"Fortunately, those players were lucky … no, they were so unlucky that they found a complete 30-generation anti-gravity device from those rebel military academy officers’ armor fragments, otherwise they wouldn’t have died in my hands."
So he stayed away from the 20-fold gravity area at night and quickly went to the 30-fold gravity area.
It is naturally impossible to fly at night without returning. Compared with flying at streamer wing speed, it will take several hours to reach 30 times gravity area from 20 times gravity area.
It was three days later when I entered the area with 30 times gravity at night.
I’m lucky to stay out at night. I just touched a player when I was in the 30-fold gravity area … er, I should say I saw a player far away.
Players who can appear in the 30-fold gravity area must be masters, but now it is just 30-fold gravity area. If they can meet together, there will be players in other star areas of the Galaxy. This player must be a master of the Galaxy … Like Lin, it is an exception. He knows almost all other masters of Galaxy games and the night does not return to the same level.
When I didn’t come home at night, I rushed over and shouted through the loudspeaker, "Dude, stop and ask for a way!"
In front of the player, he stopped and turned to look at the night and waited for a while.
I didn’t come back until I came to the front and said, "Hello, I’m the throne of the night star. Don’t you come back at night?"
"It turns out that it doesn’t belong to the throne!" The player laughed when he heard the introduction of staying out at night and said, "I am an ice day!" It seems that you are not doing well. You didn’t even get a set of armor for field officers! "
"Ice Throne …" Looking at the field officer armor of Ice Throne with a wry smile at night, I said, "Are you typing this armor?"
"Of course, I didn’t come across a complete armor component if I didn’t gather materials to find someone to do it!" The ice throne said, "It’s time to leave the waves and sign up for the second special training. That’s why you must have come too late. Now more than a thousand people have signed up and there are more than a thousand places left."
Don’t come back at night … But in the armor, the ice throne can’t see the expression of not coming back at night.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Take the road!
I didn’t know anything about special training at night, but I didn’t know anything about the second special training. I never expected to let myself touch it
Don’t come back at night and the ice throne will hurry immediately.
Don’t come back at night, don’t ask more about this ice throne, and tell yourself what you know.
"Did someone inform you or did you happen to visit the royal family?" Ice throne first ask questions.
Don’t come back at night and say, "What a coincidence!"
Only those who have won the title of star game king can enter the network. There are all kinds of information departments in this network, all of which are from various star game kings … There are all kinds of different game information before, and now the game information of Time is left.
Among many game kings, it is natural for someone to arrive at the area of 30 times gravity early and discover the’ second special training’ … So the discoverer hangs the information in the king’s house and can watch the information only after paying or making the king’s house a special contribution point.
I don’t come back at night to know about special training, which is because this network is here.
Information is generally time-sensitive, especially’ special training’ information, which is definitely very important. If you want to participate, you should buy and watch this information earlier than others, and the higher the cost or special contribution will be.
There are hundreds of stars in human habitation, that is to say, there are hundreds of game kings for each star, and a person can live for more than one hundred years, that is to say, there are thousands of game kings who can enter the king’s house.
Not many, not even 10 thousand. After a special training, all game kings can participate.
However, every game king has a lot of hands to buy a throne. After watching this information, dozens or hundreds of players may be taken to special training.
This is probably the so-called one person’s enlightenment!
"When did you buy the news of the special training of the Heavenly Ghost Throne?" After asking this question, I didn’t wait all night to answer myself, and then I said, "The special training news of the Heavenly Ghost Throne came out five days ago, and I happened to see that it was worth 50,000 points on the first day … You also know that except for those who are dead and have the highest contribution point in the Throne, that is, 50,000, I won’t say that the contribution point is not enough. I waited for three days, that is, it took more than 1000 contribution points the day before yesterday to buy the news. After I died, if there is any important news, I can
"Ha ha!" I didn’t come home at night and said without thinking, "I bought it almost the day before yesterday!" "
"You must have reached the rank of second lieutenant, or you won’t buy a million military exploits?" Asked the ice throne.
Not returning it at night is to say "enough!" without thinking.
"You are the only throne of the night star, which is good. It is supported by the whole planet. Unlike our Aikexing, which has six thrones, I am still the least famous one … I still need some military achievements, and I have to donate one million military achievements then." The throne of Ice Sky was very depressed and looked back for a night and said, "Can you hurry up? You can’t come if you don’t hurry up."
"It’s a field officer’s armor that you wear … give the base coordinates and you go first!"
"I spent money to buy coordinates cheaper for you … I walked first!" The ice throne quickly dumped the night and disappeared into the sight of the night.
Don’t come back at night and watch the ice throne disappear … but soon frowned.
"This coordinate … is too far away!"
The throne of the Ice Sky is not so good. After all, a person is also on the road now, and he is a competitor. He can’t tell if he won the 10,000 th place at night, but he fell into Sun Shan …
In the special training information, the Throne of Ice Sky is here to see that if you don’t come back at night, you will enter the house first. I feel that if you don’t come back at night, you must know that there is nothing to hide about special training.
He stopped him because he didn’t come back at night to ask for directions. He didn’t buy the base coordinates or had no channel to buy them … so he gave him a very distant coordinate.
"Nima Zhinao shows that it takes 24 hours to get there … there are more than 1,000 places, and I don’t know when the news of these more than 1,000 places is coming. Maybe there are hundreds left now, maybe dozens."
"No wonder this bastard is so kind to give me a base coordinates …"
"Line to buy base coordinates … who to buy? Or who will sell it to me? "
If you don’t come back at night, go to the net immediately and find someone to buy the base coordinates.
The night star doesn’t return to a throne at night. Compared with those planetary areas without thrones, it is indeed very strong, but it is almost the weakest one for those areas with thrones. However, this is to calculate from the number of thrones, it can be imagined that his strength is so small that not many people in the galaxy can compete with him in the past few years because he doesn’t return at night.
At this time, there is no reason why there is no shortage of money in the throne of the king’s family. In reality, there are a lot of investors, even if they just came across the ice throne at night, the throne with the worst reputation and the weakest strength on Ike planet is also a lot of investors who want to invest in him.