"Working to make money?" Returnees are more confused.
"It is to make money in the game!" The meaning of life explains
Chapter 27 daughter village Spice Girls
"Oh," the returnee ordered a little.
The meaning of "income is ok" further states that "in five or six districts, goods such as characters, summoning animals, equipment, high and low animal tactics, summoning animals’ equipment, point fossils, precious stones and other props that can obtain high income".
"Are you kidding me?" Evil extremely startled way
"You are Superman!" The redeemer was also surprised.
Six people walked out of the compound, and it was already dark, and the sky was thin and deep.
"If you get used to it, it will be very simple," said the meaning of life
A few people walked in the street lamps in front of the hospital, talking and laughing, walking in the direction of the street.
"I want to say one word-cow! Very cow! " The evil one gives a thumbs-up and praises.
"Ha ha! Habit becomes nature, and one person is in charge of five or six computers, each with five or six numbers and one number. After receiving the things, they are put in the store, the treasure cabinet and other numbers, and the stalls are sold 24 hours a day. "The meaning of life explained with a smile.
"How can I feel simple and weak when I am explained by you!" Redeemer laughed dismissively.
"If you try it yourself, you will find it difficult to die!" Theory of life meaning
Five people at the same time one leng! The redeemer was unhappy. "Is it difficult or simple for me to go to you? How to fart in your mouth is always so complicated? "
"It’s not complicated, it’s just five odors!" The evil man said metaphorically.
"What is the smell of haha? You still have to try it to know!" The meaning of life laughs
"No matter how hard you fight, you can’t get such a luxurious house, can you?" The returnee suddenly asked
"It seems that when the system is upgraded, it is based on the distribution of personal property, including all kinds of commercial distribution," explained the meaning of life
"Is that back hill darkroom also self-contained?" The returnee asked again
"Bring your own!" The meaning of life replied, "But I installed the darkroom door myself."
"I told you, how can everything be imagined by myself!" The returnees are so original.
"The facts are almost the same, otherwise, how can few people want to return to reality?" The meaning of life explained.
"That guy is so evil!" Evil suddenly resentment way
A few people suddenly walked with heavy footsteps and spluttered.
A few minutes later, six people came to the street corner. At this time, five stowaways were dressed in game culture shirts, which were the meaning of their lives when they were called up in the afternoon. So several people are not alien tourists now, especially when stowaways went out, they wore butterfly goggles again.
But when five people saw the streets coming and going, the crowd looked at them "strangely dressed", and they could not hide their surprise and jumped into their faces again.
"It’s impolite for partners to keep a little manners," said the meaning of life
"work hard! I am trying! " The wicked and the redeemer talked and laughed.
"Life, you have to give us some eye patches and towels. We can’t adapt to this situation for a while!" The returnees tried to restrain themselves from laughing.
"I think this method is feasible," agreed the meaning of life.
At this time, the stowaway has put a thin veil on his face and a butterfly blindfold. If he doesn’t laugh, no one will find that he is laughing now.
"Oh, my God, that tall, fat man with white hair and a black cloak doesn’t mean Chinese-style violent style!" The evil man laughed and said that tears had popped out of his eyes.
"I transformed myself into a ghost on such a hot day, and this person is not afraid of being killed by heat!" The redeemer exclaimed in amazement that his vision had once again suffered an incredible impact.
"It costs a lot of money to shape a ghost, and not everyone can transform it," explained the meaning of life, "and the material quality is also very special."
"Is there such a good thing?" Returnees can’t believe surprised way
"Different worlds are strange, unexpected and impossible," said the meaning of life.
"I know!" Returnees are taught
"Let’s go to eat supper first" said the meaning of life and took a very serious look at several people.
The stowaway suddenly woke up and said, "Now we are going to the street. Every place is a public place. Pay attention to your manners and don’t make noise at will!"
"Boss, it’s so easy for you to say. Give me your blindfold, and I can see the world in things!" The evil man retorted.
The stowaway "looking for life and other majors" immediately pushed the meaning of life.
The meaning of life: suddenly staring at a stowaway is like looking at a biting snake!
"Life is so rude of you. You know that you have to come out and prepare something today, but everyone doesn’t prepare a set for the boss, so that we are now blamed by the boss for being so biased and so harmful?" The evil one complains
"That is to say!"
"That is to say!"
Returnees and redeemer repeatedly responded.
"God leave me alone, I know I was wrong! I will prepare it for you when I go home! Now let’s go to eat supper first. My chest has been put on my back! " The meaning of life, begging for mercy
"It seems that my stomach is protesting, too," said the evil man, rubbing his stomach with his right hand.
"Now that you mention it, I’m also singing a begging song!" Redeemer also rubbed his belly and said
"Let’s go! Go! " The meaning of life, the right hand and the left hand pushed the two men into the street respectively.
"Now have dinner at 7: 30 * * o’clock and then take you to a place to see" said the meaning of life.
"Where is it so mysterious?" Returnees curious way
"You’ll know after dinner in a very ordinary place." The meaning of life said with a smile.
"Cut-"The wicked and the redeemer disdained each other.
Returnees no longer ask her about the meaning of white life. Since they mean to be mysterious, they won’t say that they can make themselves drool.
After walking for seven minutes, the meaning of life brought five people into a small restaurant called "daughter village Spice Girl"