"Yes … it’s a good idea …"
"To deal with such a rogue is to get rid of the roots" [
Women’s voices are full of never-before-determined … and a little excited.
Seems to be … especially interested in the matter of extermination.
Fengli resisted the urge to vomit blood and tried her best to move the acupuncture points to open-
Ah, ah, ah, the name of the dance has been changed again, this time because the editor said that the word "fall" should be harmonious, and the dance has been renamed! Verse 18: Is he the king’s prince?
Seems to be … especially interested in the matter of extermination.
Fengli resisted the urge to vomit blood and tried her best to get rid of the acupuncture points.
Listen that a group of women are more excited than discussing … His heart is getting more and more urgent.
Damn … If I had known … I would have let Mo follow me.
He thinks he has a good kung fu and is not afraid of anything … I don’t want the flower thief to be so mean [
Even if he calculated it, why didn’t this group of idiot women find out his identity! !
Even though he is dressed in homely clothes, they should judge his identity from his yellow belt.
If it weren’t for the royal family … you wouldn’t be qualified to wear a yellow belt.
I cann’t believe I’m still excited to get rid of his penis
He swore … that if they dared to do that, he would let them live and not beg for death.
Especially that dead woman with a soft voice and a sly taste.
"What tool is better, scissors or daggers?"
The women began to talk about grubbing tools.
Woman A said, "I think it’s better to use scissors to wipe the card. Ha ha ha. How can I go to a woman after seeing him …"
Woman art doesn’t seem to agree with shaking her head. "Scissors aren’t fast enough. Let’s just use a dagger to solve it …"
"Why don’t you try scissors first? If you keep cutting, then cut with a knife?"
Listen, women even want to give up when they talk about Fengli.
"Well, I’ll get the scissors and you get the knife …"
The negotiation seems to have reached an agreement, and the women finally stopped being quiet.
Just as they were about to get the case tools, they suddenly saw a man dressed in black floating in front of them like a gust of wind.
"Report … what did you … do to the report?"
"Princess … how do you also here …"
They suddenly a face of consternation.
It turned red with excessive excitement … and gradually … turned pale [
"He is … Wang … report section 19: Damn it, it’s her again! !
They suddenly a face of consternation.
It turned red from excessive excitement … and gradually … turned pale.
"He is … Wang … report?"
One of them got the nerve … stretched out Sandy’s jade finger and pointed to the ground, lying that someone who was destroyed by them was not human.
"You …" [
Ink took a deep breath and looked at the ground motionless. A sovereign’s eyes showed extremely sympathetic eyes
He felt that something would happen to the sovereign.
Sure enough …
Report that handsome face … has been covered by black ink.
Not only that, but even his robe … was dyed black with black ink.
Hair is extremely messy and clothes are extremely untidy.
The whole person is a mess to the extreme.
Your majesty … has never been so pitiful and devastated …
Ink stretched out his hand and opened the phoenix glass body acupuncture points
Fengli jumped from the ground as soon as she was alone.
Then I tilted my head and saw that I would fall to the ground again.
Ink quickly reached out and walked.
It hurts all over.
Phoenix glass from the throat issued a stuffy hum.
A lip … was slightly trembling with anger.
He clenched his fist and pushed the ink away.
"Mu wan …"
A gnashing roar came from his throat [
Just now … He heard Mo call Princess …
So … Mu Wan is among them.
Suddenly I remembered the softness with a somewhat sly sound.