There are still some incomplete patterns in this piece of leather. It is estimated that this piece of broken leather should be part of a picture scroll. What is the reason for the explosion of such a piece of broken leather after the death of King Jiuyou’s corpse? It is also estimated that the monsters behind it will explode this kind of broken leather in the same way.
Chapter 452 Don’t meet in life
Things were as expected as Gao let them say, and then Gao let them meet a "nine-deep ghost king" and a "nine-deep skull king". After all the efforts, these two boss were turned over and a piece of broken leather broke out.
Fortunately, these three pieces of broken leather actually pieced together a complete leather scroll.
The entrance map of the second floor of the remains of ghosts and gods (special) This is a map marked with the entrance position of the second floor of the remains of ghosts and gods. However, this map is a method to enter the second floor of the remains. If you want to enter the second floor of the remains, you need to find another disk that can open the entrance machine on the second floor.
After reading the introduction of this scroll, everyone had the same idea, that is, the machine disk must be on the right side of the fork road in front, so everyone quickly turned back.
When Gao Rang and others returned to the intersection, they found that another team had entered it.
After Gao Rang and others discussed it for a while, they continued to go deep into the right road.
After walking for more than forty minutes, they finally found the player who entered the road here.
I didn’t think it was a way to go. Here, let them meet a traitor, a cool breeze and a smile.
At this time, Qingfeng Yixiao was fighting with a huge black beetle and suddenly saw Gao Rang and others coming, which surprised Qingfeng Yixiao very much.
Gao Rang smiled at the fighting breeze and said, "It’s really hard to meet in life!"
"What do you want?" Before the breeze smiled and laughed at the whole city, he spoke first.
"I don’t want to do anything, just want to borrow something from you," said the cat in the mechanical guard group
"Don’t even think about it! We haven’t settled accounts with you for killing a smiling tiger before? " Smile screen bite a tooth said before she and a smiling tiger should look good.
"Gao rang, don’t talk nonsense with them. Since they have chosen aliens, we don’t need to keep them alive." Turtle dove took out a scroll from her bag that could make the target really die.
At this time, Gao Rang is hesitant. Although the breeze is a very annoying person and an accomplice of the future gang forces, now they are all human beings. If they are killed like this, the suspicion is equivalent to a murder of mankind.
Grandet clearly saw the reason why Gao Rang hesitated, so he said to Gao Rang, "Don’t dwell on many things that are so cruel. If you choose kindness when you should be cruel, the consequences will be cruel to yourself."
Say Grandet gave a look to Turtledove.
"Female domain!"
While the other side is fighting monsters, Turtledove has developed his domain skills.
Instantaneous breeze smiles and other attributes have been greatly weakened.
Then the turtle dove, Grandet, the old cat and others successively crushed a scroll that allowed them to really kill each other.
"Dragon and phoenix double whirlwind!"
The old cat made her most powerful attack skill without mercy.
This skill produces two cyclones, one large and one small, which directly envelops the cool breeze, a smile and other people and the fighting big beetles.
Counting the red numbers of injuries floated from the top of the head of Qingfengyixiao and others and big beetles.
"Leave us alone! We are all human beings … "The little man smiled at Gao Rang and others for mercy.
Critical strike 179
But the breeze didn’t finish a joke when it suddenly appeared behind him and cut his throat.
With Qianlong cutting his throat and the breeze laughing, he closed his mouth forever
Looking at the breeze and smiling at the corpse, Qian Long sneered, "You killed me more than once in those days, but I killed you once today, and we are even."
Watching the breeze laugh and being killed, his lover laughs and the whole city is as crazy as going straight to Qianlong. It is a professional fact for the player himself.
"Looking for death!" Qianlong just wanted to shoot, only to find that Ye Ye had already shot before him.
"A sword goes through the heart!"
Crit 22
With a huge red crit injury, the laughing city also smiled away with the breeze.
After several opponents in the new alliance, several attacks also fell. Although they died, two pieces of disk broke out. At last, the big beetle was sent to the west.
Health of Black Beetle (semi-holy boss) is 457239/2.
Grade 99
Attack mode surface
Attack skill, giant pincers kill death, tumbling bone poison, black fire flying kill auxiliary skill, black armor defense evasion
The industrial fire black beetle is the guardian of this relic. It is a very difficult character with the most powerful corrosive poison and strong defense ability.
Although the defense of this big beetle is very strong, the attack of Gao Rang and others is also very sharp. Moreover, when Gao Rang and others accept this big beetle, the original 200 million blood will have been beaten by Qingfeng Yixiao and others to more than 450,000 points.
Soon the black beetle was dried up by Gao Rang and others.
After Gao Rang merged the fragment of this big beetle’s exploding disc with the other two fragments, a finished disc was formed.
Gao Rang and others took this disc according to the instructions of the scroll and soon came to the entrance of the second floor of the ruins.
Today, it’s really a strange place to meet each other. Near the entrance, they met a group of acquaintances again, but this time they met friends instead of enemies.
Near the entrance, Gao let them meet Gao clan, black wolf and others.
After the two groups met, they first greeted each other, and then Aries asked Gao Rang, "What is the purpose of your entry into the ruins this time?"