In Hualong pond, Shu Shu swam for a while, and the golden dragon carp sang contentedly and became quiet, and finally accepted the life in Hualong pond.
Collect the golden dragon carp Xia Man nodded with satisfaction and his eyes fell into a pool of clear water.
The God King of the Tower once said that there was a cave at the bottom of the lake where he came to treasure something else. Xia Man was not impressed, but the thought of Xia Man showed great interest.
"Granny SPAR doesn’t know if SPAR has any place for the old practice, no matter what he does. Try two pieces first."
Xia Man’s body has already jumped into the lake, surrounded by the purple light of Tiandao Pagoda, and there is no leakage of the lake, so he swims to the bottom of the lake without moving.
Chapter 6 Crystal Wonderful
At the moment, it is already very late, and the sun has completely set down. However, this vast expanse of red stone desert is particularly beautiful. The sand sea has been spreading to the horizon, and the moon has quietly climbed the horizon. The night in the desert is as clear as being crossed by a layer of mercury brilliance. At first glance, it seems to have a touching beauty.
Xia Man is roaming in the lake at the moment. The protection of Tiandao Pagoda doesn’t feel any coolness at all. However, Tiandao Pagoda emits purple light, which makes the whole lake bottom bright and purple. Xia Man can see five meters away at a glance.
"Hey, this is the stone cave that the king of the tower said. It seems that the baby of the king of the tower must be inside."
Xia Man smiled and encouraged Heaven Pagoda to row around the lake like a submarine, holding Xia Man in the cave.
"Grandma is really a good place. The lake outside can’t get in at all. No wonder the tower god king chose this place as the object room. It’s really a good place."
Looking at the cave more than three meters deep in front of me, Xia Man was amazed. Because of the slightly higher terrain, the lake didn’t even spread to the cave at all, but it was difficult to be wet because it was located at the bottom of the lake.
In the eye, there are a lot of shiny stones, and these stones are different in size. The smallest is the size of a fingernail and the size of a fist. It is particularly attractive to emit colorful light.
"Grandma, this is spar? It looks colorful, but it’s no different from precious stones. But since it’s called SPAR, there must be something unusual about the tower. The King of God once said that the cultivation of the gods requires SPAR. It seems that this SPAR must contain energy that can make the protoss absorb, and I don’t know if I can absorb it. If I have enough SPAR, my strength will rise rapidly. "
Xia Man thought for a moment, picked a piece of egg-sized spar, shook hands and sent it slowly, but after a long time, the spar in his hand still didn’t change at all, which completely disappointed Xia Man.
"I depend on it, it seems that there is no place for these spar, but the king of the tower god said that the celestial spar is the most basic circulation unit, and these spar can always be saved to disappear."
Xia Man, with a wave of his hand, released a purple light from Heaven Pagoda and instantly enveloped this pile of spar.
"Let’s stay here for one night and take a trip to the protoss city. Since we have come to the Shinto World, we will have a good time to improve our strength. Although it is important, it is not an overnight situation. iye is not an old favorite method, but if this Shinto World also makes things like Wubao, we will be able to transport Dragon Pool and devour their department, so that our old strength can rise rapidly."
Thought of here, Xia Man’s heart suddenly flashed a smile.
"By the way, the dragon pool can devour Wubao. I don’t know if this spar can devour. If the dragon pool can devour spar, you won’t have to worry about it. The absorption and transformation of the dragon pool need to consume resources. Although it is huge, the transformation power of the dragon pool is also high, which is a good way to quickly increase the strength of the old."
Summer pretty heart a joy immediately figured it out.
"Grandma will try the dragon pool. If it can really devour spar, you won’t have to worry about the old practice."
In SPAR, I chose two biggest SPAR to lose the evolution Dragon Pool, and Xia Man looked forward to watching the change of Dragon Pool.
SPAR fell into the dragon pool and didn’t change, but it has been moving quietly in the dragon pool. Jinlong carp unexpectedly jumped over and clicked two pieces of SPAR that fell into the dragon pool and ate them.
"Holy shit, you’re a bandit. You even eat old spar."
Xia Man was completely disappointed. It seems that the Dragon Pool can’t absorb spar power, which is essential for the protoss’ cultivation. SPAR is nothing to him, but once I saw the heart movement of Jinlong Carp, I once again gave birth to an idea.
"For the golden dragon carp is not to eat spar? Anyway, it’s nothing for the old, just a pile of stones to watch and feel ugly, so I’ll just feed the Jinlong carp. It’s interesting to see what happens when the Jinlong carp eats these spar. "
Xia Man’s heart was filled with joy and immediately threw this pile of SPAR into the Dragon Pool. Of course, he still kept ten fist-sized SPAR. He wanted to see that the SPAR grade was very simple. Although Xia Man could not absorb SPAR strength, it was easy to distinguish the strength of SPAR from the strength of SPAR. However, Xia Man wanted to keep it in this pile of SPAR. After all, it was impossible to go to Redstone City without SPAR.
According to the King of the Tower, I’m afraid I can’t even get in without spar.
A pile of spar with different sizes, with hundreds of them falling into the Hualong pond, looks particularly beautiful when the clear water shines, and adorns the Hualong pond beautifully like colorful stones.
After seeing the SPAR, Jinlong Carp swam to the SPAR. A small whirlpool was formed in the Hualong Zhang pond, and dozens of SPAR around it were instantly involved. These SPAR instantly fell into Jinlong Carp’s stomach.
Just eating dozens of spars to see Xia Man in a state of mind, Jinlong carp will slowly devour spars one by one. I didn’t expect it to be so fleeting that it swallowed dozens of spars.
"Grandma, that’s all there is for a bear. I’m afraid this guy ate it four or five times. It’s terrible."
Although I don’t have much idea about the number of spar and I don’t know what a spar means to the protoss, I still feel a thrill when I see Jinlong carp swallowing spar like this. I am afraid that even those protoss will practice spar like this.
Sure enough, after swallowing dozens of spar, Jinlong carp did not stay in the mouth. Suddenly, it formed a small storm carrier, and dozens of spar tumbled into Jinlong carp’s stomach.