However, regardless of their feelings for her, they have always regarded her as a little sister, and even the younger generation. The relationship between Wen Jia and his family also doomed them not to have anything to happen.
He never thought from the bottom of his heart that he would have further development with Wen Xi in the future, so the content of the message is also the care of the elders for the younger generation.
"Her grandfather is extremely respectful to me, her father is very intimate with me, and I am with her …"
I couldn’t help but have a cold war. Chen Han shook his head and said with a wry smile: "Besides, a little girl film can’t really treat her as a woman. Am I really old?"
Just after I finished this sentence, I was ready to continue practicing, when a dull voice suddenly sounded: "I don’t know if you are old, but I know that you should come back with me." For more than 30 years, we have tried our best to find you, and you have not replied to all the messages. Do you think that you can escape the agreement of that year? "
Chen Han was almost scared to death by this sudden sound. Looking intently, he almost fell from the flying sword. Not far away, a pocket-sized star boat with a length of 100 meters was clearly suspended.
In front of the open door at the entrance of Xingzhou, three figures stood quietly. Isn’t that the man in the middle the super power Ziluo Palace and the close disciple of Pope Lingyu the Great Yu Xueying?
How did she … how did she find this place?
"I wonder why we can find you?"
Although her face is full of calmness and indifference, there is an uncontrollable anger: "We have tried our best to find your clue and found it here according to the map. This time, we will see where you are going. If this seat is not mistaken, then you established the Juxian League, right? "
This sentence is full of threats, just tell him directly: if you dare to mess around again this time, Juxian League will be annihilated by the fly ash.
Chen Han finally calmed down his emotions, and got up slowly and sneered: "Are you stupid? I would have run long ago. You think you know everything that happened in those days? Do you know that Lao Tzu almost died on Crimson Lotus? Do you know that the starry sky is blocked, and I managed to escape? "
"What did you say? !” Yu Xueying rapped out.
"Look! You have no idea what happened, since you don’t know what you call it? " I feel cold and angry at the thought of what happened that year.
"What’s going on? If you say it, we will make the decision for you."
Chen Han didn’t care about her identity and blackmail at all, pointing at her and shouting, "Will you kill your immortal?" You won’t, so don’t brag! "
This sentence suddenly made Yu Xueying stunned. With her ice and snow cleverness, she quickly guessed something vaguely. Xiumei frowned and shouted: "Don’t reverse black and white to gossip. Most of our deities are on the Purple Star, and only a few of them are also on other high-level planets. They absolutely dare not leave their posts."
"Don’t forget, at the beginning, I only had the fairy realm in the sky. I don’t need the fairy to do it myself to kill me. Which fairy has no cronies outside? Even if the official forces are easily mobilized by the gap, a bunch of fairy stones will be smashed down, and countless wild immortals will be able to work for them at any time, let alone the elders. "
"The elders? You mean … "
"Murphy during that time Lin flocculant that bitch without any exception? It’s just that you stupid woman didn’t think about it and didn’t notice it! "
"Lin flocculant …"
Yu Xueying recalled what happened during that time, and when she thought about it carefully, there were some suspicious places, but she didn’t think about it at all. How could she think that someone under her was dealing with Chen Han?
Lin Xu Xian Zun!
Senior minister!
She knows very well that although these immortals are their direct subordinates, they have the power to kill them in theory, but there is always a gap between theory and reality.
If a fairy was killed because of the fairy statue, not to mention how much she relied on the fairy in the sky, wouldn’t it cool the hearts of other men to kill the fairy statue alone?
Besides, Chen Han is favored no matter how much. After all, he is not even a disciple of Ziluo Palace. It is absolutely taboo to kill my stuff for outsiders.
Seeing her thoughtfully silent, Chen Han couldn’t help but sneer: "How? Well, you’re not sure if it’s true now. If it is, what can you do? "
"I … I will definitely punish her!"
"Punishment? How to punish? "
"This …"
"I was killed when I was killed. Did you punish her for thinking about it?"
Chen Han’s face was full of disdain, clearly telling Yu Xueying: I was almost killed by her. Since you regard me as a future help, it is natural to kill Lin Xu if you want to be fair, but will you kill her? If not, don’t say such grandiose things.
Looking at his hateful expression, Yu Xueying was so angry that she almost bit her silver teeth. She said slowly, "You know very well what it means to kill her. As a superior person, you must take care of the overall situation. I can’t kill a fairy statue for your personal grievances!"
"So, what qualifications do you have to say I slip away? Will I die if I don’t leave? Stay on the purple star, which of those bitches around you is not eyeing me? I don’t want to be killed one day! "
"This time, I will send the immortal master to protect you personally, and I will never let what happened that year happen again."
"Have you ever heard of a man who was bitten by a snake for three years and was afraid of the rope?"
"Can I take this as a refusal?"
"You don’t care about the Juxian League on Helan Star?"
"This is the site of Leng Fengzong!"
"Cold front cases are qualified to compete with my purple rose palace? Besides, this seat only destroys a small sect that is not official. I believe no one will care, don’t you think? "
"I will marry you in the future. What are you if I am a bitch?"
"The devil wants to marry you!"
Chen cold a hug is still in the latent repair, haven’t wake up Chen Yan, directly launch the starry sky big move away.
The other party was stupid enough not to imprison this space, nor did it create fairy force fluctuations to affect the display of space transfer, which clearly gave him the opportunity to escape.
However, just as he started the starry sky movement, Yu Xueying’s sneer came from his ear: "Run, this seat will be interesting to see where you can run today, and this seat will let you run until you have no strength …"
Chapter 642 used his quick wits
Escape back to Helan star or Yunjie star?
Chen cold killed dare not do that, listen to the tone YuXueYing temporarily only know Juxian alliance has something to do with him, did not know that Wen Lingxuan also has something to do with him, and it is even more impossible to know that both sides have a fairy guardian secretly. If you go back, maybe these will be exposed, and all your efforts will be in vain.