"Well … OK!" Cao Cao squinted and thought about it. "That’s settled."
When the rest of the people saw the general direction, they said in succession, for example, sending a big gift to these two people in a big way is to show Zhang Xiu and Tao Qian, and whether they accept it or not will make them feel bad.
At this time, Cao Caoxin received two commanders, Hum and Ha, and a Xu Chu, tearing a loud voice at the door, cried, "Master Liu Bei asks for an audience."
Oh? I heard that Liu Bei saw that Gongsun Zan was dying, and he ran away from Youzhou and unexpectedly came here.
Even the actors got curious and craned their necks to look out, but they were covered by Xu Zhu, who was wide and fat. If they were together, they would be like Yao and Iverson.
"Come and let all the people go with me to meet this Liu Bei and Liu Xuande." Cao Cao also came here, interested in taking the robe and walking to Cao Ang, hurriedly bowed his head and started to follow.
A commotion of people poured out, squeezing the poor and weak dramatist to the east and west. Who is this person who dares to claim to be the Han clan Liu Bei?
Section 117 Absolutely not
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I’m going to talk nonsense again, because yesterday’s flash ranger post
1. First of all, I want to feel gratified that China still has such cynics.
But please don’t be unreasonable like the Red Guards! Why did you come to me to pretend to be a big-tailed wolf? You hate Japan and I’m pro-Japanese? I knew from an early age that although I would give my seat to the old man in the car and shoelace my girlfriend, I would never do anything to embarrass China!
3. I just said that Nobu was pro-Japanese or a traitor? Looking for a smoke? Turn your face? I’m so scared. Can someone like you think clearly before you speak or do anything? I am a man in China, and my body is bleeding and hot! I can’t do the pro-Japanese humiliation of my ancestors!
4. If you feel that you have nowhere to vent your patriotic enthusiasm, you must find these words to vent it. I tell you that Nanjing is mostly a Japanese company, so you just come out at the door and work inside, and you go to the brick shoot!
Extreme language!
Cao Cao and his gang rushed out to meet Liu Bei like a cluster fight.
Liu Bei and a bodyguard with a knife are staring at each other at the door. Now Liu Bei has not experienced Xuzhou War, so his fame is limited to Hebei and Youmen. Of course, the guards at the door don’t recognize him.
But even if you know him, you still have to notify him before you can enter
Dian Wei and Zhang Fei, two stupid goods, are even more angry with their eyes open.
"Oh ha ha ha xuande! Don’t get sick? " As soon as Cao Cao saw Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Er and Jian Yong were much bigger than the mighty "thugs" behind them. Lian Xiao, who was in a good mood, smoothed his sleeves and bowed his hands to the ground.
Liu Bei’s eyes swept away to the thick team behind Cao Cao, and then he thought about his pathetic three faces, and the sad look became more intense.
Cao Cao also felt sorry for Liu Bei and Gongsun Zan. After Liu Bei finished the ceremony, he grabbed his sleeve. "Liu Bei has not seen God bless Liu Bei for many years since the yellow turban insurrectionary! Come and come, please come inside! "
Liu Bei’s face was sad and sad with absence. "Thank you, Prime Minister. Now I have a Pingren, and I also want the Prime Minister to take him in."
Feet were dragged by Cao Cao to the Prime Minister’s mansion step by step, looking at the counselors with feather fans in their hands with big waists. Military commanders piled mirrors bright and clean, bluestone floors, birds singing and flowers fragrant, artificial ponds, rockeries and bamboo forests hanging on the banks of willows, and from time to time, teams of pro-guards patrol with spears and swords. Maids in their youth wear Hua Hudie from their eyes with a faint fragrance, and they can’t say what it is like to be sour and astringent in Liu Bei’s heart.
"You know that Liu Bei is a classmate to arrange the accommodation properly." Cao Cao suddenly remembered that Feng Zhang had told him that Liu Bei had a good character but liked to dig corners and cry. Look back at Feng Zhang and wink.
How can Feng Zhang not understand Cao Cao? Busy respectfully a gift "is my father-in-law!"
Liu Bei was surprised and stunned and asked, "Has knowing the opportunity become the prime minister’s son-in-law?"
Cao Cao proudly felt that he was as short as a leek stubble.
Liu Bei said, "Congratulations to the Prime Minister on his good husband." However, the eyes that were disappointed in Siberia still failed to escape Cao Cao’s sharp observation.
After that, I expected Feng Zhang to help himself one by one in the old classmates. I didn’t expect him to mix an old Cao son-in-law without saying a word. The widow was hopeless when she died.
Liu Bei’s eyes reddened, and he remembered that he hadn’t even got a foothold in his crusade for the west for so many years. Then Gongsun Zan died unwillingly and had to fight with Yuan Shao to make a larger foe. He also gave in.
And Bibi Cao Cao also started with a white body, and now he is an open prime minister. It’s really annoying to be compared with others.
How can I have a daughter to honor Feng Zhang’s lustful spleen and stomach? Not even married.
In the hall, Liu Bei dared not sit on Cao Cao’s left, but he pushed again and again.
One is to show that he doesn’t want to recognize Master Cao Cao, and the other is because he is really embarrassed to sit in this position in front of everyone.
"This is Cao Mou, who came to be congenial to Cheng Yu and Cheng Zhongde at the beginning of his army." Cao Cao was patient enough to introduce Liu Bei to all the people.
"I have heard a lot about it!" With a glimmer of hope that we can meet again in the future, Liu Bei is busy devoting himself to salute, and Cheng Yu got up to reciprocate and scared him. Damn it, this man is taller than me!
Liu Bei is about 1.73 meters, and Cheng Yu is still a counselor.
"This is an aspirant …"
"This is Guo Jia …"
Liu Bei, like a pile driver, saluted again and again. I don’t know how many times I have said those two sentences in my mouth. I feel my waist is sore and my mouth is numb. Why haven’t I finished introducing them?
It’s easy to wait until Cao Caozhi is proud to introduce his rich family. Liu Bei is shy and has no nerve to say, "These three are the feather words."
In order to make his introduction not so short, Liu Bei talked about the history of the three people like a speaker
"Puffy!" This Cao Hong is aware of Liu Beiyi.
Suddenly, I feel that there are two sharp eyes that are as sharp as swords, which makes me feel like being frozen all over.
It’s squinting at the phoenix eye feather
He can’t stand the slightest contempt for his eldest brother.
In fact, I can’t blame Cao Hong. If Liu Beijun is magnanimous and generous, no one will laugh at him in a few words, but he is shattered glass and Cao Hong are used to fighting Cao Cao’s arrogance.
However, Cao hongyi felt that the icy feeling was like a discerning dagger resting on his neck.
In the same way, Xia Houyuan stared at Yu Yu in the same way, and was immediately distracted by this hostile momentum.