The archery bow is made by Zhang Zhongxuan using what he got by killing the cow’s head and horse’s face in the underworld. It has a certain yin, but now it is manipulated by evil traders, and it gives off a very yin qi, which makes the Maple Grove look like it has become a hell. Zhao Zifeng has been to the underworld, so he can naturally feel this atmosphere, and he also has a little worry about the giant tiger fighting with evil traders.
Zhao Zifeng heard a little slipping sound. Looking back, he saw Zhang Zhongxuan sitting on the ground, cross his legs, and stood in awe. This was the first time Zhao Zifeng saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s look so serious. He said in his heart, "According to the present situation, the giant tiger is definitely no match for evil traders. Just now, I heard the master say that evil traders have manipulated the situation, and Fu Minghang’s residual mind said again. The Great Golden Immortal has never been told, but it is obviously a hierarchical division of the celestial world. If the evil trader reaches the strength of the Immortal, the consequences will be unimaginable. Wrong, the master must have a way. If not, he will not forcibly use the Starry Summoning, nor will he stay here all the time. "
A dark blue light was faintly radiant from Zhang Chongxuan’s body. Among the dark blue light, there was a hint of pure white gas. For a while, Zhang Chongxuan was like a bright moon, sleeping in the whole maple forest.
"Ah Chong, look at the master." Behind Zhang Zhongxuan ChuXuan pulled Zhao Zhong tightly holding his hand, small track. Zhao Zhong was preoccupied with evil traders and giant tigers fighting on the field at this time. Although he couldn’t see the action between the giant tiger and the evil traders, listening to the sound made by it also made his heart constantly. Naturally, he couldn’t find Zhang Zhongxuan’s abnormal situation. When he heard what Chu Xuan said, he hurriedly looked over at Zhang Zhongxuan, but he saw Zhang Zhongxuan sending out the bright sky and opened his mouth to be unbelievable.
Xie Kexin and Xie Keying, dressed in rags, discovered the situation here early, and they also drew their eyes back from the battle between the evil trader and the giant tiger, and put them all on Zhang Zhongxuan.
In the hearts of Zhao Zifeng and others, Zhang Zhongxuan is a myth and an unbeaten myth. They all know that evil traders are the people who control the situation on the field, but they are not afraid, because they are beside Zhang Zhongxuan. As long as Zhang Zhongxuan is there, it is like a centering stone in their hearts, and they will keep themselves in front of the evil traders that the world is afraid of.
However, does Zhang Zhongxuan, who is in a weak position, really have a way to turn the tide?

Chapter one hundred and seventy-two White tiger to evil
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two White tiger to evil
In the sky, the round moon hangs high in the sky, sending out the bright moonlight. Before you know it, it’s already midnight. At this time, everyone in Xingcheng has fallen asleep.
In the hall of Zhangfu, the lights are still on.
Zhang Ai paced up and down in the hall, while Zhang was at the door, looking into the dark distance from time to time, with a worried face.
On the edge stood Zhang Fu’s family. They stood quietly, afraid to speak. Today, Zhang Fu, Zhang Zhongxuan and others were all gone, which made Zhang Ai feel a little wrong, so he sent someone to find out that in the maple forest, when he and Zhang wanted to enter the maple forest, they were stopped by Zhang Huai, who told Zhang Zhongxuan and others to deal with things in it. If they went in, it would be troublesome, but the parents waited for several hours in the house, but they still didn’t see Zhang Zhongxuan coming back, although they knew that Zhang Zhongxuan’s mana was borne.
Zhang Huai came in from the outside, Zhang Ai’s side of the situation, has been informed him, he is naturally coming back to the heart of Zhang Ai’s parents.
When Zhang Huai came back, Zhang Ai quickly asked, "What happened?"
Zhang Huai replied: "Sir, don’t worry, the young master is dealing with it. I believe that the young master will come back soon."
Zhang worried: "Zhang Huai, tell us honestly, what does Chong Xuan do in the maple forest?"
Zhang Huai said seriously, "Madam, the young master is dealing with some difficult things in there, but he told me to rest early and stay until dawn tomorrow morning. The young master will naturally come back. "
Zhang Ai said angrily, "This boy, tell him to marry a wife early and stay at home at ease. He just won’t listen, and he will go out all day without calling, and he doesn’t want to think about how old he is."
Zhang said, "My Lord."
Zhang ai closed her breath and didn’t speak, for Zhang Zhongxuan. He and Zhang know quite well that Zhang Zhongxuan is the legendary monk. Marrying a wife and having children may not be taken to heart.
At this moment, Zhang Chongxuan, who is in the maple forest, has floated up. On the field, the shape of the evil trader and the giant tiger has already retreated. The giant tiger did not have the power just now. At this time, it fell to the ground and let out a cry. This makes Zhao Zifeng feel extremely puzzled.
At this time, a bright light spread from Zhang Chongxuan and enveloped the whole maple forest. When they looked up, they saw Zhang Chongxuan’s head, slowly revealing another Zhang Chongxuan, specifically, revealing Zhang Chongxuan’s yuan god.
Zhang Chongxuan’s Yuan God has not fully come out. All the people on the field felt a shock. It was a kind of feeling, just like an ant standing on the edge of the elephant, which made all the yuan gods tremble.
Evil trader’s body floating in the air, she looked at the yuan god Zhang Chongxuan coming out of the body, and didn’t worry much. This yuan god is powerful, and evil traders naturally know it. She even knows that even in the celestial world, there are few such powerful yuan gods, but she doesn’t worry, because she knows that Zhang Zhongxuan must have a room to hide, or with such a powerful yuan god, killing her is as simple as strangling an ant.
Zhang Chongxuan’s hands of Yuan God naturally spread out. He floated in the air. The light flashed and flew into the summoner’s body. Between the shock and confusion of the people, the whole Yuan God is integrated into the summoning beast.
The evil trader, who had the same complexion, suddenly got up. A pair of eyes looked at the giant tiger possessed by Zhang Zhongxuan Yuan Shen. Generally speaking, Yuan Shen’s possession is extremely difficult, because everyone has his own Yuan Shen. Even if Yuan Shen is weak, it is extremely dangerous if someone wants to take his own Yuan Shen to this person, because other people’s Yuan Shen will reject foreign Yuan Shen, from the bottom of his heart. However, it is a kind of suicidal behavior under the criticism of others’ Yuan God. If a person is not handled well and kicked out by others’ Yuan God, then the invading Yuan God will lose half of it, and even if the invading Yuan God can occupy others’ bodies, it is impossible to completely manipulate the whole person like evil traders or evil spirits, because the invading Yuan God will coexist with the original Yuan God.
Under the integration of Zhang Chongxuan and Yuan Shen, the giant tiger exudes a strong vitality from its body, and its Fiona Fang Li has been made into a pit by that strong vitality. Fortunately, all the people present are men of practice. Naturally, after using the method of anchoring, they can stand in situ safely. However, the maple forest has become a bare area, and the night wind blows, raising a layer of sand and endless depression.
At this time, the giant tiger said, "Evil opium poppy, I’m afraid you can’t do what you want tonight." Although the words came from the mouth of the giant tiger, everyone knew that, in fact, the speaker was Zhang Chongxuan.
With frost on his face, the evil trader said, "Zhang Chongxuan, you are really endless, and you have made one move after another. Do you think you can deal with me now?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Although scattered immortals are powerful, it is still difficult to win when you meet a nemesis and summon animals."
The evil trader said coldly, "Who said that the tiger beast summoned by the star-studded summoner is actually the star I correspond to in the sky?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "I know, I didn’t understand it until now. If you evil traders become scattered immortals, in general, you will gather a large number of devouring spirits, and then cause the corresponding stars to land, so that you can become a real scattered fairy from the unstable scattered immortals, still to a higher level, at the expense of countless devouring spirits composed of fix the true, but this is good, but it is far less than the call of the stars." However, if the evil opium poppy can find a carrier and then enter the carrier, then the summoning beast will be restricted by the evil opium poppy everywhere, and after midnight, when the evil opium poppy integrates the mind of the carrier in the carrier, it can jump into the summoning beast, and then evolve, jump three poles in a row and enter the realm of Dajinxian. Am I right? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Evil trader didn’t reply, but the answer is already in her face. The evil trader looked at the giant tiger possessed by Zhang Zhongxuan and said, "Zhang Zhongxuan. You attach the Yuan God to the summoner, which is a violation of heaven. You can’t control the summoner. Do you think that you can stop me because your Yuan God occupies the summoner’s body? Summoner and I belong to the origin, and you are just a foreign object. "
The giant tiger smiled, and Zhang Zhongxuan said, "You are wrong. You and the summoner belong to the origin, but after my yuan god merged into the summoner. You and the summoner will become sworn enemies. " Zhang Zhongxuan said, and the giant tiger’s whole body moved, floating in the air, walking directly on the air, around the evil trader, and a Shuang Hu eye kept a close eye on the evil trader, which produced an incomparable momentum.
Zhao Zifeng and others near the maple trees saw the situation in the field. I didn’t feel the difference, but after walking around the giant tiger possessed by Zhang Zhongxuan, the evil trader turned pale and sweated. She said, "You are amazing, good, and you will die today."
The giant tiger reveals a light like a blade, and its shape stops moving forward. But took a few steps back. Zhang Chongxuan just went out of danger, and entered the giant tiger’s body with Yuan Shen, making a last-ditch attempt. But when he entered the giant tiger’s body, he realized that Huo Ran, the body structure of the giant tiger, was in harmony with evil traders, and Zhang Zhongxuan suddenly understood everything. Naturally, he mastered the situation again.
The evil trader drags on, waiting, because the evil trader hasn’t melted himself on Ji Xue’s three stones, and she still needs to fuse Ji Xue’s mind. This process will take at least a few hours, and the summoning is summoned by Zhang Zhongxuan. If Zhang Zhongxuan dies, the summoning will disappear, so. Although evil traders have achieved great success. They have gone to the realm of scattered immortals, but they have missed the opportunity to improve their strength by borrowing the corresponding stars in the sky, which is an ancient legend in their evil traders. Evil traders are naturally unwilling to do so, so they will always create an illusion and drag with Zhang Zhongxuan.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who has just entered the giant tiger, has learned everything, because the body structure of the giant tiger and the evil trader are homologous. According to what Zhang Zhongxuan has heard and known, he can naturally perceive some abilities of the evil trader, not to mention that the giant tiger itself is the nemesis of the evil trader. Only because the evil trader borrowed the body of Ji Xue’s three stones, he concealed the route of the barbed giant tiger to pursue the trajectory, which would make the giant tiger lose its original aggressiveness.
However, now that Zhang Zhongxuan is in the giant tiger, everything will be reversed.
Evil trader put Ji Xuexue’s bow in, and when his hands were separated, a white light flashed on his wrist at once. Then the black wristband with a skull appeared on Ji Xue’s wrist, and the fangs on the black wristband flashed a cold light in the moonlight, as if to cut off the blood vessels in the throat of the person looking at the black wristband.
The evil trader drank "get up." Immediately, the double blades on the two black wristbands became longer and grew to the shoulder of the evil trader. The evil trader floated in the air and looked at Zhang Zhongxuan without a trace of expression on his face.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t make any noise, but the black and yellow tiger skin on the giant tiger suddenly became hot and radiant in generate, and in an instant, it became all white, making the whole tiger look more radiant and imposing in the moonlight.
"This is a white tiger!" According to Zhao Zifeng, as far as he knows, according to legend, there are four spirits, namely White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu and Qinglong. Other things aside, as far as the white tiger is concerned, the white tiger is the legendary god of war and war. Tigers have many magical powers, such as avoiding evil spirits, avoiding disasters, praying for prosperity and punishing evil, promoting goodness, getting rich and getting married. And it is one of the four spirits, and of course it is also changed from the stars, from the 28 stars to the seven western nights: Kui, Lou, Wei, Ang, Bi, Gou and Shen. Therefore, it is a representative of the west, and it is placed in the white of the white tiger because it belongs to the west, and the west belongs to gold in the five elements, and its color is white. Therefore, it is called the white tiger not because it is white, but from the five elements. Of course, the giant tiger possessed by Zhang Zhongxuan now deserves to be a white tiger.