In the face of his friends, his header was already a killer, but after he started here, the team’s 1.92-meter goalkeeper Akihiro Hayashi showed excellent blocking skills
This 1.92-meter-tall goalkeeper obviously has outstanding standards in blocking the header.
In front of Akihiro Hayashi, some problems with Gao Shunyao’s header began to be exposed. His take-off intention was too obvious, and the header angle was not sharp enough. These problems were that amateur goalkeepers would stare blankly, but Akihiro Hayashi was able to save a lot of his header.
"Anyway, I’m also a player who played for the national team on behalf of Japan, and I’m very good at blocking the high ball. Your heading skills are good, but you are still far from the top, and the angle is not sharp enough, and you don’t pay attention to avoiding the goalkeeper’s habit of blocking the ball. It’s not difficult."
After being praised by Gao Shunyao, Akihiro Hayashi is also quite proud. Gao Shunyao also admitted that he is indeed qualified to be proud of the international goalkeeper. This is something to be proud of. What’s more, Lin Zhangyang is the first college student to be selected as a national team player in the whole 16 years since 1991. Although he is a substitute goalkeeper, he is also proud.
It may not be true to pass through the football team of the best university in the world, but there is no doubt that these players are capable of practicing with them, which will make much progress compared with fooling around by themselves.
Training Gao Shunyao with them soon understood why Li Zeqian was willing to teach himself power skills. These skills are the foundation. Even when he went to the university team, he still adapted to this set of skills. After he mastered it, his former goalkeeper was too bad to show any advantages. Now that Akihiro Hayashi can point out his mistakes, he will have the motivation to improve. After he finished, he can practice his heading angle more skillfully. Now that he has mastered some skills, he is confident that he can beat Akihiro Hayashi’s defense in a short time.
The same pressure on the mountain village and also made him realize.
The mountain village and the two of them had already won and lost each other when they met for the first time. Gao Shunyao, a guy with thin body but excellent skills, also had some fears. Now that everyone is in a team mountain village and strong place, his body is not good in front of Gao Shunyao, but his consciousness is good and his organizational defense ability is excellent. He also learned the characteristics of Gao Shunyao’s playing in the game. When he met again, his feet were broken and his skills of organizing teammates’ siege became more and more proficient. Gao Shunyao also felt hard to deal with him.
His decision and ability make Gao Shunyao feel a little tricky, and his way of playing football is also Gao Shunyao. He has never faced playing amateur football, but Gao Shunyao never has to worry about someone shoveling off the grass where they usually play football. There is a lot of place and even mud is turned over in that grass. Anyone will be stupid to shovel off in case of injury, but this grass is extremely excellent and will not scratch his skin, which makes the players willing to make a big move when defending.
Moreover, the lack of tacit cooperation among amateur players in playing football has also been made up by the mountain village and a lot. This player is a very clever player. After being hit by Gao Shunyao on the first day of joining the team, he began to ponder how to deal with Gao Shunyao. When everyone plays football again, he will always be able to unite with Kotaro in Sichuan. The two men blocked before and chased after, and attacked Gao Shunyao to expose his technical shortcomings.
Although Gao Shunyao is not a breakthrough master when facing his friends, he can get a lot of opportunities with his strong body and hard work. However, in front of the mountain village and also, he has no such great advantage. He began to understand that Li Ze himself has physical advantages in facing them, but they have technical advantages in facing themselves, which he must consider if he gives full play to.
Gao Shunyao didn’t think out the answer to this question, but Japanese players know that they are making up for their own disadvantages and trying not to be bullied by Gao Shunyao.
Yamamura and Yaya are now in Tanitabe, where they are catering to the coach who is trying to gain muscle. The goal is to let him strive to increase his weight to 75 kilograms after this year. It is best to have 8 kilograms when he graduates in the future before he can go to the professional team. They have enough plans and are working hard in the future.
Gao Shunyao, on the other hand, doesn’t have a similar plan. Although he knows that he needs to completely eliminate his technical disadvantage before facing these guys, he can’t always be beaten by them by tactics, but he doesn’t know exactly what to do.
Going to college to learn football skills is actually his idea to play football for three months. He has suffered a lot and now he wants to go further instead of giving up. Otherwise, how can he count his previous suffering?
He is actually very excited about playing football.
It is …
"These are all good … I don’t know anything. I just think that even if the training conditions are good, I still hope that you are around me. They really know a lot, but I always feel that they are not as honest with me as you."
Although the new team has many advantages, the new team has such a disadvantage no matter how many advantages it has. There are Japanese people who don’t have Gao Shunyao’s friends to play with them, which makes Gao Shunyao feel a little lost.
Gao Shunyao’s words made Li Ze smile gently and be able to say it, so his efforts during this period were not in vain. Even so, Li Ze patted him and encouraged him to play football well.
Anyway, he should pay attention to his career.
"My teammates and roommates are all good, so it’s better than anything. Besides, if you come to see me in Tokyo, it won’t be long before you can’t meet again, so you will care." Li Ze patted Gao Shunyao on the shoulder and continued to talk and laugh with him. "It’s just to play football and not to die, so you will care."
"OK … I’ll meet you in Tokyo when I have a break." Gao Shunyao also squeezed out a smile with his own package. "Maybe there’s something I don’t understand when I play football. You have to continue to be my personal trainer."
Promise Li Ze words Gao Shunyao but still added Li Ze nodded and didn’t say anything.
Li Ze joined the regular football team for nothing. Where does he need a personal trainer? It will take him a long time to get used to formal training there.
Section 40 Beach Football
Li Ze was worried that it was unreasonable. Soon after joining the football team, Gao Shunyao faced the training arrangement of Oshima.
From joining the team in February to the official start of the league in March, the football team made pre-season preparations for a while. On the one hand, the team was run-in and on the other hand, the team players were required to make training plans. Gao Shunyao just joined the team, and his talent and level were approved by Nakano Yuji. Naturally, he will receive special care in training. Oshima came to see him just after joining the team.
As before, he still looked gloomy, as if seeing Gao Shunyao was a great torture for him, and seeing that he was too lazy to say hello, he quietly listened to his arrangement.
He knows Oshima is an assistant coach and should not offend him, but he really doesn’t want to please a person who hates himself.
Assistant coach Oshima is responsible for training and making plans for the players. It may be troublesome to offend him, but no matter how much trouble you have, just suffer. Isn’t it just a little tired at most?
Unexpectedly, the first change in the training program he arranged for Gao Shunyao was just running.
Coach Oshima ran to the track and field department and found the track and field coach to teach him running posture.
"You have a problem with swinging your arm. If you solve the problem of swinging your arm, you can move faster."
Oshima didn’t even look at Gao Shunyao when he spoke as if he were angry, but although his attitude was generally arranged, he was very meticulous, and the track and field coach gave him special one-on-one tutoring, which was not for everyone
Gao Shunyao can get such treatment because he deserves it.
Former Li Ze also trained Gao Shunyao, but Li Ze was born playing football and was not particularly serious about track and field running. He was noticed by Oshima and he knew that he could further improve his speed if the track and field coach arranged for him.
For a high center, speed means impact. A high center can be in the frontcourt, while a high forward with speed can constantly attack the frontcourt. The high center can hardly stop it after starting, which is also worthy of the team’s great efforts. Oshima should give him technical training. Now the first step is to let him tap his speed advantage.
It’s not unusual to let the track and field coach give it to the players to run. In those days, Cristiano Ronaldo teased himself in Manchester United and asked the track and field coach to train himself. Oshima just did one thing.
Gao Shunyao also understands that he is used to kicking when playing football. Apart from heading the ball, he just takes a step forward and eats it hard against his own body. This practice is rare. Almost no one can stop him when he flows through the big river. He has a strong heading ability, but he can flow through the big defender with a height of 1.77 meters. The other one is skinny and can’t stop him. No one in this team is faster than him except Da Yuan Ji, which has already made him take a big advantage. Now Oshima just wants to continue to expand this advantage.
These things were taught by Li Ze long ago, and it was his purpose to give full play to his physical advantages and make others beat him up in the past three months.
"Don’t worry about running. I have absolutely no problem practicing this. No one can stop me."
I didn’t expect that this was the first training after I joined the team, which also made Gao Shunyao a little proud. He didn’t care if he finished training like this, and he believed that he could practice well.
For his proud Oshima is sneer at the two.
He knows that Gao Shunyao is physically strong and strengthening his body is indeed a part of training, but in training, he pays more attention to his body than to his body.
In the technical training session, Gao Shunyao had already prepared a method to limit his body to hone his skills.
"apart from running-in and track and field training, your training is not in a big venue, but in a beach football training ground, which is also part of your training."
Soon Oshima said the second training program, and while talking, he also brought Gao Shunyao to the beach football field.
Circulation Economics University has its own beach football training ground. When he saw the sandy land, Gao Shunyao wondered why a professional team needed such a training ground, but when Oshima told him that it was his training ground, he couldn’t laugh.
Gao Shunyao has played football in the grass and mud, even in cement, many times, but he has never had such experience in playing football on the beach. He knows that beach football does exist in some places, but Gao Shunyao pays more attention to the sea and girls when he goes to the beach … He has never touched the game of beach football.
"Playing football on the beach? What is the difficulty? "
Gao Shunyao didn’t care about the arrangement of Oshima. He never thought highly of beach sports. He thought it was a girl playing games and was arranged to do this kind of training. He also took off his shoes and socks and put on ankle pads, but he soon found that playing football here was really different.
Playing football on the beach and finishing different beach traps on the grass will make people more unbalanced and consume more energy. Besides, for the time being, there is no regularity in the rolling and rebound of playing football on the beach. It is impossible to play this kind of football on the beach by relying on some grass playing experience. It is a nightmare for Gao Shunyao to better control the ball on his own feet.
However, it seems that the Oshima beach football training ground has improved the ability of human body to balance explosive force, but these things are not Gao Shunyao. Now it is necessary for him to play football on the beach to improve his feet and skills
When he got to the beach, his physical advantage was abolished. It is not suitable for heading the ball. The beach football field can’t do well even if it comes to a small place and takes off in the sand. As a result, Gao Shunyao’s header can’t be sent out and the beach ball is particularly difficult to roll. It is absolutely impossible to add a soft foot to the beach football. The players can safely tackle the ball boldly and make some dangerous moves, plus the beach speed is low and the impact is not perfect. Almost all the advantages of Gao Shunyao are offset by the venue arranged by the coach.
In this field, he can upgrade his skills without using his own advantages. This training is enough to get Gao Shunyao into trouble.
Li Ze arranged tricks for him, which Oshima easily saw through. An amateur coach Li Ze planned well, but it was impossible to fool the regular coach. These arrangements were to let Gao Shunyao train his shortcomings.
This guy’s mind is really small. Look at the big island on the sidelines and find this kind of awkwardness for yourself. Gao Shunyao also muttered something in his mind.
"It’s definitely good for you to play football by your body, but you can always win for a while, but the effect will pass and you won’t have this worry when you practice your skills. Don’t always think about striding through the body and squeezing your skin. It’s good for you to practice your skills here."
At the edge of the training ground, Oshima has been watching Gao Shunyao’s training and watched all his technical moves. After seeing Gao Shunyao’s movements, the standard is still lack of sharpening, and he also told Gao Shunyao this.
He may mean well, but Gao Shunyao always feels that he has something against himself. This guy will be very happy just because he doesn’t play well.
Yes, he has been staring at himself. Gao Shunyao can also mumble a few words. It is not good for him to say anything about this kind of thing. He can turn over and throw himself into training.
Although he is dissatisfied with Oshima, he does not reject the training.
To be honest, although this training has exposed Gao Shunyao’s weaknesses, Gao Shunyao still likes this training, which is much more interesting than playing football on the beach.
And Gao Shunyao also found that this arrangement may have