Everyone around you looks at Chu Yun like an idiot. Is this man an outbreak? He’s hanging like this.
"It costs 13.14 million yuan," stammered the clerk.
"Oh, no problem." Chu Yun will come back with a few pieces of ground Xuan equipment to sell.
"ah!" The member listened to me wrong.
"Wrap it up," Chu Yun said
"Do you really want to buy it?" Member in addition to shock or shock.
"Am I lying?" Chu Yun said seriously.
"If you don’t buy this necklace, you can’t just light it," the clerk said nervously. She didn’t know if the other party really bought it or was joking.
"I’ll pay first" Chu Yun can’t help it. Anyway, he’s not so short of money, and if a big jewelry store doesn’t break its promise.
"Ah really?" Member unbelievable way
"Are we lying?" Song condensate cream expression board said
"Ok, ok …" I don’t know what member promised to come as if the other party had magic power.
Everyone around you is stupid. What’s the situation? 13.14 million is not a joke.
Chu Yun direct credit card reader can’t believe that 13.14 million things have been sold like this.
"Now," said Chu Yun.
"Ma Ma ….." The money has been paid, so there is no need to worry about it.
When the workers hit the cabinet, Song Ningshuang grabbed the necklace directly without saying anything.
In Chu Yun’s opinion, this woman is quite tough.
"Help me to wear it …" Song Ning frost directly handed the necklace to Chu Yun, and the tone was seriously like a high queen, which made people dare not resist.
"Now?" Although Song Ning Frost has enough momentum to make life unable to resist this heart, it is only for others, and Chu Yun has long been accustomed to this woman’s bullying.
"Of course" Song Ningshuanggen doesn’t care what others think.
"Good" Chu Yun agreed with a stiff expression.
It’s definitely an intimate act for a woman to wear a necklace, but is Chu Yun afraid of wearing a necklace when she thinks that they have even had skin contact?
Song Ning cream is very cooperative. The white neck leans out of this milky skin slightly, and the men around are dizzy, while the women are envious of jealousy and don’t know what. They can’t afford to be jealous of this woman.
Chu Yun couldn’t help but take a sip of the fragrance. If he really wanted to bow his head, he would just kiss it.
Soon Chu Yun wore the necklace, because it didn’t show the charm of the necklace inside the clothes.
"satisfied?" After done, Chu Yun laughed and said.
"No," said Song Ningshuang.
"…" Chu Yun eyes slightly stare big a circle this woman?
"Let’s go to play" Song Ningshuang took Chu Yun and walked outside the store.
"play?" Chu Yun shook his head, and the fairy actually said it was interesting to play.
And just as the two were close to each other, a familiar person was about to walk in.
Tian Chong!
Chu Yun saw the ugly eyes narrowed together.
Similarly, Tian Chong saw Chu Yun, but instead of paying more attention to Chu Yun, he looked directly at Song Ningshuang.
He was stunned. Is this innocent girl the fairy?
Tian Chong’s brain was short-circuited, but soon his eyes like poisonous snakes stared at Chu Yun.
For this man with a hat and glasses, he knew at a glance that it was Chu Yun who couldn’t help clenching his fist
Chapter 59 Blasting!
There are two people beside Tian Chong, one is his bodyguard Tian Fu, and the other is a two-year-old girl, who looks like Tian Chong’s girlfriend.
"We meet again …" Chu Yun didn’t expect to meet this goods in this place.
"You are very good" Tian Chong stared at Song Ning Frost’s white palms and laughed sullenly because Song Ning Frost’s palms hugged a man.
"Of course I’m good, but you seem to be very bad." Chu Yun laughed and said that Chu Yun was very unhappy with this man
"I’ll make your life hell!" Tian Chong’s face was twisted together when he said this sentence, and the girl’s hand beside him couldn’t help shaking, obviously afraid
"Threaten me?" Chu Yun stared at each other and suddenly laughed. "Do you like my woman?"
Said Chu Yun, throwing her arms around Song Ning Frost’s waist when she just touched it, Song Ning Frost’s body showed a shake, but it soon calmed down.
Chu Yun rubbed her hand, which was very soft and elastic. I think this woman often exercises, otherwise how could she have such a perfect figure?
Song condensate cream directly white he didn’t resist so close contact together.
Tian Chong’s pupil was bloodshot at the moment, and his fist clenched his nails as if he were going to put them into the meat.
Chu Yun figured out that Tian Chong liked Song Ning Frost!
I don’t know what Chu Yun likes to see Tian Chong angry.
So he was bold and kissed the side face of Song Ning Frost gently.
Chu Yun is very excited. This is a fairy. The taste is so wonderful. Besides, it can make you happy with this disgusting pervert.
"Very good …" Seeing this, Tian Chong was shaking all over.
Chu Yun wants to see Tian Chong collapse directly, so he directly turns Song Ningshuang’s body around.
Fortunately, Song Ning cream cooperated very well, but her face was a little red, perhaps because she did these intimate moves in the announcement place.
See Song Ning frost is very cooperative. Chu Yun kissed the past and thought, anyway, this is not the first time.
Song Ning frost didn’t resist, so four lips touched it.
Song Ning Frost’s eyelashes quiver. Obviously, she is very nervous about this kind of thing.
Chu Yun was so close, although he wanted to explore further, he still endured it.
There are many people around watching the kissing couple, but because Tian Chong and Tian Fu are ugly and fierce, no one is going to laugh and laugh
The most painful thing for Chu Yun Yu Guang to look at the Tian Chong world is to be angry with his opponent.
"Kill kill for me …"
Tian Chong’s eyes are as red as a furious marginal beast.
At the moment, the woman shivering around Tian Chong is obviously scared.