Grandet is also a real person. Since he doesn’t want him to finish this, he has to finish this.
Grandet shouted to Gao Rang, "Run! Keep running inside as far as possible!"
After listening to Grandet’s words, Gao Rong thought of what Grandet wanted to do, so he led Fengling to continue running according to Grandet’s instructions.
Speaking of this, this stage of vampire bats is also the most headache for the former vice-players. These bats have hard resistance to this deadly attack mode.
A large number of players will die in this link, even those who can get through this link will spend a lot of money. It is precisely because of these great consumption that those players who have got through this link will find that their drug resistance is full when they fight the last hundred feet Scolipede again.
Gao rang ran about 100 meters ahead and heard a distance explosion behind him.
Sure enough, as Gao Rang thought, Grandet acquired the goblin technology "nuclear weapon" again.
With the explosion, all vampire bats were wiped out, and Grandet launched his own natural defense mode at the moment of the explosion to escape.
Soon Grandet’s ear remembered the unified display again.
Congratulations, you have completed the racial hiding ability in one minute and successfully obtained the "source" of racial ability and skills.
Source (race-specific skills) [passive] You have successfully realized that all bat monsters attack you; [Initiative] This is a very magical power. It is a power that can be mobilized by darkness. In a dark environment, you can drive a vampire bat. You can fight for 5 minutes, and the damage caused by vampire bats will be equalized. Your blood volume will be restored. The vampire bat’s attributes will increase with the player’s level. This skill is unique to the blood clan. Other racial methods can learn and make the skill [initiative] part cool down for 2 hours after it is turned twice.
Holy shit, I went to Grandet to see myself. I can’t help but scold myself for being abnormal. This skill is simply awesome, especially the [active] part. Unfortunately, the [active] part needs two turns to make it, otherwise I will definitely stop the gods from killing the Buddha!
However, Grandet didn’t know why it should be set to that kind of impossible difficulty. It turned out that this skill could not be completed until the player set two turns. However, the system did not expect Grandet to have such a nuclear weapon as "N concentrated preparation"
To Grandet’s disappointment, this pile of vampire bats didn’t explode a valuable piece of equipment, but the money exploded a lot. Grandet counted more than three silver coins
Chapter 52 One is more disgusting than the other
When Grandet picked up all the coins and money to find Gao Rang, he found that Gao Rang was with a super-large golden bat. Although Gao Rang was not attacked by the giant bat, the bat’s blood volume remained at half.
Variation Golden Bat King (Elite) HP 5
Grade 15
Attack mode bite
King Mutant Golden Bat is the best among vampire bats, and he is very strong in blood sucking. When the blood volume of King Mutant Golden Bat drops by 5%, he will start the skill of "blood sucking" to attack the enemy, and all the damage caused will restore his own blood volume.
The variation of King Golden Bat’s blood volume and defense are very common. Soon, with the cooperation of Feng Ling, the variation of King Golden Bat will soon dry its blood volume to half. However, after the blood volume is reduced to half, King Golden Bat will attack Feng Ling and restore the blood volume. After the blood volume is high, he will pursue the variation of King Golden Bat, and then he will attack again after the blood volume is reduced. After a while, Feng Ling will make a headache by doing this, and he can expect Feng Ling to die quickly, so that he can kill King Golden Bat.
Looking at Gao Rang, a face of embarrassment, Grandet directly rushed over and gave the king of variation gold bats a shadow chop. The king of variation gold bats ate pain and directly turned to attack Grandet, a reckless guy.
However, if the King of Golden Bats attacks Grandet’s head, the word "Effective" will appear.
While Grandet has been attacking the King of Mutation Golden Bat with the wind spirit, which makes nature not idle, and soon the King of Mutation Golden Bat is very humbled.
This mutant golden bat king has a conscience. He gave Gao Rang and Grandet two bottles of instant recovery 3-point blood medicine and also gave them a gem and a green suit.
Moire stone (lv1) contains powerful water energy, and the stone embedded in weapons equipment will add 1 extra point of water capacity (ice attack power and spa skills to restore blood); The equipment embedded in armor will increase the ice resistance by 1 point; Embedded in decorative equipment will increase 5 points of water capacity and 5 points of ice resistance.
Golden leather pants (green) Defence 65 Magic Royal 23
Movement speed+1
Additional Attribute 1 Agile+2
When attacked, there is a 5% chance to recover 25% of the equipment’ s secondary damage into blood.
Need level 15, physique 5, agility 4.
Looking at the properties of these pants, Grandet was completely drunk, so he put them on without thinking.
The biggest feature of these pants is not only that their attributes are suitable for Grandet, but also that they are so stylish.
This pair of golden leather pants should be made of the same material as the mutant golden bat king skin. In addition, the color of these pants is golden. Fortunately, the light is dim in the cave now, and if you go out and walk in the street, you will definitely be blind.
Grandet is very satisfied with his trousers, and he also stated that even if they are eliminated, he will not throw them away, but will keep them as a souvenir, and he will naturally wear them when he is free.
Kill the queen of the mutant golden bat, Gao Jean and Grandet, and continue to explore.
However, just a few steps later, Gao Rang and Grandet got sick and retreated. The monster in front turned out to be some huge maggots.
Grandet looked at his new pants and said to Gao Rang, "Brother, you are a long-distance professional and have a summoner to help you with these disgusting monsters."
Gao Rang says that you don’t even feel sick of slime, and these maggots are sick of you.
Although Gao rang was very reluctant, he still crustily skin of head and dried up with these disgusting maggots.
Cave maggot (variation) blood volume 12
Grade 16
Attack mode spurting
Cave maggots are made up of some ghosts attached to those maggots in the original cave. This monster is terrible not because of its strength, but because of its attack mode. It really can’t kill people. It’s disgusting!
After seeing the introduction of these maggots, Gao Rang was afraid at that time, but after taking a look at Grandet, Gao Rang also struggled.
It took Gao Rang more than 4 minutes to finally get rid of all the maggots, but at this time Gao Rang’s body has also been sprayed with hot air.
However, Tong still has a little conscience. After all the cave maggots were killed, he gave up his body and the heat was refreshed and disappeared.
After the maggots passed, they changed into a new monster, which is disgusting enough.
Cave dung beetle (variation) blood volume 15
Grade 17
Attack mode dung ball attack
Cave dung beetles are formed by some ghosts attached to those rolling dung balls in the original cave. The scary thing about this monster is also not its strength, because their attack methods are the same as cave maggots, which are the main purpose of disgusting people.