I followed Ji Dan’s advice and sent invitations to Aozhen and Yang Chan Yin Jiao, who were in other places. Aozhen received the invitation farthest and was on his way, while Yang Chan and Yin Jiao declined the invitation but did not return the employment.
Chapter 223 Super luxury array
Aozhen arrived in Haojing by dragon boat the day before college. I went to Fengshui to meet the five kings of the Yellow River dressed in black in Phnom Penh and held Aozhen in a pink suit with a dragon boat.
"Aozhen" I asked, "Don’t you have a floating belt? How can you still make people hug? "
"Since someone is holding something, why should they float by themselves?" She smiled and said that she was still snuggling in the arms of the five kings. "I usually swim more in the water and rarely go ashore. Every time I go ashore, someone holds me comfortably!"
She floated alone in the arms of the five kings and let her long skirt fall to the ground. "Nezha, have your legs grown out?"
I smiled "would have grown out! It’s been almost a year. "
We entered the Dragon Club together, Aozhen entered her own bedroom and sent away the five kings.
I lifted Aozhen’s skirt to see her leg. Her thigh is still a few inches long, and it doesn’t look as long as Meilin’s stump.
"I really envy you!" Aozhen looked at me and hid in the skirt. "I will grow out if I say it is long. I have to wait for nearly 30 years!" I have almost forgotten what it feels like to have legs. "
I supported the topic "Ao Zhenyi, Cong Shan and Mei Lin are now in Haojing".
"oh! I heard that "Aozhen sighed" they are worse than me, aren’t they? "
That night, Aozhen hosted a banquet for me, Yi Congshan and Mei Lin in the Dragon Club, while the five kings of the Yellow River Dragon hosted a banquet for Ji Gao, Long Ji and Hong Xin in another hall.
Aozhen saw Yi Congshan and Mei Lin and asked, "What’s the matter with you two? How did it all become like this? "
"Also said that we" Yi Congshan retorted "then what’s the matter with you? How did you lose your leg? "
"I’m running away from marriage!" Aozhen said, "If I hadn’t cut off my leg, I would have been married to the whale sea by now."
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Yi Cong Shan’s eyes widened. "Cut your leg in order to escape marriage!"
AoZhen hands a pool "there was no other way! Anyway, it can grow for a long time, but how can you play this in your body? I don’t know if my arms and legs can’t grow after being cut? "
"We don’t want to!" Yi Congshan looked at Mei Lin, who never said a word. "Mei Lin tied me up and gave it to Li Hou. That damn Li Hou’s father nailed me to the gate and then my hand cut her off. That’s it!"
She sighed, "Maybe when she tied me up, I didn’t expect to lose my legs, and I didn’t expect to be betrayed by my hands, and then they would kill me."
Aozhen also sighed and turned to Mei Lin. "Why don’t you talk?"
Mei Lin said, "All this is caused by me. What can I say if I hurt Princess Yi?"
"I can only say that I am not human." Aozhen turned to me. "What happened to the damn Li Houfu?"
I replied, "They are now under house arrest in Haojing."
Aozhen asked, "Li Houfu is so cruel, why not kill him?" Didn’t father Chong Hou kill them all? "
"I don’t know what your brother thinks. I think they have somewhere else!"
After a few drinks, Aozhen talked about how we killed Jiao Ren together in Pinghai. "How good did we get along at that time?"
"But that shark girl is poor!" Mei Lin said
Aozhen looked at me. "Nezha, how are you?"
"What’s the matter?" I asked
"What’s the matter?" Aozhen smiled. "Let’s go to Japan together. Are you embarrassed to have your leg still?"
"I’ve cut my leg, too!" I said, "If there is no war around like the last two years, I will cut off my legs again to accompany you."
A few people ignored this sentence, and of course I didn’t intend to cash it. If I cut off my legs and make them grow, I would.
On the second day, King Wu visited Lingtai Palace Women’s College and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. The heavyweight Taishi and Sima Jiang Shang Shao Shi and Ji Dan Shao Shi and Scott Ji Shi Situ Jigao Taishi Yin Yi all came to congratulate him.
The hired professors were all present except Yin Jiao and Yang Chan, who had never appeared, mainly including
Dean Princess Li Win (I don’t know if Nezha’s surname was won by my ancestors), Honorary Dean Lv Jiang Wanghou (Yi Jiang), Professor Long Ji Princess, Princess Aozhen, Mrs Fang Jiang (Princess Yuluo), Mrs Yi Ji (Princess Yi Congshan), Mrs Mi Mi, Mrs Deng (Princess Chanyu), etc.