"Uh huh good plan! If you can win Han Suicheng this time, you will definitely take the lead, but I will carefully scrutinize the details! "
With a general idea, things will be easy to handle, and a QinBing will hand in.
"Call General Wei and General Huang!"
Han Sui has been eager to send someone to inquire about the riots all day, but it is good news for several days.
Feng Zhang was really like a headless fly, unable to do anything else. Every day, he was able to lead troops everywhere to quell chaos. After ten days, he still didn’t March for half a minute, which made Han Sui very proud
But slowly, Han Sui felt something was wrong, and Feng Zhang didn’t get a hollow reputation. How could he have been led by himself for so many days? Don’t you see it’s a trick?
Han Sui then sent someone to further investigate Feng Zhang’s army headquarters, only to find that there were actually one thousand old and weak people in the camp and the main force was gone!
Han Sui’s heart throbbed like a lost heart, playing with others. Where do you know others are playing along with Feng Zhang? This little boy must have brought the troops out of Tianshui every time he sent troops to quell the riot!
For example, Zhang Feng came back from the city with 30,000 people to quell the chaos, but he brought 20,000 people. The other 2,000 people secretly went directly to other places. When the Feng Zhang army has come back, how can we count the number of people who returned to the city one by one?
What’s more, Feng Zhang scattered the army with Huang Zhong, Wei Xu, Jiang Dan and Shi Huan, each with an army, and every time he subtracted some soldiers, it was even more unnoticed. Han Sui was treacherous, but he fell into Feng Zhang’s "sneak in" plan.
Where the hell are these people?
Han Sui, like a madman, ordered the agent to look around for Tianshui Nan ‘an, which was a necessary place, but he didn’t return all the way. ? ?
I used to wait at home to watch Feng Zhang’s drama, but now I want to watch it myself and find that the leading role in Taiwan has disappeared!
But no matter how these people disappeared, Han Sui believed that Feng Zhang must have quietly come to his side with the army, and he could appear in Jincheng at any time!
Han Sui couldn’t sit still. The guys with chest muscles developed enough to crush flies all pulled a long face, thinking about their own thoughts and even fidgeting with larocca.
Seeing that autumn is coming to an end, it will be a long snow period in the cold winter, and it is impossible for both the army and ordinary people to act in that frozen Yuan Ye, but the former Feng Zhang will inevitably appear!
But where will he appear? And when did he appear? This is a mystery!
After all, I underestimated him! Han Sui sighed and felt that his body seemed to be more seriously ill.
"You only have to stick to Jincheng to keep the snow until winter, and Feng Zhang will collapse without fighting. Please also invite Qi Xin to work together to tide over the difficulties."
People nodding, but their hearts have their own ideas. "Your family is in Jincheng, but our family is not! If Feng Zhang hits our lair, is that so good? "
Just then, the soldiers at the door reported "Report to the Korean public emergency military situation!"
Han Sui hasn’t spoken yet. The big family member is already answering. "Come on!"
A detective wearing a felt hat is sweating profusely and steaming overhead in this cold weather in late autumn.
"Han Gong’s big event is not good. Feng Zhang led the army to attack Xinggu!"
Section three hundred and nine Destroy Korea (5)
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Can you save it?
This doesn’t seem to be a problem. The question is how to save who?
If you save yourself, don’t say that you are old and weak. What if the people who stay in the city betray themselves? Han Sui’s whole generation is betraying others. How can he not guard against others betraying himself?
If you don’t save yourself, who will stay? People who go there are too weak. Feng Zhang’s strength and ingenuity are outstanding. It won’t help if others go there. Doesn’t it mean beating dogs with meat bags?
People are quarrelling endlessly in Han Sui’s ear like a bunch of flies. He is annoyed. Feng Zhang actually found his own weakness regardless of the riots in various places
"Stop arguing!" Han Sui will be around the head white cloth solution to mercilessly fell to the ground "I bring my own soldiers! Yan, you guard the city! Don’t lose it! "
"Still bother you to go with me to XieXingGuWei! Bring my armor! "
It’s so dark as if it’s going to snow at any moment, but Han Sui is not happy at all now. It’s like the weather is opposite to himself. Feng Zhang secretly felt that Jincheng County had no snow, but he met it as soon as he sent troops!
Is this an act of god?
But Han Sui doesn’t believe in heaven. If one day, what killed his sworn brothers, one company after another, and killed a lot of them, there would be no retribution?
But if you think about it, it seems that your daughter has given birth to a lot, but there is no one …
Is this karma?
Fortunately, I have a good son-in-law, but after all, it’s not my blood. If I give my family business to him, I can rest assured.
Moreover, this kiss was forced by himself, and larocca didn’t want to be this kiss at the beginning.
He should not … Take advantage of this juncture have infidelity?
But now there is no other way. You can’t go back to the army and sayno. Let that "God" bless everything.
Cheng Yi and others all put a coat in their armor, and wool ear protectors were added to the helmet. Han Sui’s "armor" is just a leather coat, but when he was young, he was not good at fighting, let alone old.
Damn it, this kind of weather has to run with soldiers. Han Sui shrank his neck, but the cold wind kept pouring the whole back into his neck. It is estimated that even if we can solve the problem of Xing Gu wai returning to Jincheng, it will be worse.
There are ups and downs and low hills everywhere along the way, accompanied by some jagged rocks. When Han Sui sees it in his eyes, he feels even more at heart. Why does Mao Mao usually think that these northwest scenery are quite magnificent, but now it looks a little scary?
The morale of soldiers marching in such bad weather should be very low, but this time it’s different. Many soldiers’ families live in Xinggu, so everyone’s heart is wondering if attacking Xinggu in Feng Zhang can still be held.
(where is xinggu? Why can’t I find the map? Who’s got a chest lift?)
That kind of blood-related concern makes everyone want to rush to Xinggu in one breath until they see their missing family. This strong yearning actually supports the soldiers’ complaints and they can’t wait to fly with Han Sui’s March.
The fire reflected the dark clouds all over the sky, and Phnom Penh was red. The soldiers were full of anxious and worried faces.
Xinggu is on fire!