I never imagined that it was not the music circle, but the whole entertainment circle that had been extremely hot recently.
One classic song after another has appeared for thousands of years, and a large number of future classic TV dramas have been created and are being filmed in an intense and orderly manner.
Of course, these future players will definitely not do it themselves in this training. These things must have been hidden behind the scenes with one mask after another for fear of being found out.
It must be a hard life to live without money in this game.
In the future, players can’t touch firearms and weapons. In this era, there is no such thing as armor. It is impossible for them to make them. It is impossible for a short time … Facing the future with firearms, players will be able to abide by the law, or they will be able to win over and do something they can’t do.
The entertainment circle in the world is very hot, except for those who were born in the United States. About 10% of future players were involved in that disaster because of Nalin, and they tried to hide their identities one by one. How dare they make any future songs to expose their future players’ identities?
At present, most players believe that the’ God of Wealth’ is in the United States, where future players are located. Fortunately, players are afraid that this not only has money, but also controls the’ Al Qaeda’, which will make several people willing to die. The God of Wealth finds out that they hired an army to destroy them.
It’s very rare to stay here for a hundred times. The longer you stay here, the longer you end up, the longer your life will be. If you can stay until the characters in this scene naturally die of old age, you will live one generation longer than others. This is a wealth of life.
Relatively speaking, in cathay future, there are many players, because firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited in China, and even the police have a few armed police and criminal police who can hold firearms and weapons, and they are also strictly controlled.
Huaxia Huaxia Wushu … Lin believes that this special country of China will surely become a country where all future players want to immigrate to live.
Ye Lingling is singing some classic old songs and some latest new songs, while Lin is ordering songs … Lin looks at these new songs that should not appear in this era and unconsciously enters the thinking hall.
Li Lili habitually looks at Ye Lingling for a while and smiles at the forest for a while.
Lorraine is now holding a glass of red wine and looking at Lin very intently … What’s he thinking?
What is Lin thinking?
It’s not that Lorraine wants to know, and Li Lili also wants to know … It’s that Lin’s dull expression slowly changes, and his brow is gradually wrinkled.
"Entertainment in the future!"
"This era is entertaining!"
"And now this future entertainment will have a strong impact on the present entertainment!"
"Many people who should become popular later will disappear in the historical trend because of this cultural impact, while some people who should be registered as ordinary people will become popular quickly … later, I know that many things will change because of this, and history is already changing!"
"I’m not the only one who changed history!"
Chapter 53 Note!
"Besides the game circle and entertainment circle, what else impressed me?"
"no! Except for some huge things, I, a person who has been in the game all day, have no time to understand things in other circles. "
"The entertainment circle is already changing!"
"The game circle … not to mention that the inside of this scene is an elite player among players, but they may not have played the game. The future classic game is definitely not me, but compared with them, they may just give me a future idea and make me imagine the game."
"The change of the game circle is definitely expected by our law."
"In this way, I will make money from those prophetic things in my mind … If I predict the stock market accurately, then I am afraid that Liu Yi will continue to be my tool!"
Liu Yi regards Liu Yi as a protective shield and a universal tool when it is a cash cow!
For example, if Lin wants to go abroad, he can go through all kinds of formalities quickly through Liu Yi. For example, if Lin wants to deal with anyone, he can get it through Liu Yi. If it is not too demanding, Liu Yi will definitely look at’ money’ to help Lin.
"I also know something about the economic crisis … but the appearance of players in the future should also affect the economic changes!"
"Will not be affected by future players, I’m afraid there will be … natural disasters! I also know that natural disasters are also opportunities, not only to clear other players, but also to make money! "
"I know what songs, movies and TV plays will appear in this era, and I know what games will appear … If there are things that I don’t know must be made by future players, what they make must be good things. I will be able to predict the result if I see the head!"
"Not right!"
"In the future, technology is definitely not the technology of this era, but compared with many things, the roots can’t be figured out. Simply speaking, it’s like brain stunts … and in the future, it’s the era of the universe. At that time, the universal human thought and the human thought in this global village era must have great surprise. What can catch fire in the future may not be able to catch fire in this era!"
"It’s like modern people crossing into ancient times."
"The modern thinking of monogamy is completely different from that of the ancient thinking of three wives and four concubines in the past."
"It’s like artists are now in a high social status, but putting them in ancient times is a scene, which is probably * * * … but there is a year difference between the future and the present."
Lin Yue think more entangled!
If you want to fail, you will definitely lose Liu Yixin … because his performance was so perfect that he never made a mistake!
It was only a little over a year before the world went off track.
Lin suddenly turned to look at himself. Li Lili looked at himself again. Singing sounds good. Ye Lingling … Ah, it’s hard to train a female Han and a soft sister. You still have to let go!