This turn turned out to be a big thing. When I heard Wen Genying scream, I immediately covered my nose and screamed, and I endured the pain. "Brother, I am so painful!"
On hearing Wen Genying scream, Zhang Chengyuan immediately came out of the play, hurriedly hugged Wen Genying and asked, "What’s wrong with Genying?"
Wen Genying whispered, "My nose seems to be broken by you." My eyes can’t help but get wet.
At this time, the crew members on the side were also frightened, fearing that Wen Genying was seriously injured and would affect the filming process. Director Zhang Taigang immediately shouted, "What happened to Cheng Yuangen Ying?"
When he was questioning, Zhang Chengyuan had divinely explored Wen Genying’s injury. Her nose was red and swollen, and her left nose was broken. The injury was not light, but as far as his treatment was concerned, it was nothing. At most, it would take Wen Genying two days to recover, which would not have much impact on the filming process. So he shouted to Zhang Taigang, "The director is fine, it is a minor injury. I will take her to deal with it."
With that, he picked up Wen Genying and quickly walked across the crowd to a nearby lounge. When he passed by Kim Tae-Hee, he whispered, "Follow me, sister."
Kim Tae-Hee nodded and followed quickly.
Zhang Taigang shook his head and sighed lightly, "Genying is really unlucky and hurt!" Immediately, he shouted to the crew, "Let’s take a rest first and then we’ll start."
He wasn’t worried about Wen Genying’s injury. Just now, after a close look at the replay, it was found that Zhang Chengyuan’s arm gently rubbed Wen Genying’s nose. It shouldn’t matter, but he didn’t know that Zhang Chengyuan was as hard as iron. Although it was lightly rubbed, it was enough to hurt Wen Genying a lot. At this time, if he knew that Wen Genying had a broken nose, he would definitely not be calm.
In the lounge, Zhang Chengyuan asked Wen Genying to sit in an armchair. She checked it again in detail to confirm that she had a nose injury, so she was relieved and immediately corrected her nose bone to deal with the injury. In addition, she did not forget to use means to reduce her pain.
Kim Tae-Hee felt deeply distressed when he saw Wen Genying’s nose swollen and swollen. Before he left, he grabbed Wen Genying’s right hand and patted Wen Genying’s shoulder to comfort him. "Genying will be fine. Although this guy is a big bastard, it’s not bad. It will definitely cure you soon."
Wen Genying whispered, "I believe Brother Chengyuan will cure me." At this time, her tears have stopped, and her eyes reveal a letter. Looking at Zhang Chengyuan’s mouth, she is still smiling.
Kim Tae-Hee sighed and thought, "This little virtue can know so many kind-hearted and well-behaved sisters, and he didn’t blame her at all." He shook his head and asked Zhang Chengyuan, "Aren’t you very good at Chengyuan? How can you hurt Genying? " Even though she is almost able to put her skills back and forth freely at present, let alone Zhang Chengyuan, she wondered how he could hurt Wen Genying.
Zhang Chengyuan blamed himself, "When I was filming, it was easy to get into the play, but once I got into the play, I realized that I would end up treating myself as a character in the play. At that time, I had forgotten that I knew martial arts, so I avoided rubbing against Wen Genying’s nose, and my body bones were too hard, which would make Genying suffer this kind of injury." If I were an ordinary person, I would definitely not let Wen Genying’s nose fracture.
Kim Tae-Hee said, "Isn’t it dangerous to film with you? If you are not careful, you have to go to the hospital. It seems that you have to be careful after taking root in England. "
Zhang Chengyuan argued, "How can it be so dangerous? So far, actors and actresses who have been injured because of me and Genying have been injured because of me this time. "
Wen Genying said, "I can’t blame Cheng Yuan for turning around at that time, and it wasn’t very soon that I didn’t pay attention to it."
Kim Tae-Hee smiled and stopped thinking that since Wen Genying doesn’t care, she will blame Zhang Chengyuan again.
It didn’t take long for Zhang Chengyuan to deal with Wen Genying’s injury, and the swelling around his nose was eliminated by his anger. After reading it, it was the same as when he was not injured, but he still had to wait for two days after he recovered. Besides, to be on the safe side, he planned to let Wen Genying stop filming for two days, and the excessive exercise caused the injury to recur.
When he said, "Genying, your injury is fine, but try to avoid your nose being touched again and don’t do strenuous exercise, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to correct your nasal bones again. Well, just lie in the hotel for two days and rest until your injury is almost over."
Wen Genying said, "Brother Chengyuan, I listen to you, but you have to accompany me or I will be suffocated."
Zhang Chengyuan replied, "Well, I’m white. Er, I’ll go out and tell the directors about the situation. Stay here for the time being. I’ll call your agent and assistant in to accompany you."
Wen Genying nodded his head.
Pulling Kim Tae-Hee out and letting Wen Genying’s agent and assistant who had been waiting for news at the door go in to take care of Wen Genying, then Zhang Chengyuan apologetically said to Kim Tae-Hee, "Sister Genying is injured, so I can’t accompany you tonight if I want to accompany her!"
Kim Tae-Hee said with a smile, "It’s better if you don’t accompany me. I’m being taken advantage of by you, but what should I do?" When are you going to give it to me? "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Give it now" and pulled Kim Tae-Hee to a place where no one was there for the time being. He immediately entered Kim Tae-Hee’s mind and said, "Sister, I have entered the sea as before. When you get back, you can call him out if you think about it."
"I know"
"There is my second member, and now one more function is to be able to talk to you. If you have something to say to me, just tell him that I can hear you through him. What do you think? Is this function good? I can chat and send you your love for me. "
Kim Tae-Hee gently kicked Zhang Chengyuan and denounced, "Acacia, who has nothing to do but miss you? Ok, I’m leaving. You can continue filming. "
Zhang Chengyuan grabbed Kim Tae-Hee and said, "Sister, can you do me a favor? Now Genying has nothing to do and talk. Since you have it, why don’t you talk to her?"
"If you don’t tell me, I’m going to spend time with her. This girl is very kind and I want to be a good sister with her." Among Zhang Chengyuan’s sisters, I am very close to her, and almost no one wants to change this situation. Now it is a good opportunity.
After taking a few steps forward, she suddenly turned around and smiled. "I almost forgot to tell you that I just received a video drama called iris yesterday. I heard that you are the leading actor in this drama, so we have to get together, but don’t hurt me." Then I quickly left.
Zhang Chengyuan paused and then laughed happily, thinking, "This is really a great thing, so that Taixi can get along with each other day and night. Well, I will take the opportunity to take her as the role of first hero in this TV play. Make sure it is me, or it will be a mirage. The crew of iris hopes that you will not go back on your word and replace me, or I will take some abnormal measures!"
Chapter five hundred and twenty-one Attending the wedding
At nine o’clock in the evening, the crew filmed Zhang Chengyuan and went back to the hotel to see her in Wen Genying’s room, while Kim Tae-Hee had already left.
When Zhang Chengyuan came in, Wen Genying’s agent and assistant immediately left the house and left it to the people around Wen Genying, who are both brothers and sisters and lovers. Did they not realize that Wen Genying and Zhang Chengyuan were too close? But they also feel bad about Wen Genying when they don’t know, and don’t want to make her unhappy; Secondly, Zhang Chengyuan seems to be so strong that they are afraid. Even if they want to persuade Wen Genying to stay away from Zhang Chengyuan, they don’t know that they can’t always say it every time they say it, and they know that even if they say it, Wen Genying won’t listen, so they just don’t say it.
Zhang Chengyuan leaned on the bed and asked, "Is it much better now?"
Wen Genying said, "It’s much better. I don’t feel any pain at all, as if I’ve never been hurt."
"That’s good," Zhang Chengyuan nodded and then casually said, "Genying, what do you think of Sister Tai Xi?"
"Very good! Sister Taixi is very kind and gentle, and her manners are also very intellectual. It makes people feel heartbroken. I really want to be her charming natural woman. No wonder brother, you are so obsessed with her. "
"How do you know that I am infatuated with her? I didn’t seem to tell you that I like Sister Tessie?"
"This also said? I knew it when I saw the way you looked at her. "
Actually, if you look at your eyes, you can’t tell that Zhang Chengyuan usually does a good job of covering up. Is it because she knows Zhang Chengyuan well that she can’t guess that Zhang Chengyuan covets such a great beauty as Kim Tae-Hee? As soon as she thought about it, she naturally felt that Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes on Kim Tae-Hee were full of strange feelings.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You’re the only one who can’t understand English. I’m as infatuated with you as I am with Sister Tai Xi!" Holding Wen Genying’s hand and gently kneading it, there is quite a fondle admiringly posture.