Master Bo Barrage shook his head and said, "How can I be his master?"
Master Langri Tangba said, "Since it’s not your apprentice, he rashly attacked the division and committed a capital crime. I’ll finish him first and then I’ll settle accounts with you."
Then he flicked his finger as fast as a finger to the heart of the young monk in red. The monk unhurriedly raised his hand with three palms, and Master Langri Tangba’s martial arts was high, but he could not attack for a while.
Qi Yufeng in watching can not help but horrified heart way, this big handprint kung fu has to be tempered for many years or have a lot of knowledge of kung fu like yourself to practice to the extreme, and this young man is just as old as himself. How can this kung fu be so pure?
The two men were fighting in one place, but their strength hovered back and forth as if the water were rushing. No one around them had ever seen this young monk, but according to his several skills, he was a master, and they couldn’t help but talk about it and speculate on the origin of this monk.
Among the hundreds of people, except those who sent Taoist priests from Qinghai to the Central Plains and Tianzhu to help boxing, they were all local people. At this time, when they saw Master Langri Tangba challenging Master Bo Barrage, they were all stopped worshipping and turned to look at the two men.
But see wave Barrage looks up at the temple and nods, "Stop the fire."
The monk in that temple sighed to Bo Barrage when he heard that the winch was moved quickly and the oil was cut off. The Buddha looked back and flashed, "What do you want to do in my temple?"
Master Nabo Barrage’s medium-sized martial arts in Tubo was the first. These people were provoked. When he was away, they all wanted to grab the work and kill the messenger Yuan Ting’s flattery. Who knew that this messenger was not easy to provoke Bo Barrage, but he also returned immediately. More than half of the people couldn’t help but panic. They had teeth, their hands were sore and their feet were too weak to walk. They were more daring and wanted to fight, but they turned around and wanted to escape.
The monk in that temple cried, "Everything started with the Ningma School and the Kadang School."
Bo Barrage nodded and looked back to see the face of the Nyima Sect King turned to go like a zombie. Immediately, he raised his hand and even played three fingers to see a flash of green light. The Nyima Sect King cried and fell to the ground, unable to faint.
In a moment, this mountain was dressed in the clothes of Ningma Sect and Kadang Sect, except for some living buddhas, and he was hit by a splitting finger and fell to the ground without saying a word.
It hit more than 100 people with one hand, and it was not only Qi Yufeng and Dastain who stared at each other, but even if Master Langri Tangba in that fight, the young Tibetan monk eased his eyes and peeped. But Master Langri Tangba, although he was pressing hard, occupied the wind, but the young man closed his front door offensive but did not weaken much.
Master Langri Tangba saw that Bo Barrage’s martial arts were so wonderful, but he couldn’t help but feel cold. He thought that I would be better than him after thirty years of hard work today. I didn’t expect to be trapped by this young man at first hand, but seeing that his martial arts have been practiced to such a level, I will never be able to catch up with Bo Barrage again in this life. Do you really think it is the incarnation of the Buddha?
Immediately, he was disheartened and didn’t want to sigh again. When he slowly retreated, the young Tibetan monk knew that his mind was slowly retreating. Master Langri Tangba looked up at Bo Barrage. When he met him, he looked at himself as if he nodded his head. At this moment, he was ashamed to say hello, but his throat could not be called out.
Wave Barrage nodded to him and went straight to the center.
Seeing that Bo Barrage was getting closer and closer, the group of Ningma Sect and Kadang Sect couldn’t help but tremble with fear. Suddenly, he heard him say with smile, "Let’s meet again, Qi Jushi."
Wei Yixiao and Dastain were puzzled by this sentence. They turned to look at Qi Yufeng, only to see that he looked serious and nodded. "How has the master been since this time?"
Bo Barrage nodded, "Ok!" He turned to look at Xue nu and nodded, "Finally, he has regained his former prestige. It is really impossible for the almighty."
Qi Yufeng ha ha a smile "it’s good that the beast doesn’t obey and beat him". He said that he had seen me. Did he really cross over with me? Otherwise, how can this person’s manner be so familiar?
While Rinpoche and Lacan came over to greet Qi Yufeng one by one, just at this moment, they saw that Master Langri Tangba was surrounded by three monks who looked withered. It seems that there were no monks who were 100 years old and 70 years old. One of them had a mord in his hand and said, "Bo Barrage, do you want to destroy our Ningma Sect and the Kagyu Sect? Are you the only one who is the king of the Kagyu Sect?"
Bo Barrage looked back and nodded and said, "I have seen three Kardashians."
The three men were all Katangese French kings. Seeing that two Nyingma masters had lost power and influence, they immediately stood up and wanted to get back the advantage orally.
Bo Barrage shook his head and said, "It’s not true that I was besieged by you in my temple today and I went to Sangpu Temple for advice from the three French kings."
The three French kings named Dan Dian and Dan granted Dan Jie immediately Dan Dian said, "But if we don’t come, you will sell Tubo to the Han people. Is this true without our consultation?"
Chapter seventy-five The amount of robbery before the hair pu
Bo Barrage shook his head and said, "The Sakya Sect was the first to separate the four religions in Tubo, but now I, the Kagyu Sect, welcomed the Mongolian khanate, Kublai Khan, and Kuo Duan into Tibet. Who among the other three sects ever said no? This is an old example and you don’t need to wait for your promise."
That Dan Dian shook his head and said, "Times are different. Naturally, we can’t do this practice. It’s my Tubo big machine that is in the eyes, but you’re doing this. Don’t say that you are either the leader of the Kagyu Sect or the head of Buddhism, and you can’t help but listen to my opinions."
Bo Barrage smiled and pointed to Lacan. "This is a Kun family member, and now he is the leader of Sakya Sect. I have discussed with him what’s wrong with having the support of my two factions?"
"Are you Kun’s brother?" asked Nadian with a slight surprise.
Lacan nodded, "The little monk is Kunlacanda, the tenth generation of Kungongquejebu family."
Dan Dian shook his head and said, "But even if you Kun’s family can’t dominate the world when such a big event is held by four factions."
Bo Barrage shook his head and said, "This Tubo comes from the Kunshi line, and all the eyes of Sakya are in decline. I, the Kagyu Sect, take care of you. Your position in the Ningma Sect and the Kadang Sect is far better than that in the two of us."
Dan Dian hesitated for a long time and shook his head. "So the three of us will challenge the master to seize this Kagyu school?"
Bo Barrage’s eyebrows raised and his face suddenly became serious. These four factions have been stretching for a long time, but I didn’t think that these three people actually took a chance and wanted him to challenge such religious disputes. Often, the believers of both sides attacked each other, and it was no joke that they continued to stretch after that. Although he had the will to win, the three of them joined forces to attack themselves with their own seniority. Even if they won the two factions, they would break but it would be difficult to decide for a while.
Just then, suddenly the young monk with a yellow hat said, "Why don’t I challenge the master to seize this?"
This sentence tells Dan Dian to detain one leng and asks, "Why do you want to be an independent school? What a big breath. Who are you? "
The young monk said unhurriedly, "Little monk’s name is Zong Kaba."
He uttered a burst of laughter when he cried Dan’s commandment next to him. "Zong Kaba’s four Tubo factions have lasted for thousands of years, but you are a wet behind the ears, but you are not too arrogant." Now it’s my Tantric master’s talk. You’d better go back to your master as soon as possible, read a few more scriptures and listen to your teachings, and then come to our meeting after you have learned the Theory of Quantification. "
In his speech, he looked down upon the young monk. Seeing that his martial arts are high, a young monk’s delusion of being a religious Sect is too fantastic.
But just then, Dan took his hand and shook his head. "He doesn’t have this qualification."
Dan commandment tiny one zheng you didn’t care and said, "He hasn’t wiped out a little novice monk with incense ashes on his ass …"
Dan Grant shook his head solemnly and said, "He is Dunzhu Renqin’s brother."
When Dan Jie heard this, generate’s eyes suddenly showed a miraculous color, and his pupils couldn’t help but shrink and call out, "Is he the King Kong?"
Dan grant nods "good"
Dan’s precept was solemnly raised and looked back at Zong Kaba. He nodded and said, "I heard that you got the precept at the age of three, the precept at the age of five and the precept by the novice monk at the age of seven. Is it possible that you were subjected to the Mahayana ritual, the five methods of seal and the six methods of taking heat in front of the Arjen Boche Temple?"