"Come on in." Zhang Zhongxuan stood up in a green dress and went to the window with a negative hand. After Niu Er came in, he said faintly, "Did Master Zhao call you?"
Niu Er was shocked. He didn’t think that he knew the reason for his coming before Zhang Zhongxuan spoke. He immediately replied, "Yes, Master Zhao told me to invite the head master to lie down in the town."
Zhang Chongxuan thoughtfully, with Zhao Zifeng’s personality, it is impossible to call him down the mountain for no reason. It is likely that something important happened. However, with his ability to handle affairs, it is impossible for the inner court to catch fire, so it is also the outer court. At the thought of this, Zhang Chongxuan remembered what Qin Huai had been thinking when he came back that day. Even these days, he rarely saw Qin Huai’s figure, and his heart suddenly understood. Niu Er waved to one side and said, "Go down."
Niu Er said yes, and then excused himself, leaving Zhang Zhongxuan who was thinking there.
Zhang Chongxuan in the room thought for a moment, then looked out of the window with his negative hand. At this time, it was dark, the scenery in the courtyard was in darkness, and the whole aisle was empty. Occasionally, one or two Kunlun disciples went there, and Zhang Chongxuan looked around the whole silence with a straight face. Negative behind the right hand five fingers a song, and immediately produced a gas vortex in his palm.
The swirling air kept spinning, giving off a suction that was not easy to detect. Shout, a light wind suddenly blew in the calm courtyard, and that light wind swept behind a dovetail in the air. It happened that Zhang Chongxuan’s room was blown away. Although the wind was weak, it still blew Zhang Chongxuan’s weak green skirt angle.
In silence, the wind that entered Zhang Chongxuan’s room actually flew towards Zhang Chongxuan’s right hand behind his back, and entered Zhang Chongxuan’s hands in succession in the gas vortex.
Feel yourself in the hands of the gas swirl stopped rotating, Zhang Chongxuan really yuan a circulation in the body, and subtle zi zi sound, gas swirl in his hand has already started to burn. A few wisps of breath escaped from Zhang Zhongxuan’s palm.
"Sure enough!" Zhang Zhongxuan conduits, already know that someone is watching himself outside the room. Fortunately, Niu Er came to him from Zhao Zifeng, and wanted Zhao Zifeng to be arranged, so he didn’t have to be afraid that Niu Er would leak.
Turned around, Zhang Zhongxuan sat down at the desk, picked up the books on the desk and continued to read. Watch and keep counting with your hands.
"Brother, it’s really patient that Li Muran is still doing the accounts by hand." On the roof beam opposite the window in Zhang Zhongxuan’s room, a slight voice sounded, revealing a mocking laugh.
Yu Yuanyang glared at the man mercilessly. After the man shut up, he turned around again. From two days ago, he was called by Qin Huai to talk privately, and then he followed Qin Huai’s instructions. I’ve been watching Zhang Chongxuan. "What’s the matter?" Yu Yuanyang, who turned around, couldn’t help but coo in his heart, because just now. He seems to feel a figure flying out of Zhang Chongxuan’s room, but looking into Zhang Chongxuan’s room, Zhang Chongxuan is still concentrating on getting even, and andao himself may be suspicious and continues to monitor Zhang Chongxuan.
In fact, someone did fly out of Zhang Chongxuan’s room just now, and it was none other than Zhang Chongxuan himself. After he found out that someone was watching, he had been pretending to look at the account books and count the accounts with his fingers. In fact, he was in the disposal, and he surrounded himself with a blind eye. When the formation was well laid, Zhang Chongxuan conveniently laid a few small arrays of hidden shapes on himself, and then he was calm.
Although those small arrays with hidden shapes can really do some work, if they were put in another place, they could easily be seen through by any one of the original twelve elders of Kunlun. It’s just that Zhang Chongxuan knows very well that the person who is monitoring himself must be a general disciple of Kunlun Sect. His strength will not be high enough to go there. He can not be discovered by himself under the condition of monitoring himself. One thousand one hundred percent is that he has a magic weapon that can hide his breath, so he will boldly fly out directly from the window.
Arrogance is not aimless!
Zhang Zhongxuan, who flew out of the room, flew straight to Demao Town at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. The night market in Dezang Town was still so prosperous, and the streets were bustling with people everywhere. Zhang Zhongxuan, who had recovered his original appearance, walked freely in the street and walked towards the designated place with Zhao Zifeng.
Zhao Zifeng sat in Fang Zhixuan’s pavilion, looking at the information sent up by hand, wondering what he should do if Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t come out of the mountain. According to the present situation, Qin Huai is already gaining momentum, and I believe that he will start work on Zhang Zhongxuan in a few days. According to the news he received from the three major factions, Zhang Zhongxuan was obviously seriously injured when he went to explore Penglai Wonderland. If the situation is good, then the situation is a bit bad for Zhang Zhongxuan.
"Do you want to prepare for the worst?" Zhao Zifeng mused, ready to call all the weathered clouds and others, but if so, it will destroy the bureau laid by Zhang Zhongxuan …
While Zhao Zifeng was thinking about it, an upright figure sat silently opposite Zhao Zifeng, picked up the information on the side and turned it over. He said faintly, "It seems that you have done enough kung fu, and even what happened in Penglai Wonderland can be heard."
Zhao Zifeng, who was meditating, recovered himself, looked at Zhang Chongxuan, who was indifferent, and exclaimed, "Master!"
Zhang Chongxuan snorted and didn’t look up. He was still looking through the materials that Zhao Zifeng had placed on the stone table. When he turned to the bottom one, Zhang Chongxuan snorted and said, "Qin Huai, an old fox, still wants to hold a meeting and expose my face. It seems that it is time to solve him."
"Master is always a master." When Zhao Zifeng saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s reaction, he knew that Qin Huai was bound to suffer. He hurriedly said, "Master, as far as I know, Xu Shize and Yang Fengtang have been persuaded by Qin Huai, and they have all stood on the same side as Qin Huai, while Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei, I called Yan Hui and Hui Juan to persuade Qin Huai, but they all promised Qin Huai, as long as he can prove you.
Zhang Zhongxuan put down the information in his hand and said, "Well, it’s a good job. Since Zhao Fengtang and Xu Shize want to turn against each other, they have to be removed."
"Master, I’m afraid it’s wrong to do so? Although shushan lost a lot of people in Penglai fairyland, its strength is still strong. If you remove the parents and Qin Huai, then Kunlun will not be the opponent of shushan, will it? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Yes, what you said is true, but it’s nothing. Let’s settle the inside of Kunlun first, and then I’ll give some powerful instruments to Kunlun’s disciples. It should still be no problem. The problem now is how to solve Qin Huai’s three people, and Qin Huai’s calculation, no matter which one he is, will directly affirm Qin Huai’s speech to the other two." Zhang Chongxuan thought about it for a moment and said, "Now it seems that we have to use the knife to kill people."
"Master wants to?" Zhao Zifeng looked suspicious, and after a moment’s reflection, he understood a little. "Master is going to kill Yang Fengtang!" he said.
Zhang Chongxuan said faintly, "Yes, with Qin Huai’s strength, the master may not be sure that he can control him. If he doesn’t win him then, he will run away, which will only make things more and more chaotic."
"What is the master going to do?" Although Zhao Zifeng knew what Zhang Zhongxuan said was good, it was simply unrealistic to do it. If someone else put forward this scheme, he would definitely disagree with it, but he knew that Zhang Zhongxuan’s endless ability could ensure the realization of his proposed scheme one by one, so he did not consider the feasibility of the method, but went directly to see the benefits brought by things if they were successfully completed.
"I’ll do this myself, but just in case, you should lead Qin Huai away first. Since he is so interested in me, he should want to know my identity. Later, you will come back to Kunlun School with me and lead Qin Huai out." Considering Qin Huai’s strength, Zhang Zhongxuan reached out his hand to draw a tactic and offered the black dragon rope.
Zhang Zhongxuan conveniently put some spells on the black dragon rope, and with a wave of his hand, the black dragon rope flew in front of Zhao Zifeng. He said, "This instrument is called the black dragon rope, so I’ll give it to you now. When you draw Qin Huai out, you can use the soul-sucking sail to block him, and then sacrifice the black dragon rope to fly away. The black dragon rope has already been given several increasing spells by me. At its speed, Qin Huai will never chase you."
Zhao Zifeng took the black dragon rope from Zhang Zhongxuan and put it away. "Zifeng understands."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "This black dragon rope is also a growth-level instrument. You can buy some instruments to feed him regularly to help the black dragon rope advance."
After pointing out the use of the black dragon rope, Zhang Zhongxuan and Zhao Zifeng flew to Kunlun as planned.
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-eight Frame others (2)
Chapter one hundred and ninety-eight Frame others (2)
Came to the neighborhood where Qin Huai lived, and Zhao Zifeng, who was wearing a night suit, flew towards Zhang Zhongxuan. Just before he flew far, he heard a sound of someone coming out. Qin Huai had already flown out, and Qin Huai looked at Zhao Zifeng in front of him and felt the smell of Zhao Zifeng. His eyes lit up, because from Zhao Zifeng’s breath, he was sure that Zhao Zifeng must be related to Zhang Zhongxuan, because Zhao Zifeng’s breath and.