Waiting for the resurrection in the resurrection point, Mu Feng was puzzled. Finally, he found himself in the video of the battle between the ice guards. These videos were multi-angle automatic photography. A little bit, Mu Feng saw that he was mighty and domineering. He was harvesting the life of the guardian with the staff of Heaven. Mu Feng pulled the video progress to the time when the guardian died, and then carefully watched the video.
In the video, Mu Feng focused on the ice guard after he died, but didn’t pay attention to the ice guard’s body. He saw himself fighting with the ice guard in Mu Feng. One minute later, he saw the inflammation guard behind him. He vomited a dragon flame in his mouth and attacked Mu Feng. Mu Feng was attacked by the dragon flame before he returned to life.
Mu Feng watched the video of the bizarre resurrection of the inflammation guards for several times. Finally, after watching it for five or six times, Mu Feng remembered what the two guards introduced about ice and inflammation. Does this mean that if the ice guards don’t die, then the inflammation guards won’t die, even if they die, they will be resurrected in the next minute?
Mu Feng affirmed this idea because he couldn’t think of how the inflammatory guard was resurrected for the time being, and if he really thought like Mu Feng, it would be in trouble because Mu Feng would kill both of them at the same time if he challenged them every time.
Some people are ashamed to think that the countdown to resurrection is ten minutes. In the past, Mu Feng was resurrected from the resurrection platform in the center of the ghost town. After the resurrection, Mu Feng looked at his level. Fortunately, he did not fall out of level 1. At the same time, he was glad that Mu Feng accompanied the low-key god to kill the ghost tree king not long ago. Then Mu Feng will fall back to level 9, and Mu Feng’s current experience value is level 1 and 3%.
Spit out the unpleasant polluted air in my heart before Mu Feng wants to do something. Then Mu Feng can’t go to the dark magic temple. This magic temple is too dangerous. The gatekeeper monster alone is two dozen undead boss Mu Feng just put a bunch of drugs and 2% experience into it. He won’t be stupid enough to die again.
Wanted to think, Mu Feng or wait for colchicine sky and low-key god to come to Ghost Town, or introduce yourself to two players in Mu Feng to help. The two boss Mu Feng will not let go.
After the decision is made, Mu Feng is ready to go to bed online. After this night of tossing the real world, it is already 11 o’clock at night, and Mu Feng must catch up on sleep online.
However, just as Mu Feng was preparing for the line, he suddenly saw a little beauty coming towards him in small steps. Although there were many players on this resurrection platform, Mu Feng still saw which one was coming towards him, and the little beauty was looking at herself.
This little beauty is beautiful, lovely, pure and more charming than Ji Yue. Her eye pupil is pink, not normal, Kurome, but her eyes are beautiful, blinking and charming. Her small nose is very sharp and her lips are very pink. She is wearing a pink corset cheongsam to outline her enchanting snake-shaped figure and a pink shawl, and she is slowly coming towards Mu Feng.
This little beauty whose id is Cang Hu Shen seems to exude a kind of fox color, which is always confusing Mu Feng and Mu Feng. When she is looked at by such a lovely beauty, she suddenly feels a little embarrassed. He doesn’t believe that this little beauty came to find her own place, and Mu Feng consciously set off from her side and then accelerated to join and leave this platform.
After Mu Feng left, he realized that he was wrong, because after he left, the little beauty followed Mu Feng and Mu Feng. Come on, she walked quickly, too, just like she decided to follow Mu Feng.
Nai Mu Feng walked into the alleys of several buildings in the main city of Ghost Town, and Mu Feng immediately asked, "Hey, what are you doing with me?"
The little beauty pale fox heard Mu Feng ask herself, and then she paused for a shock, and then took two steps back. She didn’t seem to be afraid, but she seemed a little excited, but the excitement of the little beauty looking at Mu Feng’s serious expression was alleviated.
"You … you deny me? I am a pale fox … "The little beauty was a little happy and a little lost. She asked that a pair of pink eyes were very pure and beautiful. When she told Mu Feng that she was a pale fox, she was actually excited.
Looking at this pink-eyed beauty Mu Feng at this moment, who is the pale fox? For Mu Feng as a whole, he doesn’t know him at all, and he doesn’t understand that it’s strange that such a lovely pink beauty will get excited when she sees herself.
Mu Feng touched his head and looked silly and said, "Hello this player, I … I really don’t know you. Have I seen you?"
When Mu Feng said that she really didn’t know her, Mu Feng felt a sour heart, as if her heart was aching faintly. Did you really see that quiet face and charming pink eyes before she glanced at this little beauty again?
The pale fox was a little disappointed, pursed her mouth and winked her eyes. It didn’t take many seconds for a tear to drop from her eyes. She stubbornly bit her teeth and squatted on the ground holding her head and cried. She cried with a burst of desolation. She still kept saying a person’s name in tears, as if calling her brother or calling her lover.
She read that name naturally not Mu Feng Mu Feng carefully bypassed him from her to get out of this lane, and then looked around, but there was no player. Mu Feng licked his lips and thought to leave her to know if the girl would be bullied here. After all, there is no player activity here. If it is really bullied by the bad guys who suddenly came here, no one can save her.
I thought for a long time, and Mu Feng decided to comfort this little beauty. When I thought about Mu Feng, I suddenly heard the cry disappear for a moment. Mu Feng turned around and suddenly found that the little beauty named Cang Hu disappeared.
At the sight of this, Mu Feng stood in the same place. This alley is at least ten meters high and ten meters long. That beauty is definitely not walking away. Isn’t she sending scrolls away from the lying trough so fast? She won’t eat her again. Mu Feng hem and groan thought to herself that she really met a strange girl today, and then Mu Feng went to the original line.
Not far behind the Mu Feng line, a little beauty wiped her tears and said to herself, "Isn’t he really my brother?" Although wild brother often wears a mask, I won’t forget his smell, and that man … "
"Breathe or take a shower." Mu Feng went to the bathroom and took a shower from the center line of Ling Soul. At this time, Mu Feng was walking from the bathroom in a pair of shorts, and there were still little drops of water left in his body. Mu Feng was hooked as soon as he took a shower.
After Mu Feng returned to the room and browsed a Ling Soul Forum, a player who was keen on this virtual game, Mu Feng, naturally wouldn’t let go of the big and small things in the forum. After reading it, Mu Feng checked the ice and guarded two monsters in the efreet Temple. There was a monster database in the Ling Soul Forum, where Mu Feng was checking.
After some inquiry, I learned that the result was really like Mu Feng’s thinking. The two magic temples are guarded by one strange. The strange one here does not mean that there is a body, but that they are integrated in life. If one monster dies, the other monster will dedicate his life to the dead monster in one minute and let it naturally come back to life.
Mu Feng remembered that he dodged the ice guard’s attack and didn’t notice how many lives the ice guard gave to the inflammation guard. After reading it, Mu Feng was also annoyed. He wanted to enter the dark magic hall, so he could kill two monsters at the same time. Er, no, it was two boss.
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Chapter 59 Three wolves recruit rotting corpse king
Mu Feng was startled to think that he soon went to bed and fell asleep. It was a cool night. Mu Feng slept very comfortably and was very practical. He didn’t get up until ten o’clock on the day. After getting up, Mu Feng went upstairs to look for food. When he saw two meat buns and a cup of hot soybean milk on the dining table, Mu Feng walked over and ate it. He also secretly thought that it was good to have a mother and a child.
I was thinking about my mother, Mu Feng, and I realized that my mother didn’t seem to be at home now. In the past, Mu Feng realized that her mother was helping others today and said that she would come back for lunch at noon and let Mu Feng eat out.
After Mu Feng hung up, he was deeply ashamed that his mother was over 500 years old, but she worked hard to maintain her family. Mu Feng sighed and immediately remembered that today seems to be the time for Ling Soul to exchange gold coins for rmb. At the forum last night, official website also released a message saying that it is necessary to bind bank accounts so that gold coins can be exchanged in major banks.
After eating the bag, Mu Feng entered the game with his game helmet and bound his bank account. Then he quickly ran out of Bauhinia Garden and went to a nearby bank ATM to see if he could exchange gold coins for money.
After a drill, the interface appeared. Sure enough, gold coins can be exchanged for rmb. The conversion ratio is 1 gold coin to 1rmb. Secondly, there is a demon king in Mu Feng who gets anti-God coins. One anti-God coin can be exchanged for 1000 oceans.
Mu Feng thought for a while and finally decided to keep the gold coins for money. There are more than 17,000 gold coins in Mu Feng, but Mu Feng set aside 15,000 gold coins for 15rmb. After that, he took the card out and went home happily in Mu Feng.
After returning home, Mu Feng put his harvest in the past half a month on his mother’s bedside and put a piece of paper on it to say that Mu Feng would not say anything. Then he was happy and went to the game with his game helmet.
After the body flashed in Mu Feng, Mu Feng sent a message to Qiu Shuichangtian asking if he had come to Ghost Town. He said he hadn’t come yet, but he should be here tonight.
Mu Feng was alone in Ghost Town. After Mu Feng took out a scroll and crushed it, he sent it to the front of the dark magic house. Once again, he took a look at the door of this domineering magic house. Mu Feng sneaked into it, but it took a few minutes for Mufeng to come out from the inside because Mu Feng still didn’t have the strength to fight against two boss at the same time.
After leaving the magic temple, soak the wind energy and go back to the city to take out the delivery scroll. Only then did he find that this was the last delivery scroll. Nai crushed it and Mu Feng had to go shopping with Ji Yin again.
As soon as I got back to Mu Feng, I heard some players shouting something nearby. After a closer look, I realized that three players were inviting players to form a team to play boss. It seems that they also said that if they killed boss, they would each give 10,000 gold coins. The three player IDs are called Fast Wolf and Sword Wolf, and the first one is called Wolf Emperor. Three wolves should be captured.
Mu Feng was not interested in their names, but 10,000 gold coins attracted Mu Feng. After asking, Mu Feng realized that the 10,000 gold coins were not easily given away, but they had to be killed to designate the boss, so they didn’t kill a penny. Moreover, the boss explosive equipment, objects and gold coins were all collected by him, and people could not take one thing. Moreover, players brought their own potions and they collected two players to play the boss, which means that there were five people.
If the potions and equipment are randomly distributed, there must be a lot of players to join them. After all, there are 10 thousand gold coins, but many players will retreat because of the many conditions imposed by the Wolf Emperor. Some players still scold the Wolf Emperor, and they are not kind enough to make such a overlord treaty.
Mu Feng is also a little dissatisfied with those conditions, but it should be good for the wolf emperor to kill boss. boss is necessary for Mu Feng, who is short of boss soul, to try.
"Hey, buddy, can you group me?" Walking to the side of the Wolf Emperor, Mu Feng smiled gently. The Wolf Emperor looks like an old man. Uncle 3 can give Mu Feng a kind of affinity that looks like a big brother. Behind the Wolf Emperor, the fast wolf and the sword wolf look very wretched and the other looks very cheap.
The Wolf Emperor touched Ba and took a look at Mu Feng. The ten-level mage wore good equipment and was barely acceptable. The Wolf Emperor thought about it and then shook hands with Mu Feng to indicate that Mu Feng could be hired.
After enrolling Mufeng, they are still one person short. It is not easy to find the wolf emperor to recruit people with this person left. In addition to those overlord treaties just now, they must have four pieces of green and unique equipment to join.
Mu Feng and they hung in this Anping platform for ten minutes before they saw a boy who was neither tall nor short and just in good shape coming over. A boy of about fifteen or sixteen came over and said, "Can I do it?"
While the Wolf Emperor was observing him, Mu Feng also saw a boy named Li Zun, a level 1 dark mage. Because he happened to have the suffix of "Zun", the Wolf Emperor mistakenly called Mu Feng, and then nodded and agreed to hire him. Li Zun nodded and said nothing.
Then the Wolf Emperor set up Mu Feng and Li Zun as the captain, not to mention that it was all him. Then he asked the two younger brothers behind him to stop propaganda and pack up their things to kill boss Mu Feng. When passing by a stall on an platform, there were only more than 2,000 gold coins left and the beauty stall owner bought some recovery medicine. This beauty was deeply impressed by Ji Yin in Mu Feng’s mind.
Later, the Wolf Emperor led five people to the map of the cemetery in Ghost Town. This cemetery has a big environment and some darkness. At first glance, there are pieces of tombstones standing all over the mountains. Just looking at it can give people a horrible feeling. When several people in Mu Feng entered the cemetery, they "clicked" and the ground soil broke, and a skull monster covered in mud emerged from the inside.
"Ignore these little monsters and let’s kill the corpse king!" See a few people eyes stay in the skeleton strange Wolf emperor just mouth said Mu Feng also know that they are going to kill the king of resin at this time.
The Wolf Emperor seems to know where there is a corpse king boss. After two or three minutes, Mu Feng and Li Zun three wolves came to the cemetery behind the hill and there was a small cave in front of it.
"This is the place where the fast wolf put an arrow to lead it out." The wolf emperor nodded at the fast wolf, and then took out a green bow and arrow and shot the arrow feather rack into the cave.
Then the wolf emperor took out two tomahawk swords and the wolf took out a green sword, all of which were extremely equipped! At this time, Mu Feng also knew that one of them was a soldier, the other was a swordsman and the fast wolf was a shooter.
"Ho ho ….." When the Three Wolves took out their weapons, there was a strange sound in the cave, followed by a rancid smell, and a two-meter-high corpse came out of the cave. The corpse was still a little fleshy, but it had rotted and looked disgusting.
[Rotten corpse king] 12-level elite boss Danger ★★★★★★★ Monster introduction Rotten corpse Wang Sheng was born in the tomb corpse king hole boss It is said that Rotten corpse king was a brilliant adventurer in Ghost Town when he was young, and was framed and degraded into a living corpse!
It’s really tricky for five people of the 12th-level elite boss to fight with five stars. But when they saw the Wolf Emperor, they all rushed to honour him and took out a black staff and put it behind him. Mu Feng didn’t hesitate. After all, the soul of the corpse king and ten thousand gold coins were still waiting for him to collect.
Take out the staff of Emperor Tiandao and release two skills, namely, the flame arrow and the flame strike, to destroy the putrid corpse king’s nearly 2,000 blood, which is still harmful. In this battle, with the wolf emperor and the sword wolf, Mu Feng can also put it behind him well.
When the rotting corpse king completely left its cave and came to the small area of the cemetery back hill, Mu Feng released an outbreak of inflammation and then a flame impact rushed over. This is not only after the flame impact, but also a "4112" crit from the rotting corpse king’s head.
As soon as he released the two skills, the rotting corpse king vomited a mass of black liquid on Mu Feng. This liquid is called corrosive venom, which made Mu Feng lose blood for 5 points per second for three seconds. When Mu Feng was attacked, he released the fixed point, fixed it and then stayed away from it while drinking blood medicine.
Not far away, Mu Feng turned around and released a ghost tree parasitic. After a small ghost tree king appeared, he immediately entangled the rotting corpse king so that it could not attack the corpse king. The coolest thing was that the sword wolf and the wolf emperor waved their double axes and flashed red light. Then the warrior-level skills fell into the wind and released a whirlwind, carrying double axes and crashing at the corpse king. Two "466231" injuries floated from the corpse king’s head. Although the wolf was not as high as the wolf emperor, it was close to 5 thousand.
It’s time for Li Zun, the dark mage, to play after everyone releases his powerful skills. He holds a staff in one hand and condenses this dark element and so on in the other. After it condenses to the size of a basketball, he throws it at the rotting corpse king.
"Boom" a dark ball burst in the rotting corpse king’s body, and the corpse king lost more than 4,000 blood, which was another crit. At the same time, the green value of "+1321" floated on the corpse king’s head, which means that the goods would return blood!
However, even if he will return to blood and be bombarded by such a series of big moves, he will lose 24% of his blood, and he is still being suppressed by five people. There is no attribute to say that the five-star danger is so severe