Gao Rang quietly gained insight into the moon spider, and soon the moon spider attribute appeared in front of Gao Rang.
Moon Spider (boss) HP 65
Grade 9
Attack mode venom leg blade
Skills: Spider silk spraying, netting.
The moon spider is cunning by nature. When the life drops by 2%, it will launch the skill of "asking for help from the same family". The radius of the center of the moon spider is 5 meters. All spiders will come to help. When the life drops by 5%, it will launch the skill of "devouring the same kind" to devour the surrounding spiders. Each spider will increase its health by 1%.
The moon spider is the most cunning and insidious monster in the foggy forest. It has disgusting appearance and frightening skills, so we must be very careful when facing it.
After seeing the properties of the moon spider, Gao Rang was glad that the decision to clean up the surrounding spiders was so great. Now the surrounding spiders have been cleaned up, which means that the two trigger skills of the moon spider have been scrapped.
As far as the two despicable skills of the moon spider are concerned, it would be really tough if all the spiders around were not cleaned up before, but now all this is not worrying.
Grandet was not as calm as Gao Rong. He just waved his hammer and rushed at the moon spider.
Before Grandet rushed to the front of the moon spider, he was bound to the ground by a pair of cobwebs sprayed by the moon spider, and there was an extra bound state in Grandet’s head. Unfortunately, Grandet won the "net prison" skill of the moon spider
In this state of bondage, the state lasts for 3 seconds after the attack of the back-moving method.
It’s really a tough negative state. This negative state of being unable to move and attack is the most hateful. Once you win this state, you will directly become a lamb to be slaughtered, and this bondage skill lasts for 3 seconds.
Every second is precious in battle, and 3 seconds is definitely a very abnormal time.
What’s even more striking is that this state of bondage does not disappear after being attacked. You should know that other skill bases of this type will be cancelled after being attacked, but this skill does not. This shows how abnormal this state is.
At this time, Grandet really regretted that the state would disappear after being attacked by the moon spider, but the spider’s leg blade stabbed him that month and neither of them saw the damn state disappear. At this time, Grandet realized that he was really a big deal.
However, Gao Rang has also rushed to Gao Rang’s magic tooth and severely knocked on the moon spider, causing a big damage from the moon spider head.
The magic tooth attribute in the hands of Laigaorang is not so good. I didn’t expect to be able to do some damage, so I can see that the spider defense is very general this month.
After the moon spider was beaten by Gao Rang, her body was slightly stunned, and at this time, Grandet’s bondage was over.
Free from bondage, Grandet is like a tiger coming out of its cage. The marrow hammer hits the moon spider’s ass hard, and a 2-point crit damage emerges from the moon spider’s head.
The moon spider immediately lifted its leg and stabbed Grandet, while Gao rang wanted to take the opportunity to continue attacking the moon spider, but it was slowed down by a "spider silk jet" from the moon spider.
Fortunately, the moon spider attack is not too high, and Grandet’s feather shield block base can still carry it.
Later, Grandet was unlucky enough to be caught in the moon spider’s "net prison" twice, but he still survived after taking a bottle of blood medicine in Grandet.
When the spider’s blood volume dropped to 2% in the month, the chance came for the moon spider to turn around on its own, but when his skill was started, there was no spider to help it. At this time, the moon spider found that there was no spider around at all.
The skill of "asking for help from the same family" has failed, so it is even more hopeless to "devour the same kind"
Sure enough, the moon spider finally died in the hands of Gao Rang and Grandet, even without a final struggle.
After the moon spider fell down, it dropped five things, one of which was the soul box that Gao Rong needed, and three of the other four things were equipped, and the other one was an oval thing that looked strange.
The moon spider dropped five things, and Grandet didn’t pick them up, because after the moon spider fell, Grandet directly took the treasure map and ran to the coordinates of the treasure.
After Gao Rang picked up the things, he also hurried to the location of the hidden treasure.
I didn’t expect that this so-called hidden treasure site turned out to be the biggest tomb occupied by the spider the month before. Just now, he denounced Grandet for invading other people’s ancestral graves, but he didn’t feel a little ashamed. You know, his suspicion of digging other people’s ancestral graves now is a hundred times worse than that of the spider just now.
When I killed the spider without shoveling Grandet, I blew a whiteboard sword and planed someone else’s ancestral grave.
Grandet didn’t dig a few treasure coordinates, but a golden light rose into the sky, and then a golden box was refreshed by the treasure coordinates.
A look at this golden box shows that it is definitely not a common thing, so Grandet has to wait for the box to be hit.
After the box was hit, Grandet found that it contained a dilapidated sheepskin scroll.
Damn it, it’s not sheepskin scroll No.3!
Look at that shabby sheepskin scroll, Grandet has an impulse to scold women, but he still resists it. After all, even if he scolds, it will be useless, and no one will feel painful.
Grandet picked up the scroll at random, but when he hit it that day, he was completely stupid.
Damn it, this thing is not garbage. It looks like a treasure this time!
Chapter 21 Grandet Spring
Grandet took out this sheepskin scroll from the treasure chest, and the root was not a scroll fragment. This scroll turned out to be a hidden career orientation guide.
Hidden professional guidance (only) This is a scroll that remembers the mysterious ceremony. By remembering the mysterious ceremony in the scroll, the hidden professional vampire knight will be able to take office. The vampire knight’s inauguration direction requires innate agility of 1 point.
Grandet this time the whole person is crazy, but it is a hidden career direction guidance, and this hidden career direction demand is still innate agility. This is not equal to special preparation for him!
It is possible to change the orientation of a player’s character before he officially changes his job at level 1, but most people don’t idle away to change the orientation of his job. Of course, there are special circumstances, that is, there are more suitable occupations to choose from.
Grandet was really lucky this time, so he got the hidden career direction, and it was a career that was very suitable for him.
In the past, Grandet complained that his attributes were not good enough, but now he is very glad that he has a little agile innate attribute.
According to the hidden profession, Grandet started a mysterious ceremony.
Now Grandet finally knows what treasure will be in this tomb, because this mysterious ceremony needs to start at this tomb.
With the start of the mysterious ceremony of Grandet, a semi-permeable soul suddenly appeared in the grave that he had just planed out.
This soul body drilled from the grave looks a little gloomy, but Grandet looks at him very kindly. After all, this will give him the direction of inauguration, and the Great God will feel comfortable.
"Congratulations, son, on getting our blood knight. I hope you can carry forward our blood knight profession!" After that, the soul went straight into Grandet’s body, and as the soul went into Grandet’s eyes changed from black to blood red.
Come to Grandet’s ear and show it sweetly.
Congratulations on winning the Vampire Knight’s ancestral race and the proto-Terran transformation. Due to the change of race, your proto-Terran talent will be cancelled. Now your blood clan talent S-level talent "Black Bat Transformation".