Ye Feng smiled and nodded in response to this day, and he also looked forward to it.
Hao Hailan is as calm as ever, but there are great waves in my heart. Can you see Cher?
"I’m ri, just ten seconds away!" Brother Fei looked at Ye Feng’s tough 12-level Yu and cried.
"God’s will makes people fly elder brother, you really die a little fantasy" Ye Feng ha ha smiled and went to the body.
"I depend! Made a fortune with 74 silver coins! " Ye Feng will first pick up the gold coins scattered around the BOSS’s body and count them immediately. If you kill a few more bosses, will you pick up the copper coins one by one by holding your nose all day?
"Look at the equipment! Look at the equipment! " Pojun and Wu Yue are not interested in gold coins. Giving him a golden hill is not as exciting as a piece of equipment.
There are not many BOSS explosive devices. Besides, there is a skill, a gem and a Se Ze yellowed parchment. Ye Feng first looked at the skills and gems.
Skill primary resurrection
Skill description consumes 6% of the basic mana, releases the holy light and revives a dead player. After the resurrection, the player has 2% of his own life and mana. When the skill needs to be sung in battle, the effective distance of the skill is 3 yards for 1 second.
Skill cooldown is 5 minutes.
Skill requirement level 1
Skill demand professional priest
[Primary Seven-Star Stone] Rare gem
Description of Gems: Gems unique to torres mainland are produced in Qixing Mine, and there are few of them. This gem can be attached to equipment grooves or ornaments to increase the player’s health point defense by 5 points.
"Primary resurrection? Can this also come out? " Tang Weiwei’s miraculous primary resurrection is a rare skill, which can’t be learned in teacher occupation. Although the late explosion rate of the professional signboard skill can be slightly higher than other rare skills, according to the information released by official website, the resurrection is likely to explode on the level 3 map.
"DOG, I have two lives after you!" Ye Feng smiled and handed over his skills to Xia Yumo, and he was also very happy that no matter how white he was, he also knew how helpful it was for the team to have a priest who could revive skills.
"Tuoba Boss My Gem" Pojun Wu Yue smiled obsequiously for fear that Ye Feng would exercise his equipment priority to give the gem to Mi.
"You gem? Who said that? Everyone can! "
"This is a standard shield warrior with double gems for health and defense." Pojun Wu Yue is ceiling again.
“OK! It makes sense to take it! " Ye Feng is also idle. If it doesn’t stimulate, Pojun and Wu Yue will feel uncomfortable.
"Look at the equipment. I estimate that ten times * * is gold equipment." Brother Fei pointed to Ye Feng’s foot with a faint golden Se light. What is the quality of the tomahawk and the short bow tomahawk? If it is a gold weapon, he will be awesome.
"good!" Ye Feng took out two primary identification scrolls from his bag and identified two weapons. Look at the tomahawk first-
"Soul-binding" One-handed axe gold
Attack 11
Defense 5264
Power +2
Physical strength +2
Agile +2
Additional Effects Ignore Target 15% Defensive Ignore Target Level +3
Additional skills bind the soul
Equipment requirement level 15
Equipment requirements professional soldiers and knights
The soul-bound tomahawk belongs to Xing, who appeared in silence.
Offensive and defensive double addition belongs to xing effect skill double additional gold weapon attack is outrageous, and the same level of dark gold weapon plus attack power is almost 1 point, which is even more terrible. Its powerful additional effect ignores the target’s 15% defense, which means that if you take a soul-bound tomahawk to cut the strange killing target, if you have 1 point of defense, it will be weakened to 5 points and 15 points less. This is more prominent in wartime, BOSS.