Ye Zhang has made several conscious ideas in the lost continent, and every possibility he associates with is a different branch to make a choice. It is precisely because of management restrictions that he has the powerful ability to create a world. When this kind of thinking is accepted by the master program, the world is naturally born according to his ideas.
However, among all Ye Zhang’s ideas about this ruined legion world, there is only one person missing, that is, Duke Lucifer thought that Duke Lucifer was the boss of the ruined legion because of Ye Zhang, and it was after he had entered the world of weeping, when he learned that Ghost Yin might be a spy.
Since he never conceived of Duke Lucifer in these worlds, how could there be the ultimate BOSS in the movie world that was conceived and born by him?
And if he wants to find the real Duke of Lucifer, he must return to the lost continent or look for real history.
And there is one such place, that is, the virtual abyss behind the forbidden area in Enzan Ijuin leads to the third sunny city, and when he went to that named place, the world seemed like a real history.
At this time, Ye Zhang’s look gradually calmed down and then smiled. Since there is no Duke Lucifer at this root, what else can he worry about?
When Ye Zhang told Ang Yan and others what he thought, everyone was amazed at first, and then they showed a look of joy. It seems that they have now occupied the headquarters of the ruined legion conceived by Ye Zhang.
When Ye Zhang and others sent the news to Feng Zhi, residual blood, soul-eating and others, the large forces joined together. At this time, Feng Zhi took a look at Ye Zhang, and the eyes made Ye Zhang suddenly embarrassed. It seems that this kind of desperate thing often happens to him.
"So it seems that this place is already in our pocket. We can benefit from the fact that the world conceived by you is slowly developing in Xu Tu and our opponents are playing a big role!"
Feng Zhi’s words cheered everyone up. Now that their ternary level is not enough, wait until it is enough to send the door to Thun III and others. It is enough to have a whirlwind, and it is expected that Thun III will never dare to come before his precise logic did not expect to overcome a perfect whirlwind.
Now that the player’s safety problem has been solved, it is another form of sprint, and it is more important to break through the ternary level as soon as possible, that is, the main line
After Ye Zhang told Zhi Ruo what he thought, Zhi Ruo just didn’t agree with Ye Zhang to make a risk alone, but after Ye Zhang told Zhi Ruo some of his own views, the other party knew that he couldn’t stop Ye Zhang and said,
"What should you do if the other party attacks the players while you are away?"
At this time, Ye Zhang smiled. He looked at Zhi Re with some curiosity, and then after an idea in his mind, he held five Fushikou ways.
"Don’t you ever think that I’m not the only one who has the dominant strength in this world?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Goodbye
The Ruins Corps has Zhiruo guarding Ye Zhang, and there is nothing to worry about. He left alone without his brother, because the place where he went is the world behind the forbidden area in Enzan Ijuin.
Ye Zhang seems to be very relaxed all the way. Now he has completely got rid of the shackles of his heart. He didn’t move a lot of fate before. It is because he is worried that if he rashly goes too far before the player is ready to bear all this, he will fall into public pressure again.
But at this time, he knew that the original players would never think that the whirlwind was an abnormal phenomenon after he hung up. On the contrary, if the whirlwind didn’t go against the sky, would it be called a whirlwind?
Lu Ye Zhang suddenly flashed a smile across the corner of his mouth. He can be so awesome and so bold. I’m afraid he is the only one in the world. Other online game cheaters are not hiding anything for fear that others will know what the title will be, but only he will get the player’s approval even if he hangs it.
It’s a long way from the lost mainland to the forbidden area in Enzan Ijuin, and like today, he is alone in the crying world, and on this road, he met many enemies, but they were easily solved, whether it was NPC, a good monster or a survivor in the end.
However, when he just entered the burning mountain, he saw a man far away, and this man is familiar to him, because this man is a ruin.
Is it still the bodyguard at the beginning? I’m afraid even Ye Zhang himself can’t get the answer to this question. Since he was possessed by artificial intelligence, there has been a great difference between the front and the back, and the situation of weeping can be said that the ruin can not be underestimated. Even the reorganization of the flashy main system has led Ye Zhang into the inner world.
At this time, I saw Ye Zhang’s wounds again with a smile, because now no one can put him in trouble.
Just like when Ye Zhang said that to the players.
Every player is the protagonist, and what they want to surpass is not the super players who have been crowned, but that they can break through their self-restraint and have greater entry.
Now Zhang Ye can be said to be completely transformed.
"Seeing you makes me curious."
Ye Zhang’s words made Feng Yi smile. This sentence contains many meanings, and a high-intelligent AI Feng Yi quickly understood the meaning of Ye Zhang’s words, but at this time he seemed very calm or so calm when he came.
Ye Zhang, the deepest NPC since he entered Tianqi, did not have the possibility of enemies with Ye Zhang, not in the future and not in the future, but this time he was sealed.
"It seems that you have achieved great success."
Ye Zhang nodded his head. Although he didn’t learn the Nine Swords, he was unsealed by the Nine Swords. At this time, he is no longer an opponent in the weeping world, but more importantly, from now on, Ye Zhang is also the most qualified player to enter the realm of Emperor Ba Qianqiu.
Sure enough, the wounds were sealed at this time.
"Now Dacheng, haven’t you ever thought about climbing a higher peak?"
Feng Yi’s words made Zhang Ye laugh, but there were two different extreme feelings in his laughter. Sure enough, he and Feng Yi couldn’t find the original friendship between master and servant. Feng Yi changed. He changed from an NPC with a trace of human feelings to a road guide, and this change made Ye Zhang find some game feelings but also lost a lot of meaningful things.
On the other hand, Ye Zhang’s smile at this time also made Feng Yi feel a little surprised because Ye Zhang didn’t seem to want to pursue anything, because now he seems to be no different from the real emperor.
Ye Zhang’s ability to practice terminal magic is also a true practitioner with soaring level, and he can exert the power of different rules, which is almost a great achievement. He can already exert 1% of the power of flashy rules with the ice toad Ziyu without raising the level of Yuan spirit to the top, but once the divine blessing returns, what can even a fairy do?
This time, the guidance was not attractive enough for Ye Zhang.
"Maybe we’ll meet again after I leave!"
Ye Zhang and Feng Yi passed by and didn’t see Feng Yi’s expression. Maybe he is just a piece of data. Maybe he will eventually be permanently deleted with the end of Tian Yi’s information piece, and who knows his ending, but Ye Zhang Road has not finished yet, and his glory will continue.
After entering the forbidden area in Enzan Ijuin, Ye Zhang came to the virtual abyss. At this time, he had a short doubt in his heart, because there were two different roads, which side should he go to first, but Ye Zhang decided to come soon.
The reorganization of the flashy main program makes several worlds directly connected to the weeping world, thus forming a complete, consistent, logical and fair world. This world as a whole not only has the original initial world, but also has the derivative shadow world conceived by Ye Zhang.
Maybe these worlds will appear in another form, but the column has already been fixed in several worlds. If these worlds have no effect, then the weeping expansion will eventually end
After entering the sunny city of the future science and technology world, Ye Zhang entered a state of fighting before he recovered, and this time he was a giant in ancient mechanical research.
Ye Zhang smiled, which is really a gift. As early as before he came, Thun III had seen his powerful fate, so the other side would inevitably avoid fighting and put the main forces in the real place.
And it is obviously the key point of Thun III’s deployment.
Attacked by the ink-and-wash ancient mechanical giant in the process of fighting, it becomes extremely easy to avoid and assimilate. In the end, this unique rule, the ultimate BOSS, has also changed from a monster to consuming Ye Zhang. He needs to care about his opponent’s skills and blood volume. He needs to give special forms through the final rule to kill his opponent
This battle is not too difficult, and when Ye Zhang just got out of the battle, three mecha armed forces appeared in front of him at the same time, which made Ye Zhang a little surprised about this kind of low grade.
Because of this level of fighting, it can be said that no one except him can forcibly break through. In terms of real fighting, even if players can transport all the rules, their skills are not so good. Because players have only 12 levels, if they have a higher level and even have a higher blood volume advantage after 3 turns, maybe they should enter the world of weeping.
However, it is obvious that Ye Zhang not only moved forward in the world process, but also moved forward in the flashy process. This 13-level was completed by him a year ago, and when it was disrupted, the order was very chaotic. I am afraid that the flashy historical process has already become terrible.
While Ye Zhang meaning the three behemoths pestering his mouth with a sinister smile and then said to himself.
"since you are so desperately trying to stop me, let you see the absolute power forgotten by history!"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Hanging openly
When Axodia arrived, Ye Zhang had left alone, because he didn’t have the heart to appreciate the battle without suspense. When he left for only half a minute, the three binding xuanshi came to his message column, and Ye Zhang smiled faintly.
At this time, several of the flashy workshops were stunned and their eyes were stupid. Maybe they had already had some understanding of GM in Ye Zhang’s game, but they were defeated when they saw Ye Zhang summon Exedia, a flashy monster without the strongest one.
There are not many players who dare to do such a thing under their noses. If a different player dares to go against the sky, he will have no doubt that the number will be deleted, but only this big whirlwind has been "hand-picked" by GM, the two chief planners.
Xiao Li, a worker, wiped his forehead and glanced at other workers around him. He is Tao An’s biggest confidant. Naturally, it is impossible for others to "betray" Ye Zhang. But if they add a note to this video and sell it to those reporters who are afraid of chaos, how much turmoil will it cause and how much turmoil will it bring to glitz? Did Ye Zhang consider it before calling Exedia?
But Xiao Li didn’t know that at this time, almost every worker was surprisingly similar to him. When everyone lived by the rules and completed the mission of life step by step, several people were able to break through themselves.
No thief, even a bold thief, dares to ride a motorcycle in broad daylight to grab gold earrings, right?
At this time, in the middle of the game, Ye Zhang naturally won’t know the things in the flashy workshop. When he quickly got rid of the group of mecha armed entanglement, he has already come to the wild area.
A big map appeared in front of his eyes. There were three roads, and there would be a historical relic Wind Valley and Aotema Sacred Valley at the end of these three roads. However, these three places were very far apart in three different directions, and the closest to him was naturally Wind Valley. However, Ye Zhang thought about it and decided to go to the Sacred Valley first before giving up himself.
If you want to get to the sacred valley from Enzan Ijuin, you can go to the ruins of Gore through Loyotia, but the trouble never stops for a moment. Whether Ye Zhang personally kills or summons the ultimate BOSS to play for him is not too difficult. The main thing is to avoid being surrounded, because even if he has a demigod weapon with a high health bonus, he can’t kill seconds.