Zhaoyun Zheng’s head bowed to "Xie Wangxin"
"After the official department issues a document, you can prepare for it." I waved my hand. "Winter in the north is not so good as earlier, so it is better to calm the people."
The four people called it Qi Qi.
Yu Laimin, I felt that he was quite predestined, so I was transferred to the hospital and became the vice president, which made Han Ji finally relaxed a lot.
And Mi Zhu, Jian Yong and other lives and disposal are handed over to the official department, and I don’t want to worry about details.

In November of the 7th year of China, I officially unified Guo Ping, and designated 13 big states under the jurisdiction of the old Han Dynasty, with a total population of about 52 million. Because of the liberation of a large number of secrets in recent years and the re-standardization of oral registration, it almost reached the peak of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
All this is not comforting.
The following year, after the ministers repeatedly persuaded me to finally ascend the throne, Cai Yan, Jia Yu’s prickly growth was too obvious for China’s rule.
Civil servant and military commanders who made great contribution in my starting period were added in succession, such as Jia Xu, Cheng Yu, Wang Lie, Liu Zheng, Guo Yuan, Li Yuan, Wei Ji, Pang Rou, Du Ji and other core civil servants, Xu Huang, Li Dian, Qin Zhen, Tuoba Ye, Pound, Zhang Liao, Gan Ning, Tai Shici and other core military commanders, and more than ten of them were the first to follow the duke.
I am only twenty-five years old this year, and I can rule this huge empire for a long time.
I’m afraid I’ll talk crazy for so long.
I’m afraid I won’t send troops to Mobei or personally expedition to the western regions, cross to Fusang and the southern ocean to build an empire where the sun never sets.
I am a person full of unrealistic dreams, but I am also a very realistic person, and I know I can’t keep it.
I want to stick to some of my ideas and instill them into the minds of elite officials and spread them to tens of millions of people during my reign.
I don’t know whether I will succeed or not, because I don’t quite understand the essence of these ideas myself.
But I will always try to go.
This is my story.
This product is not Ma Chao.
Postscript once ended.
This was the first time that it was released, and it was written when the ending was about 30,000 words, which was criticized by many readers. Later, I deleted this commemoration.
I was teasing a few words when I hugged my new concubine, but I was kicked by someone.
"unbridled!" I turned my head to drink and saw a blood knife in my eyes.
Knife name Xiaohei
"What are you going to do?" I raised my eyes and stared at my most trusted general.
"You know" Qin Zhen dragged a long knife across the threshold "I want this woman"
"You’ve been with me for twenty years and asked this woman to kill me?" I let go.
The woman fell to her knees.
"I’ve been with you for twenty years and you can’t even give me a woman?" He hissed, "Don’t you have enough wives in your house?"
I stared into his eyes. "Do you want this one?"
"Yes" he slowly forward.
"I won’t give it to you." I got up.
"I’ll grab it myself!" He is still approaching me.
"You are not my opponent." At the age of thirty-five, I was at the peak of my life, and all fighters were out of my sight, even though at the age of thirty-nine, he claimed to kill God.
"Yes," he raised his knife slightly and his right hand never trembled.
"Qiang Hu is difficult to raise Marten." I sighed and suddenly remembered the old horse’s dying warning
"You … you treat me well?" He burst out laughing.
"Isn’t it good?" I am extremely surprised.
"I’ve been with you since I was ten years old. Which battle wasn’t my first charge?" The little black to a finger Qin array left hand lamented "twenty years, twenty years! You are the king of God and all peoples. What am I? !”
When he didn’t give me a mouth, "it’s just a thousand knighthoods;" You … gave me a general when you were awarded the rank? How many of the top ten marshals are older than me? Who has more meritorious military service than me? !”
"Who killed Li Jue Xu Rong for you?"
"Who do you accept the North?"
"Who killed Wu Huan?"
"Who broke Korea?"
"Who is desperate to kill the feather?"
"Who strangled Liu Xie?"
"Who killed Pound Seibel who opposed you?"
"Who shot Ma Tie and Matthew?"
"Who is it …" He took a deep breath. "Pinch Marten’s neck and pour poisoned wine?"
He furiously beat his chest "isn’t it the old me? !”
"I sold my life for you. Why do you do this to me?" He was extremely angry and laughed. "Isn’t it because you are always a Western Qiang bastard? ! I’m a bastard. Is your surname Ma a thoroughbred? !”
"You are crazy!" I glanced at my prostrate mistress and whispered, "You’re crazy. Don’t talk nonsense."
"You are crazy!" His eyes were bloodshot as steel. "You accepted Cao Cao’s surrender?"
"You should know that I’ve been fighting for twenty years and I don’t want to kill anyone again." I’m really tired.
"He …" Qin Zhen suddenly shivered. "He killed Tuoba!"
I sighed, "People can’t resurrect you after death. I should live well to take care of several children for him."
"Did you let him kill Tuoba on purpose?" He became furious again. "You decided to kill us long ago, didn’t you? !”
I shook my head slowly. "I’m disappointed that you think so."