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Although this vitality is not only produced by itself, it can still support the body for a while, so that Lin Ze is not too eager to find the frost dragon scassa.
Only a little more support from the body can I give Oberhrick a little more time to improve their strength.
Two hours later, Obersbach, Qingshuang and Weili woke up one after another, and all three strength departments have stabilized! In just two hours, the strength of Lin Ze, a small team, has greatly increased. If Herrick TEDA can successfully break through the film king, then Lin Ze, a team of young people in Allard, has become a leader and an elite.
Three movie kings in their twenties will definitely make everyone gape at the speed of terror cultivation.
Obese and Kenner both looked at Herrick TEDA Boehner with heart and hoped that Herrick and TEDA could break through smoothly, but Lin Ze’s performance was extremely indifferent. He did not pay attention to Herrick and TEDA, but focused all his attention on detachment and youth.
Only leaving the body is full of vitality, which makes Lin Ze’s heart full of joy …
"Lin Ze, aren’t you worried that Herrick and TEDA will fail?" Obese felt that Lin Ze didn’t pay attention to Herrick and TEDA at all, but instead focused on being detached and green, and a sour feeling rose in her heart.
There is a strange smell in all the girls’ words.
Lin Ze didn’t recognize the sour meaning in the bass sound. He took a confused look at the bass and said.
"The two of them also didn’t break through to the peak of shadow cases. How long did it take to break through the failure? Do you really think Herrick and TEDA can break through the success at one time? "
Hearing Lin Ze’s words of course, Obersbach turned red, and he was really in a hurry. TEDA and Herrick only broke through the peak of the film school ten days ago, and now they hope that they can break through the film school at one time. It is too demanding of them.
However, when the idea came to Obese Rochebach’s mind, Lin Ze coughed and continued
"The effect of Wannian Stone Milk is very good. If they can break through calmly and calmly, then it is not impossible to become a shadow king in Wannian Stone Milk this time, but we should just watch from the sidelines and not put too much pressure on them, although they can’t feel it."
Lin Ze glanced at Obersbach with great interest and once again turned his attention to Wei Li and Qing Shuang. For these two girls who have saved their lives and paid for themselves, Lin Ze really loves them …
Obese felt Lin Ze’s strange eyes, and she knew that her performance was really strange this time, but she didn’t feel the white meaning from Lin Ze’s eyes, and she shouldn’t have seen through her mind.
Obersbach took a deep breath and turned his eyes to Herrick and Teda Boehner who were trying to break through …
But in the eyes of Obese turned his head and flashed a little enlightenment.
Although Lin Ze can’t feel the thoughts of Obersbach, how can a woman who is the same body not feel it? The girl’s doubts are all sensitive. When she walked out of the dark abyss hand in hand by Lin Ze, she could feel the change of Obese’s heart.
It’s a pity that Lin Ze is slow and not active enough. If Obese is not active enough, then Lin Ze and Obese can also be close comrades-in-arms. Although Obese and Wei Li are good, Wei Li will not be generous enough to take the initiative to tell Lin Ze about Obese’s feelings. After all, Lin Zexin cares too much about people.
Of course, if Obersbach really dares to confess, then she will not deliberately stop her. For Lin Ze, it may be that she is in debt! He’s got a paint night, he’s got himself, and now he’s got this simple and lovely Xiaoqing pair … not to mention the LAN language that impressed everyone on Lin Lang’s birthday in Gran City.
Wei Li feels very entangled in Lin Ze’s charm. He thinks that men will be noticed by other outstanding girls. This is also a recognition of his own eyes, but Lin Ze is a person who does not know how to refuse …
If only Lin Ze could concentrate more! Only from the heart with a sigh.
However, she is also thinking about this in her mind. Now that her body has become like this, I don’t know whether it can be restored to its original state in the future. Although Lin Ze is the forbidden ghost, the frost dragon scassa is powerful and detached, and I don’t know whether Lin Ze can defeat it …
It’s been two hours again. TEDA and Herrick are still holding their breath and concentrating on the breakthrough, but Obers can feel that TEDA Boehner’s situation is not good at this time. In these two hours, TEDA has been soaked in sweat and his face has become extremely pale …
Obersbach can feel TEDA’s impatience at this time, and she is also in her heart. TEDA is secretly worried that Obersbach has been suppressing her voice in her heart.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry!"
But TEDA didn’t seem to hear sweat oozing from TEDA Boehner’s forehead, and his lips were chapped.
Obese still remembers what Lin Zeqian said-"The effect of Wannian Stone Emulsion is very good. If they can break through calmly and calmly, it is not impossible to become a king in Wannian Stone Emulsion this time."
But it’s a pity that TEDA doesn’t seem to be calm now. Indeed, as Lin Ze said, TEDA is full of wind attributes, and the raging storm is coming towards Obese, while TEDA jerks and falls to the ground …
Teda Boehner failed in her first breakthrough.
Although the storm caused by TEDA’s breakthrough failure was powerful, no one manipulated the root method to pose a threat to Obese. The blue storm at the peak of the shadow class was dispersed when Obese waved his hand. Obese Rochebach’s strength is not inferior to TEDA Boehner’s in practice.
"TEDA!" Obese facial expression, a hurriedly ran to TEDA Boehner to help TEDA heart shouted.
However, at this time, TEDA Boehner heard Obersbach’s call, so he was completely in a coma. The first failure to sprint for the soul lock was not enough to hurt TEDA Boehner much, but it was still a blow to him.
Lin Ze quietly looked at TEDA Boehner’s failure to advance to the film king. There was no trace of regret in his eyes. He seemed to have expected such a result. TEDA Boehner still needs more exercise to successfully break through to the film king level.
Lin Ze’s eyes slowly shifted from coma TEDA to persistent efforts to break through Herrick’s body. Teda Benayingwang’s promotion road has failed once, but Herrick still hasn’t given up. Although his strength has only recently reached the peak of film, Herrick has been concentrating on his own foundation. His foundation is very solid. This time, the foundation is relatively solid. Herrick can persist until now.
There is nothing wrong with what Lin Zeqian said. He can calm down and stick to it until the end. Only then can he be favored by heaven and become the last film king …
And Herrick is the one who has been calm all the time.
Herrick slowly exhaled a sigh of relief, and his eyes were all attracted by Herrick. After he exhaled this breath, Herrick was violently burning with a dark blue flame. By Herrick’s side, Obers could clearly feel the coercion generated by Herrick. This coercion has gone beyond the former realm. Herrick has now entered the level of shadow king?
Obese Rochebach looked at one side in disbelief and braved the blue flame. Herrick’s heart was full of shock! TEDA BENA didn’t break through the shadow king Herrick in ten thousand years, but there was no wave. I’m afraid TEDA BENA was extremely unbalanced after waking up!