Turning around and smiling, he said to the pity frost, "Frost Beauty, let’s go and have a place to go. I promised my friends to help me play guild tokens to kill boss, etc. Every boss asked you to pick one thing. I am going to let the cold front pick equipment with them, but they are busy now. I will give you a piece of equipment."
"Where to?"
"Go back to the city first and then send House City to the west gate of House City."
I just finished saying that this girl went straight back to the city without saying hello ~ Well, there’s no need to say hello anyway. I also went back and took out the roll back to the city to directly return to the Black Dragon City. I quickly ran to the array and pumped it to Xiaoyu. Several people sent a message telling them that I was going to help Ling Zhou and they killed the boss. As a result, Lin Hao strongly opposed Xiaoyu’s euphemism and refused to let me go to the cold front. There was no direct response ~ I hurried to the west gate of House City. Besides Wu Yun, Ling Zhou was also there. Leather girl looks like she’s in her early twenties. She walked over and said hello to Ling Zhou. Ling Zhou smiled and said, "I really want to thank you this time. What about Xiaoyu?"
"Xiaoyu is not coming with Lengfeng and Lin Hao, and the three of them are doing it together."
Listen to me. Several other people are not coming. Ling Zhou is showing a dark look with disappointment, while Wu Yun directly called to get up. "What? Are you coming with me alone? Can you do it? " I’m very interested in this girl’s words. Why is it so strange?
"Elder sister, I will never fail. Don’t worry, take me!" I replied vaguely and firmly
"Poof, ouch, I’m killing myself. Haha ~ Ahahaha ~" Next to a leather girl, Wu Yun and Ling Zhou laughed directly while clutching their bellies. They both looked at the girl with a puzzled face. I touched my nose and looked at the girl next to me. I suddenly felt a little familiar. Isn’t this Xiao Qi that girl? (In Gods, players don’t run around with a name.) "Kiki, what are you laughing at?" Wu Yun puzzled asked.
Cute Kiki, this girl stretched out one hand and pointed to Wu Yun, then pointed to me with the other hand holding her belly and laughing wildly, seemingly speechless ~ Seeing this girl move, I quickly turned to one side and stopped looking at a few women.
Ling Zhou was puzzled, but there was no mouth to look at Kiki, and Wu Yun seemed to be interested. He grabbed Kiki and asked me to take a few steps while this girl was still not white. Wu Yun burly told me to stumble and almost lie prone directly. "Liu Yangxiao, what do you say? Come and help Xiaoyu, my sister, and see if you can do it? "
Nai turned around and looked at Wu Yun. This girl stared at me with a black face. I smiled bitterly. "Senior, I was wrong. I shouldn’t answer your words, but I’m really good ~ I can’t try with you. I can’t be sorry for Xiaoyu."
Say that finish look at a few female Ling Zhou is sipping mouth with a smile face a little blush, this girl is almost like light rain kiki that girl is laughing regardless of the image and Wu Yun my god this girl face will be shy? The face is redder than Ling Zhou’s, but it’s a little twisted. "You’re dying ~ Ah ~ See how the young lady cleans you up!"
This directly angered the tough woman and rushed over with a sword. I was shocked and was about to run away. It suddenly occurred to me that this is still in the city. You can’t just pk it, otherwise the girl will be killed by the guards. Don’t you know this? I’m not afraid of being cut down by her when I think of it. I’m directly on the original avenue. "Don’t think about it if you have guards!"
It’s a tragedy for me to pick it up. Of course, this girl is not so stupid to chop me up directly in the city ~ But it’s really stupid for me to wait for her to run over. This girl immediately put away her weapons and seized my poor ears. I regret it, but it’s too late ~ "Senior, I was wrong. Please spare me in the drizzle. I’ll help you to make a token ~ By the way, I also found a helper to come. This person is the first summoner. Are you sure to be interested in the new member of our mercenary group? Wait for her to come. "
"Hum, it’s quite honest to see you for the first time, and now you dare to take advantage of my sister. I’ll spare you for the time being. If I can’t finish killing several boss today, I’ll tell Xiaoyu that you take advantage of my sister. What do you think Xiaoyu will do to you?"
Wu Yun put my poor ears red and Gherardini threatened me ~ Can you not be so cruel? I didn’t take advantage of you ~ "Can I ask how many boss did you find first?" I asked with a bitter face, "not much, just a few four-level silver boss and three skeleton captains;" Level 5 gold boss skull leads one; Two heads of 45-level gold boss carrion; That’s all for a 5-level gold-level boss armored zombie. I believe you are sure ~ OK ~ "
Wu Yun counted one by one and finally deliberately dragged the word’ line’ to tell me that I was smiling bitterly. Damn it, it’s all boss in his forties and fifties or undead monsters in silver and gold. None of these guys are alone, right? It should not take long for me to kill boss, but what about mobsters?
"Senior, how did you find these guys? As far as I know, it seems that undead monsters are all clustered together, especially skeletons and zombies, and these boss are usually hidden in strange piles. It is impossible to run in and find them at this stage. "
"You ask Lingling and Kiki about this. I’m not sure Kiki found it." Wu Yun said with a pie mouth.
"Kiki, how did you find the boss? Is there a lot of strange around boss? " I went back to Ling Zhou next to two people and asked.
"Well, I ran there by accident. It was a long canyon called Death Canyon, and there was a forest outside. When I passed through the forest, I found that there were many skeleton monsters in it. I was scared at that time, but later I found that these skeletons couldn’t leave the valley, so I slowly touched them and climbed to the hillside next to the valley. These boss were all in the monster group, and further into the canyon, there should be more advanced zombie boss and other monster types."
"The canyon no players to train? That little monster should only be in his thirties and thirties. And what’s strange about refreshing in the forest outside? Are there many people practicing in it? "
"Not far after going out from here, there is a forest called Terror Hesse. The distribution of monsters in it is very strange. There are almost no more than a few kinds of monsters, and the level is chaotic from level 2 to level 7. Not many players go to practice in it, but occasionally some idle players team up to form a mercenary group in some workshops. They also go in, but they generally don’t go through the forest," Ling Zhou explained.
Chapter 133 Spectacular Death Canyon
After listening to Ling Zhou’s words, I know the situation basically, but do we also look at luck? I’m lucky to cross the forest to my sister-in-law, but I’m unlucky to directly install a level 7 monster in the forest. That’s fine for me, but it’s hard for others. I’m just about to express my worries. When I saw the figure of pity cream in the corner of my eyes, I immediately turned around and said, "You’re slow enough. I’ll introduce you to one, and then we’re ready to go."
This girl probably saw us early, but she came slowly when she saw me say hello. Her face was as cold as ever, and she didn’t say hello to several people. I gave a wry smile. "These are our good friends. This is purple wind chimes. This is a small crowd. And this is Kiki. This time, we will go with them to kill boss. You can choose a piece of equipment first for each boss."
This girl listened to me and took a look at several people and nodded gently. Well, I turned to several people in Ling Zhou. "This girl is the mysterious first summoner of pity frost. Now she is a member of our mercenary group. Wait for her to go with me."
Ling Zhou smiled and asked the good Wu Yun is curious to see flow frost along while just said, "it’s quite like the ice with the cold front."
"Well, let’s go when we get there, but I wonder how we can get there since the forest is so strange?" Looking at the cold scene, I quickly led the topic.
"Kiki knows a way to go straight through the forest without killing monsters," Ling Zhou said.
"Oh, well, let’s start Kiki to lead the way? Are you all going? " I looked at Ling Zhou and Wu Yun and said, "Of course I’m going to the Skull Sea. I have to see the spectacular scene." Wu Yun looked forward to saying, "I won’t go with you and call some sisters to train together." Ling Zhou smiled and said, "Okay, let’s start Kiki to lead the way. Let’s all join in." Then I formed a team and walked towards the gate.
Several people joined the team. Kiki led the way in front. This girl’s small speed is quite fast and it’s not worthwhile to change her job. The shooter profession followed this girl quickly and ran towards the forest. There are quite a few players outside the city. I saw a few women. Many people wanted to chat up and ask for a team. Many people also shouted that the senior team would take the upgrade ~ It’s a pity that none of the women took a reason. I secretly despised these guys. Didn’t you see me here?
It’s a pity that I didn’t know that I was despised by several people. One person took three girls and two were top beauties. One player, though not top, was a winner. Three players also had different temperament. A group of people didn’t stop and ran into the forest. I met several teams of leveling players in the forest, and the invitation to form a team was euphemistically refused. I repeatedly told Kiki to try to avoid other players. I didn’t want others to follow me, but there might be trouble afterwards. Besides, I didn’t want other players to find out that this place was suitable for us to play so early.
Kiki led a group of four people around the forest for more than half an hour. Kiki finally said that she was going out of the forest, and the canyon was not far outside the forest.
I’m finally going out, and I’m secretly relieved. I’ve met several times in the past half hour, and I can’t see the grade monster. If a few people are not careful enough, I don’t want to go through the forest.
A few minutes later, Kiki finally appeared in the line of sight. The girl said, "Skull, I look at Kiki with a long sigh." This girl knows that the road is really "safe"!
"The front is the Death Canyon, and the outside section is full of skeletons. There are a little zombies inside the skeletons, and I don’t know how many boss are inside." Kiki is also relieved to turn to our heart.
"It scared me to death all the way, Kiki. What kind of way are you looking for? That’s terrible. There are so many skeletons in the sea. I have to take some videos to show them and scare them to death." Wu Yun patted his chest and said excitedly after breathing.
"Well, let’s go over there, Kiki. Where did you go to see boss? Let’s go over there and see how many skeletons have to run in and kill boss." I looked at Kiki and said.
"Come with me. From here to that hillside, there is a place where a big stone sticks out and can attack the skeleton on the stone surface, but be careful that some skeleton shooters in the skeleton can attack the surface. I was almost accidentally killed by the skeleton shooter."
A few people followed Kiki along the hillside and drilled into the canyon. When they saw the outermost part of the canyon, they felt that there were many skeletons. This was a real walk inside the canyon. Looking at the dense skeletons inside, this was spectacular. It was too much. The whole canyon was at least two or three hundred meters wide and long. I don’t know how much, but it was less than four or five hundred meters. Looking at the past, all the skeletons were in the sea. It was about half a meter away. I really don’t know how many skeletons there were ~ Wu Yun, this girl, was watching the video function, and I kept patting
"boss is in the three skeleton battalion chief, and then some of them are in it, and it depends on the boss ~" Kiki said, pointing to a pile of skeletons.
I looked at the past. At the front point, there was an uneven table top, which was a cliff with a height of more than 20 feet. In the bottom of the face, it seemed that I could do it, including pity frost. After killing the monster, I had to take things. Fortunately, we could fly ~ "You can’t help me if I kill it, but I can do it alone. Have you considered what to do when I take things?"
"Yes, Kiki girl’s face is so strange that even if we don’t say no, we don’t want to get something off, and it’s directly drowned by the skeleton ~" Wu Yun’s girl seems to have some big nerves, but now she remembers it.
"ah? Yes, what should I do? " Kiki is one leng and then a face of embarrassed to look at me.
"Forget it, I’ll fix it. You are all waiting for experience in the back ~ I really do coolies." I didn’t continue to fool them when I looked at the expressions of the two girls.
"How are you going to take things? If you can’t get something, it’s not for nothing? " Wu Yun doubt way
"Don’t worry, if I want to drop something, I will definitely take it back. It’s not my style to kill the boss without killing," I replied confidently.
"That’s all right, but Kiki and I quit the group and said that the good experience is your sister. I don’t take advantage of you." Wu Yun saw that I looked confident and seemed to believe it, but I quit the group directly and Kiki was still standing there.
"Well, there’s no need for us to be less stingy. You’d better join us. I’ll be a coolie." I said, and I sent a team invitation to Wu Yun again.
Looking at this girl, I was still a little hesitant. I said, "My big lady is working. I don’t think you are so slow."
"Miss who grinds and wheezes will enjoy the experience and feel like you have to work hard." This girl changes really fast ~ Nai walks to the edge of the platform and quickly sweeps the monster, and then shares the attribute to the team, which makes Kiki and Wu Yun look at the attribute and exclaim at the skeleton warrior’s level 3 enhanced monster blood volume 135 defense 13 attack 145 speed 1 skeleton shooter level 3 enhanced monster blood volume 11 defense 11 attack 14 speed 14 skeleton battalion chief level 4 silver boss blood volume 3. 5 defense, 16 attack, 1 speed, 13 are all undead strange light damage, and the thunder damage bonus is 5%. Well, we have the oracle and lightsaber. In Wu Yun’s and Kiki’s exclamations, I directly started the flurry wing and flew to the Zhongxianqi spiritual field, and suddenly dropped the height in a blink of an eye. Within a range of 2 meters, a large number of skulls took up a large number of damage, and quickly lost a fire wall skill before all the skulls reacted, and then quickly flew to the heights.
Skeletons were moved and soon crowded together, so I quickly threw them into the compact skeleton pile one by one. The fire wall exploded with fire, and the group skills such as five thunders, thunderstorms and lightsabers were crowded into the skeleton door. I remember that you kept walking through the walls of fire, and even some skeleton shooters tried to attack, I would be squeezed out of sight by other skeletons. It was a pity that I couldn’t shoot a few arrows at me after I finished.
Soon after the death of a piece of skeleton, Wu Yun and Kiki kept exclaiming that there was a lot of experience, which made me speak very much.
Originally, I wanted to clear the skeleton around the skull battalion chief to deal with a few boss. Unfortunately, it seems unrealistic. There are too many skeletons in this area in the scope of hatred. If I want to clear this piece, I guess I have to kill thousands of skeletons at least, and the horse will be constantly replenished with skeletons and stepped on my feet. There is no chance to pick it up.
Fortunately, the experience these skeletons give is really good. It’s good to train. I don’t worry about looking for trouble. When I set myself in one place, I kept having strange supplements to kill myself. About an hour later, nearly a thousand skeletons around me were slaughtered. This place finally came out, and the captain of the three skeletons didn’t know when it fell in the surging sea of skeletons.
Looking at the ground covered with all kinds of falling things, Wu Yun and Kiki kept screaming on the cliff surface, while the pity cream was quiet there, but if you look carefully, you will find that this girl’s face is also flashing with a hint of surprise and excitement.
"Wow, I upgrade! Upgrade so soon! " Wu Yun excitedly cried.
"Uh-huh, I also upgraded. I’m at level 16. Haha, I usually practice for two days before I get the first grade. The boss is amazing! Love ~ dead you! "Kiki this girl also shouted excitedly.
Chapter 134 Holding Wu Yunfei away
For two girls screaming, I directly choose to look at things that I can’t look at. I said, "Who will go with me to pack things? It will take me too long alone."
"ah? Go to the boss and pick it up slowly. I dare not go. If I accidentally move the surrounding skeleton, I will not be buried by the bone frame! " Kiki immediately said she didn’t want to go.
I’m not afraid to look at Wu Yun, a tough girl, right? As a result, this look really made me depressed. This woman found out that I looked at her, looked at the skeleton and looked at me with a bitter face. I didn’t want to go. Oh, shit ~ "Well, I said, I’m here to help you kill the boss. Now that the boss has killed you, no one wants to pick up things. Don’t you want it? I said you wouldn’t even be afraid of the bones, would you? " Then I looked at Wu Yun Gherardini.