The shopping guide lady is very depressed in her heart. Today, it’s hard to come to a business. It’s hard to make it even if she doesn’t know anything. However, she is still very dedicated and said, "We have Audi Q7AR and other cars here, each of which has manual transmission and automatic transmission, and it is also divided into luxury ordinary cars with skylights without skylights. This Audi is …"
The shopping guide talked a lot and had to admire her professional knowledge to recite so many things, but my memory was not bad either. After listening to it again, I generally remembered it.
After thinking and looking again, I said flatly, "Then I’ll take the Audi Q742FSIquaro luxury model. I remember that the top speed of this car is 24km/h and the valve number is 32. The price is 12.96 million. Is this it?"
The shopping guide lady was happy when she heard it. I didn’t expect this person to look less than 2 years old and be so rich that she decided to buy a car for a while! Haha, I’m successful again
"Yes, sir, the horse can drive!" The shopping guide said excitedly that if the transaction is completed today, it will be enough for her salary for several months.
"By the way, can you help with the license plate?" If you buy a car, you have to go to the license plate, otherwise the license plate driver will be stopped, but it is really troublesome to be fined. I want to see if the Audi store can help with the license plate so that when I walk around again.
The shopping guide nodded and said, "But we need to add some more."
Not long after the payment, my new car was taken out by a special person. Everything has been helped by the Ministry, and even the license plate has been completed. Haha, I am also a car owner from now on! My new car galloped to school.
Chapter seventy-six Mystery girl
The new car has just arrived at the school parking lot and suddenly attracted many people’s attention. Some experts can tell at a glance that this new car has a market value of 120,000 yuan compared with the best car in the school. After all, the best car in the school is only 50,000 yuan.
"Wow, is that a student in our school?"
"I don’t know when a student with so much money came to our school?"
A few girls screamed like anthomaniac. Alas, what girls like best now is to find a meal ticket when they were students. Even my appearance is worthy of the public. Besides, being so rich is definitely the girl’s idea of a white horse. Unfortunately, I just don’t know where Snow White is.
When I returned to my dormitory, Zhang Guoqiang was waiting to meet me at the door and said with a straight face, "You have bought a car for a few days, and it’s still worth 120 thousand Audi Q742FSIquaro luxury. Is there anything you need to tell me?"
Alas, I had long suspected that Xiaoqiang would come to me, and I couldn’t help it. My family was Xiaoqiang, but I knew it clearly. He was surprised enough that I bought a car. Besides, buying a car now is still an ultra-high-end car of 120,000 RMB, and everyone will have doubts. It was not long before I bought the ultra-high-end car. Xiaoqiang wondered if I took it to the auction house for auction.
"Do you suspect that I will auction off the help token and buy a car?"
"I also want to say that you didn’t auction the help token, but all major gangs are eyeing up the creation of gangs. Who will talk about taking it out for auction? If it weren’t for you, I really couldn’t think of anyone who would do such a thing. "Zhang Guoqiang paused and said," Xiaolong, tell me the truth. Did you auction the help token? "
I hesitated, looking at Zhang Guoqiang’s expectant eyes, and I was doing an ideological struggle in my heart
"No!" After much consideration, I decided to fulfill my original belief.
However, just after Zhang Guoqiang heard my answer, he slowly shook his head and turned away from the side without looking back. He said, "That’s all, Xiaolong. From today on, I don’t have you in Zhang Guoqiang. If you are not my friend, I am not your friend."
I don’t know what to say when I watch leaving Zhang Guoqiang.
Maybe I was infected by Xiaoqiang, and I was so upset that I was not even in the mood to continue the game. I went out for a ride in my new car for a while, and when I stopped, I actually came to Little Sheep Cafe.
Slowly shook his head, what I didn’t want him, but what I came for? I finally forgot Xiaoqiang for a ride. I didn’t think that the damn car actually brought me here. I remembered that it was Xiaoqiang’s car not long ago. I came here when he came to meet the owner, Li Fei, who was domineering in the game. Now I have my own car. This era is changing every day.
Now that you’re here, let’s go in and have a drink.
I found a seat by the window and sat quietly breathing the aroma of coffee. Occasionally, I looked out of the window and passed by pedestrians. My thoughts were gradually clarified. Maybe I shouldn’t have cheated Xiaoqiang just now. Maybe this deception will end our friendship.
Melancholy and trance, the corner of my eye fell on a girl who just entered the door, but I looked up and continued to meditate. Although I looked up and glanced at it, it was more accurate to look up and glance at it, but my super memory still remembered the girl’s dress.
The girl wore a duckbill hat engraved with the’ Nike’ logo, which was very low; A pair of sapphire blue sunglasses blocked her eyes, which made people not see clearly. She wore a silver decorative T-shirt, which highlighted the quality, simple style, gorgeous feeling, straight hair and elegant feeling for women. A-shaped pale yellow skirt had a retro palace feeling.
Unfortunately, my mind was not on her, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After drinking coffee for a while, I checked out of Little Sheep Cafe.
Back to my new Audi car, I was just about to start the car and go back to school when I saw the first door on the right suddenly hit. Previously, I saw the girl’ jumping’ to the passenger seat like a loach in a cafe. Now she still wears a cap and sapphire blue sunglasses and can’t see the statue clearly, but at such a close distance, it made me smell a fragrance, like perfume, but not like perfume.
"Miss, I wonder if you got into the wrong car?" Although I don’t know why the girl is sitting in her car, I still showed a courtesy.
The girl took sapphire blue sunglasses, and her statue immediately caught my eye. God, I’m sure I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl since I was a child. She has an oval face, a long phoenix eye, a pretty nose, full lips, black hair, a smile and two pear vortices around her mouth, which often make people daydream.
The girl pointed to the front with her hands showing her white teeth and laughed. "You don’t care if I take care of my own car."
"You don’t want a lift, do you?" I can’t help but blurt out when I see the girl sitting firmly in the passenger seat, but as soon as I say this, I immediately regret that the girl in front of me doesn’t look like a hitchhiker in terms of temperament or dress. So what is her car?
The girl was stunned when she heard my words. "You don’t know me?"
"Who are you and why should I know you?" Listen, the girl question makes me curious.
The girl was stunned again, but she quickly reacted. She nodded her eyes and said, "Well, I want to take a ride, but I don’t know if you want to start?" As she spoke, the girl was still staring at the rearview mirror as if looking at something.
"What are you looking for?"
Just after the girl’s words were finished, a man dressed in western clothes suddenly appeared in the rearview mirror and seemed to be looking for something. Seeing this man and girl in a hurry, his left hand rubbed his long hair back and blurted out, "Hurry up and get on the bus."
I shook my head slightly at a glance at the girl’s performance and explained, "Are you avoiding the man in the suit? Well, judging by his age, is that man in the suit your father?" It’s not good to run away from home at an early age. I think you’d better go home with your father. "
"He’s a bad guy. He’s here to take me back, not my dad." The girl immediately hugged her hands and made a ball. ) Pray, "Please hurry up and get on the bus. If I am caught back by them, I will die miserably."
Is this … a car or not? What if the man in the suit behind is really her father and she really runs away from home, girl, then I’m not breaking up their family and reuniting? But if the man in the suit is really a bad guy as she says, it will hurt her if I exchange her back.
Oh, damn it, God, why do you always leave such a difficult topic to me to choose?
God seems to be responding to my protest that the girl actually raised a pistol. Although the pistol was blocked by the white handkerchief she carried with her, it can be determined from the concave-convex texture that this% is a pistol. I can’t believe that she actually hijacked me.
The girl "car" has changed from a previous prayer to a harsh command tone, as if she would shoot me immediately if I didn’t drive.
I can’t help feeling that her acting talent has changed her face without warning. If she is allowed to run for the Oscar, maybe she will be the winner. Now I can’t help wondering who is the bad guy, her or the man in the suit looking around behind the car?
Chapter seventy-seven Women turn against each other faster than turning over.
Now being hijacked by her to survive has naturally become my only goal, so the topic of whether to drive is solved directly
The girl shook the gunman and said, "Let’s go". At the same time, the man in the suit has reached the right window of the Audi car. At the same time, she also found that the girl in the co-pilot seat is banging her hand desperately. Unfortunately, because I was hijacked and the girl’s words made me dare not hesitate to step on the gas pedal and "whoosh" a car immediately went out.
"Miss, can you stop pointing the gun at me? If it goes off, you will commit the crime of intentional homicide." I have to wake up when I see a pistol wrapped in a handkerchief next to my head. You know, I’m a multimillionaire now, and I don’t want to die in vain in a few days.
The girl said angrily, "coward, hum, I just want to point the gun at you. What can you do with me to piss you off? I can’t care who told you not to catch fire just now."
Damn it! If God can give me a chance, I will strip her naked and make her dare to be so angry. Of course, I dare to think about these thoughts in my heart. If I say it, I will be unhappy and die. Who should I complain to?
Now I have to pay tribute to Saint Kong because he said a very accurate sentence. Only a female villain is difficult to raise in this world. At present, this girl is both a woman and a villain. It is conceivable that she will marry her husband for three minutes in the future.
"Miss, where are we going now?" After walking around the street several times, I remembered that I didn’t know where to go and asked the girl next to me.