"What’s the matter with the month? Is there something wrong? " Hua Ji saw that I stopped and asked anxiously to gather around me
Slowly, my front paw hair disappeared and turned into a hand. I blinked and didn’t react. By the time I reacted, Hua Ji had helped me get dressed.
"Mother?" I grabbed Hua Ji front call way
"Congratulations on your month can be transformed into human form! But if you have too little demon power, it may not last long! " Huaji spoil ground to say
I watched myself change into a human form by hand. I was two years old, but that’s enough! Raise a big smile and jump out of Hua Ji’s arms. "I’m going to find my brother!"
"Go quickly! Be careful! " Hua Ji said with a smile, "Moon, you follow the moon and look after it carefully!"
"yes, madam!" Hua Ji side maid should way
"Brother! Brother! " I ran to Sesshomaru happily. "Look! I can be transformed into a human form! "
As soon as Sesshomaru turned around, he saw a villain in a white twelve-shirt, wanting to come and hug the villain with his mouth slightly raised. "Congratulations!"
"Brother, can I train with you?" My tail wagged behind me, and my head and ears moved with it.
Sesshomaru stretched out his hand and rubbed my ear. "No, I can’t ~ ~ If the demon power is not enough, even if it can be transformed into a human form, there is no extra demon power to train! And the moon can’t be finished! "
I pouted and touched my first two furry ears. I was about to open my mouth when I suddenly found that my body demon was not right, and then I found myself a puppy again in grief. "Whoops ~ ~ ~"
"Not sad! It’s all my fault! " Sesshomaru blamed herself, "If only I hadn’t taken away the nutrition and demon power that belonged to the moon when I was in my mother’s stomach!"
"Blare ~ ~ blare ~ ~" I licked Sesshomaru cheek comfort.
Since then, I’ve never finished transforming into a human figure, either with a face and a beard or a nose or a dog’s nose, but at most, I have a tail and a pair of ears behind me, so that Hua Ji won’t give up every time. However, when I transformed into a human figure, I grew up in a long time, and then Sesshomaru began to teach me some Eastern kings-lion hunting.
Sesshomaru has made rapid progress, and there is always a long tail behind him, and I follow, and behind me is always a maid with a dress in her hand.
"Father!" Sesshomaru respectfully call way
"Whoops ~ ~" I gently call on Sesshomaru head.
Sesshomaru is fifteen and a half years old at this time. What makes me depressed? Why is my brother as old as fifteen after he transformed into human form for the second time? Why am I still two years old after I transformed into human form so many times? It’s not fair!
The dog general held me from Sesshomaru’s head in his arms, touched my head and said with a smile, "I heard that the moon has been transformed into a human form." Let my father have a look at it sometime, okay? "
"whoops!" I shook my head proudly.
"Ha ha!" The dog general laughed.
A few days later, in the garden pavilion
I’m squinting at Sesshomaru’s thigh, enjoying Sesshomaru’s stroking tail, showing that I’m in a good mood now. I rubbed my head and ears comfortably, moved my small nose, shrugged my shoulders and suddenly opened my eyes.
"Nothing!" Sesshomaru’s fingertip scratched my ear. "They are guests!"
Satisfied with the answer, I went back to Sesshomaru’s leg "Brother ~ ~"
"Ha ha!" Sesshomaru laughed. "Got it!"
After that, Sesshomaru began to gently touch me again, which made me sleepy.
When I woke up just now, there was a demon around me, covered with a stall, next to Sesshomaru, writing a note saying that he was called away by his father and asked me to go to my mother myself.
I got up and found myself back to the demon-shaped wrinkled nose and took my calf and ran to my mother’s bedroom.
"Look what I found?" I was caught up with the sound in the demon corridor. "It’s a little demon that hasn’t been transformed yet! How can there be such a weak creature in this western country? "
"Woo ~ woo ~ ~ ~" I whined that this guy was holding a pinch of hair on my neck. Don’t you know it hurts? Get off me!
"Ha ha!" At present, this is a big monster laughing. "It’s lovely! When you see the dog general later, ask him to bring you back to the East to play! "
"Uh-huh ~ ~" I waved my limbs to let the other party release me.
"You don’t want to?" The other party frowned and asked
Yes, you big head ghost! Let me come quickly! I’m losing my hair! I bared my teeth and cried, "Ah! Ah blare ~ ~ "
"Hum! I’ll kill you if you don’t obey! " The other party said that it made my mouth twitch and threatened.
Are you lying to children? Get off me, you monster! I’m already on fire. The demon force is condensed in the claws and violently waved at each other to see me! Poisonous claws!
"Woo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The other party actually threw me out to avoid me, and I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost! Remember that!
After a while, I fell into a familiar embrace, and then I was worried in a familiar voice, "Are you okay? Are you injured? "
"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo ~ ~" I was horrified to drill into Sesshomaru’s arms, but I couldn’t get my little dream out! I can’t stand this shock. I need comfort!
"The lion! Inauguration! " Sesshomaru eyes latosolic red to see away from me to attack the monster "how dare you hurt her! How dare you hurt her! "
"Hey! Don’t be impulsive! " Sesshomaru called the lion-hunting monster to shake his hand and said, "I didn’t know you liked her so much. If I knew, I wouldn’t tease her!" Besides, I wouldn’t have thrown her out if she hadn’t attacked me! "
Sesshomaru hugged me tightly, and I stared at the lion mercilessly, and the demon power began to grow rapidly.
"Are you serious? Hey! That little thing in your arms can’t stand your strong demon power! " Lion inaugural said to avoid sesshomaru a poisonous claw "you don’t behave in such a way! I can really do it again! "
"Sesshomaru, stop!" After feeling the demon power of Sesshomaru, the dog general rushed over quickly. He guessed that there must be an African monster bullying the moon, but he didn’t expect that it would be the East King-the lion hunting Sesshomaru had already moved to kill Sesshomaru at this time. Now it is impossible for the strength to win the lion hunting. I have to hurry out to stop who wants to stop Sesshomaru from ignoring his father’s words for the first time.
The dog general was in a hurry. "Sesshomaru, stop it!"
"Dog general quick advise your son! I can really do it if I go like this again! " Shouted the inaugural lion
Hua Ji also rushed over to see Sesshomaru holding me in one hand and desperately attacking Yi Xin in the other, and hurriedly shouted, "Sesshomaru fainted in the month!" "
Sure enough, Sesshomaru stopped immediately and looked anxiously at the small white meat ball in his arms.
Blinking eyes, I drilled into Sesshomaru’s arms, drilled into Sesshomaru’s clothes and then turned into a human form, holding Sesshomaru’s neck and calling out "Brother ~ ~ ~"
A brother makes the lion’s inaugural face extremely wonderful.
Sesshomaru’s tight clothes made me show a little head and rubbed my cheek. "Are you hurt?"
"He pinched my neck a pinch of hair hurts! I told him to let go, but he just wouldn’t let go! " I said with tears in my wet eyes.
Sesshomaru smell speech with cold murder eyes directly to the lion inaugural.
"Is the month all right?" Dog general anxiously to sesshomaru side to ask
"Father, you won’t send me to the East, will you?" My wet eyes with tears immediately shifted their positions and looked at the dog general unblinkingly as if afraid that I would be sent to the East in the blink of an eye.
The dog general frowned and asked, "Who said anything about sending you to the East?"
"He!" I watched the eye lion in fear and immediately retracted into Sesshomaru’s arms as soon as he touched his eyes.
Hua Ji took the maid’s hand clothes and wrapped them in Sesshomaru’s arms. I lovingly touched my head and said, "Don’t be afraid of the moon! Nothing will happen! I won’t send the moon to the East! "
Dog general cold eyes shot at the lion inaugural "lion king, I hope you can have a good explanation! Where are you going to turn my daughter? "
"Ha ha! This is a misunderstanding! It is definitely a misunderstanding! " Lion inaugural said with a dry smile, "I thought she was cute and wanted to take her back to Dongguo to play. I didn’t expect her to be your daughter!" "
"father! He is a bad demon! " I was dressed, and I hid behind Sesshomaru and whispered, "I just asked him to let me go, but he said he would kill me!" He is the biggest evil demon! Father is going to break his teeth and cut him! "
The lion immediately felt cold and cold light shooting at himself. This time, there were not only Sesshomaru and dog generals, but also the maids and attendants of the West King’s Palace here.
Anitopher! You die early and live early, lion hunting! No matter how strong you are, you won’t have a good day if I want you to stay in the west because of my popularity in the west! I gloat in my heart.