"Ghost old son, don’t you show up yet?"
Wounds words export immediately let the people around a shock at this time another sound from not far away.
"Do you think it is necessary for you and me to fight to the death here before the ghost sword treasure has been unearthed?"
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Blue Sky City Treasures
When the ghost people walked into the field of vision of Ye Zhang and others, they immediately let someone sink in the place. The second emperor was eager to master the realm of heaven, but Ye Zhang had a little conation at this time. This expression change was immediately captured by Ghost Yin.
"I’m afraid it’s not easy for a master to fight and get cheap."
Zhang Ye smiled. He did have such an idea. It seems that the ghost sword enemy is no less than himself, and they are all so strong. Besides, it seems that the ghost sword posture is not here. It is absolutely impossible to let life and death go.
Seeing that the ghost sword is so hot, the ghost man can’t help but fly into a rage at this time. His realm determines his identity. Even though his opponent is famous for his ghost sword, it is still unknown whether he will win or lose by his strength.
Ye Zhang finally knew what it was when two emperors were eager for heavenly laws. Although Jiang Chen’s hand was fierce, the other party obviously didn’t even have 10% strength. After the first reward in the imperial list and the reward of 10 thousand Xuanshi, Jiang Chen gave it to himself
At this time, the battle between Feng Yi and the two NPCs of the Ghost Man not only has a powerful Gangfeng that makes it difficult for others to get close to it, but also the sputtering effect presented by both sides during the attack. Even watching from the sidelines, everyone lost blood because of air billow.
When Ye Zhang was blown to his body by a Gangfeng, he immediately saw that his blood volume had dropped by 4%, which made him feel very shocked, and at the same time, he understood how big a mistake it was when he rashly challenged the ghost sword.
When you retreat, you will almost lose sight of the two men in the battlefield. When Ye Zhang feels capable, he is also full of desire to ascend to the realm. If he has such strength, even if everyone is enemies in tears, he can be as good as the four demigod weapons, and the flashy people can be enemies.
In the battle, the ghost sword seems to have a little sign of being suppressed. His opponent’s attack on the ghost man is very fierce, and neither of them is as clever as Cyclops’s. The routine is not so gorgeous, but each attack can achieve the effect of splitting the mountain and breaking the stone.
Both sides have plenty of blood. It seems unlikely that the war will be won or lost. Ghost Yin thought for a while and then said
"Before Zhang Ye, they unearthed the treasure. It seems that there is a treasure here, but the location of the treasure is difficult for ordinary people to know."
Zhang Ye nodded, and he also noticed some clues revealed in the words of the top 100 ghosts. He thought about it and let go of the idea of picking up bargains in his heart. When three people left the battlefield and just arrived at the city gate, they found that some variables had happened when they entered the city.
"Why don’t we go out of town?"
A few NPCs wanted to leave, but they were stopped by a group of experts who wanted to leave the city. Although these people wanted to leave the city, they also wanted to leave the city, but they looked around at the crowd, and they all looked coldly relative to each other and immediately shut up.
"It seems that it is impossible to leave the city. It is very likely that the location of the treasure has been discovered and it is very likely that it is in this blue sky city."
Ye Zhang’s analysis of Ghost Yin was noncommittal, and he felt uneasy. Since Jiang Chen was deliberately defeated by him, he had the feeling of artificial intelligence intervening. Now it may be a strange layout.
And now they have to worry about not only this group of high-level NPCs in front of them, but also the eyes peeping in the dark.
In fact, if the player doesn’t want to stay here, he can just provoke one or two NPCs to die, but Ye Zhang obviously has other ideas in his heart.
Back in the city, the duel between the ghost sword and the ghost man is still going on, but at this time it is still nearby. There are not many onlookers. In a place not far from the battlefield, there is another person who is far away. Zhang Ye points out that this person’s head is suddenly awkward.
Emperor Wuhou is eager for the realm of heaven and law
It seems that a treasure of Emperor Dragon’s Universal Realm has attracted many super masters, and at this time, because of the appearance of Wuhou, the two people in the battle gradually calmed down because of their scruples.
"Ghost sword, get out while I’m in a good mood!"
When’ tis once spoken, the ghost ghost sword flashed a trace of anger in the same realm. In the face of such provocative words, it is supposed to be immortal, but the ghost ghost sword is livid and silent. This can’t help but make Ye Zhang look at it more. Even in the same realm, there is a strength gap, which can’t help but remind him of the combat effectiveness system.
Jiang Chen’s combat effectiveness is 15. I don’t know what these people’s combat effectiveness is.
Looking at the ghost sword leaned towards their own three-person position, Zhang Ye’s mind moved, and he went out. When Ye Zhang appeared in the ghost sword’s eyes, he frowned.
"Ghost sword!"
Ye Zhang called out each other’s names, and behind him, Ghost Yin and Angry glances felt that their hearts were tight at this time. Ye Zhang’s move was suspected of suicide in their eyes.
The ghost sword has just been humiliated. At this time, when he saw Ye Zhang, he immediately began to do it. When the shock wave was cut on Zhang Ye’s body, the four people present except Ye Zhang showed horror outside.
Ye Zhang didn’t get hurt, but the ghost sword changed its look. In his memory, the purple sky and the sky people just hung up from his hand not long ago, and that time, although he was relatively resistant, the page eventually hung up.
Now, however, the ghost sword has to re-examine Ye Zhang.
"What do you think of us?"
Ye Zhang’s words made Ghost Yin one leng, and then he went white. Ye Zhang moved his own management to limit the injury and took the blow from the other party. According to NPCAI algorithm, obviously he won’t play any tricks like players. It is very likely that Ye Zhang is already a comparable one in the eyes of Ghost Sword at this time.
"What can you do for me?"
Ghost sword staring at Ye Zhang attitude gradually from contempt to calm at this time Ye Zhang stretched out his hand and pointed to the rear mouth to say
"What do you think of helping you solve the ghost man and Wuhou?"
Ye Zhang’s words gave birth to an unreal feeling in an instant. Even if Ye Zhang moved the management limit, he could guarantee his immortality, but he could never kill two emperors who were eager for heavenly laws.
And Ye Zhang will move the management limit to win a cheap victory? Ang Yan and Ghost Yin won’t think so in their hearts.
"What do you want?"
The ghost sword seems to have agreed to this, which can’t help but make Ye Zhang feel happy that there is a ghost sword on his side. This is equivalent to saying that there is an emperor’s urgent law beater, so that Ye Zhang can do something that he could not do.
"I need Luan, Wuhou, Baigui and 10,000 Xuanshi."
Ye Zhang blushes and breathes out his own price, which makes the anger behind him and the ghost Yin jump. If Zhang Ye can really help the ghost sword to kill the ghost people and Wuhou, the three of them will break through the realm of Cang Huang Dao, and there will be more people and obstacles.
"It’s that simple?"
Ghost sword at this time some curious to stare at Ye Zhang seems to have a little doubt about the strength of allies who can make such conditions, and Ye Zhang immediately realized this problem at this time.
Longque Huangcheng Store didn’t upgrade to 11 attributes, but the number of Xuanshi needed in Canghuang Road realm will definitely be even more horrible. Obviously, in the eyes of a super expert in Huangqi Heaven Law realm, I’m afraid that hundreds of millions of Xuanshi can also make their strength rise too much.
But it’s hard to get back after the words have been spoken. Ye Zhang smiled to hide his embarrassment now.
"It’s that simple!"
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five God bodyguard
This is the way for Ye Zhang and others to kill the first enemy, and all the departments are in the realm of Cang Huang Dao. Of course, Ye Zhang is said to be gilded in his face. To be precise, these superior departments are all ghosts and swords to kill.
In the eyes of the master of the realm of Emperor’s Heavenly Law, even if it is very close to this realm, it is not enough to see the top master of Huang Daodao, which also makes Ye Zhang and others in the same industry enjoy themselves.
In fact, I want a top expert in the realm of Heaven and Law to be a bodyguard for myself, not to mention the possibility. The other party will not do this kind of personnel on its own, and all the reasons come from Ye Zhang. I pulled out a grain of Tan Huadan from the body of the first expert in the realm of Heaven and Law.
This is a Dan medicine that can rise to 15 to 5 attributes. When Ye Zhang didn’t think about it, he threw this Dan medicine to Feng Yi, and Feng Yi’s look changed immediately.
"Tan Huadan, the world can refine rare things and get people. It’s impossible to guarantee that you have such luck at once."
Wounds words let Ye Zhang ghost Yin and anger behind smiled.
Don’t say it’s unique, even if the law owns Ye Zhang, it has been found out.
"Don’t you want to ask me what I should do to help you defeat the Ghost Man and Wuhou?"
Ye Zhang looked at the sight with a ponder look at this time. The ghost sword sealed the wounds and sealed the wounds. He immediately read the meaning of the other party from Ye Zhang’s eyes. Well … His AI setting was really high, which would be in addition to Ye Zhang’s unnecessary lies.
Seal wounds at this time must be very shaking. He looked at Ye Zhang like a monster. If anyone can touch Tan Huadan’s super supplement, it is very magical. Seeing Ye Zhang’s meaning seems to not only create this magic, but also make himself a higher level.