Say it’s more decisive
Now it seems that it is worthwhile for the three kings to gamble on the rise and fall of their clansmen with their own lives, and it is also worthwhile for three people to lose.
And winning is a great victory for this group.
It’s worth fighting for
Candlestick and Zi Xue were still surprised and said, "It’s too chaotic outside cocoa now, even if the three kings go together, they may not win."
"Man can conquer nature"
I said, "Our strength is still very good. Don’t worry, we will definitely send the three kings back safely."
True love and Zi Xue love are still unbelievable. I want to stop them.
But they still held back and looked at it. In addition, the King of Witch and Snake guessed what they wanted to do and nodded, "OK, we will do as you say."
Bow your head and bow your hand as a farewell.
The snake king said, "Then go out and fight with those Shintoists."
She said that there must be some monitoring on land and sea. It won’t be long before someone comes to arrest us when we go out, and there won’t be a big war.
I looked at the people around me and thought, "Well, I, Hongli Zhou Jiayu, Meow Meow, are angry, have no money, and Yang Ke and Jingwen, the predecessors of the ghost woodcutter, go out and the others stay here and wait for our news."
Lin Weiwei, Ningxi Zhuyeqing, Pang Bo, Huofalling, Yi Xue, Youxi, Chen Feng, Weiyuan, etc. can’t help much.
On the contrary, it will become a burden. We may have to take care of them because of the hard work.
This is not natural. Why don’t you stay here and wait here like the three families?
This is absolute security.
Everyone can understand that Lin Weiwei grabbed my arm and said, "I don’t want to part with you" and once again said, "I will never part with you."
Reluctance is self-evident.
I still said, "believe me, you will be in trouble if you follow me. Stay here and wait for things to come to an end soon, and we will come back to you when we have the result."
Pinch her face and say, "Trust me, I won’t die."
Zhu Yeqing also persuaded him that "Vivian knows wisely and you know that it’s really a burden for us to go out, but it’s a burden to keep it. Trust Xiaofan and trust them."
Others also said, "Yes, we will wait for you."
At this moment, I can understand that everyone has chosen to stay and let our strongest party go out, which is the best arrangement.
The snake king said, "That’s right. You can only win lightly."
Mainly because many people have gone out.
The woodcutter is fierce enough, and Zhou Jiayu has a whip, and Sister Meow Meow has a blade of grass, and it’s absolutely enough to see three people who can’t make money, make people angry and have ghosts in color.
There are Hongli, Yangke, Jingwen and one. The end of me and the Three Kings Shintoism is really here.
Lin Weiwei gave in and said, "OK, we’ll wait for you to come back, but as soon as possible."
"Yeah, definitely."
This is all arranged.
He also said, "I’ll help you ask what’s going on outside the lake god. You’re walking."
The situation is also very good, and there is no fluctuation. Just as the three kings control the fog, the sea surface has changed a little and dispersed.
The myth reappeared on the east coast.
We all waved goodbye to everyone before flying to the boat and said, "We’re leaving. Take care."
"take care"
One by one waved and Lin Weiwei cried and cried.
Xiao Youxi also shouted, "Xiao Fan, Master Oba, brothers and sisters, please cheer up."
So we really left this place where we stayed for three months, and it was covered by fog, and we couldn’t see anything, so we were back to the normal world.