Of course, players naturally won’t recognize this Medal of Courage as a medal, because the attributes of the Medal of Courage have been published. It turns out that this Medal of Courage is five percent resistant to all attributes. Of course, the blue sky also lamented that this Medal of Courage is even better than the Medal of Courage for Pets obtained by Little Sun, and another honorary player title is also beneficial. If you get the title of honorary player, you will be able to get a 20% discount on the purchase of official property.
At one time, why didn’t the players go crazy? Players invited to capture the night capital were not afraid of death to help out. Players signed up for the night capital defense. So at one time, the players rushed wildly and hugged famous players. They were arranged in the night capital defense wall to do resistance work. On the other hand, the government actually took out money to invite mercenaries from the mercenary union to help resist the invasion of players. On the other hand, the capture side also sent a large sum of money to invite mercenaries to help capture the night capital.
For players who have the status of mercenaries, it is an acceptable form to complete the task. In other words, mercenaries are a combination of government and players, which is extremely free and depends on which side there are many mercenaries and powerful mercenaries. Up to now, there have been many mercenary groups of different sizes. These groups are as large as 10,000 people and as small as dozens.
Benefits of being a mercenary If you win, one side will get a lot of money given by the employer and the corresponding mercenary level, but if you fail, you will not only deduct the experience of mercenary level, but also get the reward amount. It is said that mercenaries are dying for money, but now there are countless mercenaries in the star. I really don’t know if these people want to have a taste of adventure and the spirit of death or think that there are more than billions in the company commanders’ association. It is shocking to see that this group is big.
Everything on both sides is ready for the battle. At that moment, both players are excited. This is the first war in thousands of years. Although this is a war in the game, millions of people are watching on both sides of the battlefield at the moment, and many people are watching it in the stars or in reality. This makes the stars earn a lot of horrible money at this moment. The stars can’t help but shout, let this war come more, so that they can earn more money.
The blue sky is waiting at the edge with a chaotic team of hundreds of people, and most of the chaotic players are watching the live broadcast in the chaotic entertainment hall. When the blue sky is not here, the construction union has already transformed the No.1 blessed land, and the players have also moved in smoothly. At the same time, the blue sky has also recovered a lot of money, although it has not been invested much, but it is better than confiscation. On the other hand, the No.1 floor has been transformed into an entertainment place, and the professional players are also scheduled to do them in it. Everything in the profession is on the right track step by step, but even though one more cave can be placed, it is still too few. One cave can be placed in 10,000 people and one cave can also be placed in 10,000 people. Plus chaos peak players, it is only less than 200,000 people.
The blue sky felt a headache and thought that after the war, it must compete for other caves. Now there are more than a dozen blue sky abacus in the cave, which has not been occupied outside. As soon as the number one cave reached the peak, it had its own building group, but it was transformed by the construction union. As a result, this building group was also built into a profitable entertainment place. The blue sky is crazy about money.
On the other hand, the blue sky is taken for granted. More than 500,000 players don’t earn their money to make money. The blue sky has consumed enough. Of course, it is necessary to earn players’ money on this basis, so that the income per day is only a few million, but the income ratio is rising rapidly. That is to say, with more and more players and more blue sky buildings, the entertainment venues will be controlled by the blue sky in their own hands, so they can earn players’ money endlessly. In addition, it is a lot of money.
Of course, the blue sky is also earned by the guys of the entertainment union. At certain times every day, the entertainment union players will send several drinks to Chaos one after another so that Chaos will not be out of stock. However, the benefits brought by the blue sky to the entertainment union and the construction union can be described as extremely huge, which makes the two trade unions realize that the blue sky is crazy, so on this basis, the two presidents have planned many profitable points to help the blue sky and made a lot of money after the blue sky.
It is announced that "the offensive and defensive warfare will ask unnecessary players to leave the battlefield quickly after one hour, otherwise the losses caused by that time will not be compensated"
The blue sky opened in chaos and announced that "brothers and sisters, the war horse is going to be staged. I hope everyone can feel the scene of a war well. Maybe we will encounter a war in chaos soon. Please watch it carefully."
At the same time, every domain Lord is warning the players in his own domain to let them have a good experience of what a real war is, which makes everyone think that all kinds of factors lurking after this war have come to the fore, and this war has really become a fuse for players to fight and fight with each other.
Players from other planets are also paying attention to this million-dollar war. Some people can’t help but wonder what this war will bring to the stars, whether it is disaster or chaos in the future or unification. Players are waiting for this moment, waiting for the moment when their hearts are shaken.
There was a commotion in the crowd, followed by a continuous surprise. Because there was an extremely shocking and unimaginable scene in front of everyone, even the blue sky felt its heart shaking and soul shaking, and the war was pulled at this moment.
The second chapter 12
The wings fanned the sound, and the six-color bat flew to a place thousands of meters away from the night, but opposite them were teams of troops with the same number of soldiers. The government and the players invited players and mercenaries to form a phalanx, waiting for the opportunity to attack each other. At such an exciting time, watching the invisible marginal crowd on both sides, the players on both sides felt both excited and scared. Some people were thinking that so many people would step on tens of millions even if they stepped on it.
Watching the players on both sides of the battlefield, maybe they want to enter the battlefield, but a huge cover is stretched out on both sides of the battlefield to make it easier for the outside players to enter the battlefield. At this time, the human players on both sides found two different color marks on their chests, one is the blue moon shield and the other is the red sword, which is very obvious. One represents the attack and the other represents the defense.
It must be not enough for the attacking party to arrange their own formation. Except for the six-color bat group, nearly 200,000 players are involved in the attack. I thought this was not a pure mess. On the other hand, the blue sky realized that these guys are all land teams and should be used as cannon fodder at the bottom. The blue sky can’t help sighing for these players in the future. If they can’t break the night, then they are waiting for the government and the army to stop hunting. Who makes these people stupid? If they are participating in the war. If you applied to be a mercenary before, you wouldn’t be hunted by the government and the army. It’s not dangerous. The blue sky can’t help but sigh and think that these people must still be in this world, otherwise how can people with brains get up from the bones?
In the blink of an eye for 20 minutes, the night army has a million visible players, which makes the blue sky realize that how many people occupy the main occupation of one party, and how many troops will come out to resist and * * whether it can be successful depends on the strength of the army and the players. Seeing that the army is neatly divided into thousands of teams, each team represents an army professional body, and the blue sky can’t help but feel sorry for these players who occupy the night.
Obviously, the main offensive of the night is the blood clan players, and the blood clan players all have wings to fly. If the military forces have no professional style, then the failure will naturally be the military’s defense of the night temple, and the night mark will inevitably be the highest-ranking sergeant in the army. There is no doubt that if the players rely on it, they will fly into the night temple, which means that the night will become a gathering place for players.
"Husband, who do you think they will win?" Du Qian asked, holding the blue sky arm.
"It must be the military and the government. These stupid people must have been confused by the beauty of the night. They even attacked blindly without asking for information, but at the very least, their experiments will pave the way for the players to hey hey …" Blue sky hey hey smiled.
"Husband, you are a good thief …" On the other side, holding the blue sky arm, the little cute can’t help but whisper to the blue sky when he sees the blue sky smile and expression.
The blue sky is almost moral integrity. I thought you were my blue sky people, and you even said your husband and my good thief in front of others. It seems that you should find a good opportunity to tidy up these six wives. Otherwise, your future happiness day will not fall. I felt the blue sky eyes and bad eyes. Six women all felt a chill behind them, but then I thought that I was engaged to the blue sky, even if I let the blue sky bully me. Thinking about Du Qian and Li Xinjing, I couldn’t help but think of the scene of several female hand-to-hand combat, which made the two women suddenly blush and wriggle on both sides of the blue sky.
"They must be crazy to plan out the night capital. More than half of the players will capture the night capital together. If they fail, then waiting for them will be pursued physically. Mercenaries and pursuers will make the players have something to do." Last night, the star mouth said that the super-king also heard the blue sky and what the stars said last night.
Mo Chen said inexplicably, "Don’t they know that the government will send such a large army to team them?"
"I don’t know about this. Maybe the number of troops is equal to the number of rebel players’ occupations, otherwise it can’t be explained clearly," Blue Sky said.
"So now it depends on which is stronger, the personal strength and the overall strength?" chimed in the little cute.
"It should be so, but it’s easy to defend the city and attack the city. During these six hours, I’ll see how they break through the night capital," Blue Sky said gloatingly.
"Yes, can it be broken in six hours?" Aside, Wen Ran couldn’t help but worry about these players’ practices.
"Hum, is it so good to get something without giving money? It’s time for these vampire bats to shed some blood," Yunkou said.
Everyone laughed. Anyway, few things happened. Some people pioneered to explore this mystery. The blue sky was naturally very happy, but suddenly the things that surprised the players appeared again. Originally, a large number of professional players with various forms of beasts entered from the entrance of the battlefield. This variable made the siege party cheer up, and the blue sky was all white
"I told you, how dare they attack the whole city? It turned out that the night vampire players and the beast-shaped source players have United. I just don’t know if there are any other players who want to come in and help." Super King roared loudly
"It seems to be premeditated and planned. Aren’t these guys stupid at night? This group of beast-shaped players has at least three or four hundred thousand." Blue sky sighed.
"Now the victory belongs to that side, husband?" Du Qian asked again, while the blue sky held Du Qian in her arms and said, "I don’t know, but I think it’s night time. How powerful the army is? None of us have seen it. We can make a metaphor. vice city’s fast-catching strength is strong to the twelfth order, so these military classes must not be low." The blue sky analyzed.
"There are quite a few players staying at night, aren’t there? After all, I don’t believe that there are not many players at night who don’t want to win the official medal of courage and honor," said the desire.
And everyone knows in their hearts that the generous conditions offered by the government are that there are definitely many players to collect them, but on the player side, they don’t have enough money to pay more players to help them. Now there are few short-sighted people, and it seems that it is easier for a player to leave after he doesn’t want to get something to help him upgrade his powerful attributes.
Finally, nearly an hour before the preparation, the players and night players were ready for attack and defense. The blue sky and others looked at the huge night and it was a shock. At night, all the warning points were full of human players, and a bat flew up in the highest night temple. Obviously, these bats were all changed by military sergeants. Everyone did not expect that the sergeants in the army actually had a blood-sucking career, which made the change of the situation even more exciting.
Finally, an hour arrived. First, they heard the announcement of unification.
"When the war is official, it takes six hours. If the player can’t break through the night capital or get the night seal, the Ministry will be regarded as a fugitive by the government. If the player wins in six hours, the night will belong to the army owned by the initiator. From then on, the night capital will be evacuated, but the night capital will also accept the massive invasion and monster massacre from the vicinity of the night capital."
Everyone was amazed when they heard it. Now there is a monster massacre and monster invasion. Even if the player gets the night, it will never be peaceful. The blue sky can’t help but wonder if the territory established by the player will encounter a monster massacre.
It is suspected that this announcement has already affected the capture side in morale, but now everyone can be impulsive and constantly encourage themselves. If you win, the future will be very good. If you win, this night will become a great symbol. If you win, you will get a bonus and stay in the night capital …
If you want to defend against victory, you will get the medal of courage. If you want to defend against victory, you will get the medal of honor. To get these, I will go further than others in the next day. If you want to win, you must win …
This is the heart of most players at the moment, but there are also a few players whose legs are trembling and they have no strength. Obviously, they are shocked by the opponent’s battle. Maybe they can be killed or watched in the subsequent battle.
DuDu horn sounded. This is the first defense made by the government to reflect that hundreds of thousands of soldiers have changed their forms and flew to the night side. It turned out that these battles are blood-sucking professional soldiers. In the blink of an eye, everyone saw black bats flying and hovering in the night in an orderly manner. Everyone knows that there are six kinds of bats, and this hovering is a black bat, which proves that this is the first line of defense from other lines of defense. Perhaps it is hidden in the night.
After all, the defensive side rarely comes out of the city to fight, and the number of the two sides is almost equal, which means that the attacking side loses its spirit first and is intercepted by the towering night city wall. It will be a crazy attack to meet them then.
The huge blue moon is emitting blue holy light, but at this moment, the breath of the blue moon is so uncomfortable and the blood is boiling. Everyone looks up and sees the blue moon, which is the spectacular scene where countless bats are flying, which is naturally photographed by the players.
At this moment, the trembling sound of the earth entered the audience’s ears. The six ranks of vampire players changed into six colors one after another. Bats flew high and then formed their own flying phalanx in an orderly way. What everyone saw was a huge black bat group, which circled rapidly in the middle of the lake and then pressed towards the night in a dark way. At the corners on both sides of the black bat, there were blue bats and red bats. The number of black bats almost occupied one third of the bat group, which showed that this group was much larger.
The blue bat group and the red bat group occupy one third of the total, while other blue bat groups and silver bat groups occupy another one-third and one-half of the total. Finally, the golden dazzling bat group seems to be the king of bats. Generally, they are holding down the battle in the last place to see the war on the verge, and the huge battle formed by nearly 500,000 animal-shaped players is also slowly pressing down. Obviously, they will attack all night together, and other professional players and mercenaries also form a messy team. Although messy, it is also dark, at least there are more than 200,000 people.
Suddenly, the player sounded a loud horn to attack everyone, and then in the sky, the bat troops took the lead and flew away, and the animal-shaped troops also increased their running speed
"Boy, feelings are monsters in the camp." Superbody King, a brainless guy, said excitedly and sighed with emotion.
"Honey, do you think it’s a lion or a leopard or a wolf or a fox? Many people have become monsters." Du Qianqian said excitedly.
Blue sky was amused, thinking that I didn’t expect this beast-shaped professional player to hide more. It seems that girls really have the spirit of giving up their beauty now, but most female players are fused with more beautiful pets. Speaking of which, it is unique to hide.
At the moment, the beast-shaped troops are coming to seven big beast-shaped teams and several small beast-shaped teams. Each team represents a beast-shaped professional body. Usually, beast-shaped professional players are very militant, which is why there are fewer female players in this profession. However, despite this blue sky, I still saw a female fox-shaped team. Although I can’t see clearly, I can confirm that they are female players from the blue sky.
This time, the beast-shaped team is composed of seven beasts: lion, leopard, bear, tiger, wolf, fox and eagle. Besides, other beast-shaped teams include hundreds of kinds of beasts. It can be seen that this beast-shaped profession is really varied, including peacock, earthworm, cat, elephant and many other professional beasts …
Bear-shaped professional players may be placed in the front because of their strong defense, while the left and right sides of bear-shaped players are lion-shaped and tiger-shaped, followed by leopard, wolf and fox, while eagle-shaped players fly thousands of meters high to find opportunities to act.
As the huge team of players quickly approached the defenses of the major city walls at night, pieces of arrows were shot out one after another, and then everyone was lucky enough to see hundreds of thousands of arrows flying in front of them. When the bat team was in contact, there were several flashes of light, which meant that the players of the black bat troops flying in front were killed naively, and the second wave of arrows and the third wave of arrows were successfully shot out, which made the black bat troops lose several black bats again.
Everyone in the blue sky lamented that the archer’s power is great. It seems that he would have to accept a large number of archers’ troops, or he would have been killed gradually if he encountered a strong attack. Archers are one of the ancient fighters, and there are hundreds of millions of archers on the original planet, to say the least. Usually, there is no player’s idea. This group of long-range attack players have noticed this, but at the moment, all thoughtful players have not expected that archers will become the targets recruited by various lords afterwards, which also makes pure archers and semi-archers feel proud.
Players’ bat troops officially rushed in, apparently trying to rush to the night headquarters, but they were intercepted by a large number of bats flying out from the inside. So when a player bat fought against the military bat war, it started again, but let all players watch the game. Players were shocked that the bat team was killed by the army bat team and fled everywhere. Obviously, the military strength was higher than the players’ strength.
At the same time, watching the performance of the army makes people find that they are so cooperative and not afraid of life and death. It is obviously set to fight to the death, which makes the players feel scared, but at the same time it also arouses a lot of bloody crazy players, but the number of such players is always indispensable. The black bats on both sides caused a lot of casualties when they were in short contact.
It’s just that the war has just been so fierce and bloody, and if it continues, some female players are afraid to look at it, although it’s virtual, but everyone thinks it’s a real battlefield because it’s too bloody and real, and the war is still going on …
For the description of the war, because the scene is too huge, there are too many occupations, and the description of small scenes and details will be lacking. Here is to create an atmosphere and pave the way for future wars. If you have any suggestions, you can leave me a message in the evaluation area, and I will adopt the opinions as needed. Finally, I wish all VIP readers a good mood.
The second chapter 13