!