Now that this boss has come out, there is no reason for Gao Rong and Grandet not to kill this monster.
Be cautious and ask Gao to summon a stronger stone spirit to replace the wind spirit.
Shi Ling rushed directly at the headstrong cow as if he wanted to be eager to express himself after being summoned by Gao Rong.
Although Shi Ling, a big guy, has a good attack and defense, the speed is really terrible. Although he is rushing towards the headstrong cow, the speed is not much faster than walking.
Before Shi Lingchong rushed to the headstrong cow, he rushed forward preemptively.
The skill of savage collision directly launched by the headstrong ox is the same as that of the head of wild boar in the plain where Grandet was robbed, and the horn of the headstrong ox slammed into Shi Ling’s body.
Shi Ling’s body is huge and his strength is amazing, but even so, Shi Ling was knocked to the ground by a headstrong cow, and his head also took up Venus and went into a dizzy state.
The headstrong ox immediately lifted up and kicked and trampled on Shi Ling’s body. Fortunately, Shi Ling’s defense was high enough. This trampling caused more than 13 points of damage to Shi Ling.
As the headstrong ox trampled on Shi Ling, Shi Ling was freed from dizziness.
After waking up, Shi Ling backhand is to give headstrong Niu Yi a fist.
Shi Ling’s angry fist just inspired the repelling property, and the headstrong cow was directly thrown out by great power.
A hatred base is still pulled up, and Gao Rang and Grandet also joined the fight.
Gao Rang’s way of fighting is very simple, that is, running and firing arcane missiles at Mang Niu. None of them can do 1 damage to Mang Niu. It seems that this Mang Niu’s magical defense is not so good.
Grandet, on the other hand, directly plunged into the ranks of melee combat, taking advantage of his fast attack speed and attacking on the side of the headstrong cow while moving.
Mang Niu, the boss, doesn’t know if there is a problem with IQ or if Shi Ling just annoyed it with that fist, so he assigned Shi Ling to attack him all the time.
This kind of situation is exactly what Gao Rang and Grandet like to see. Grandet’s whole process is very pleasant except attacking the headstrong cow or adding blood to Shi Ling.
Soon the blood volume of the bull dropped to 5%.
After the "moo" of Mang Niu Yi, the body of Mang Niu exudes a faint white smoke, and its eyes turn crimson.
Obviously, the headstrong cow has entered a state of "rage"
After entering the state of rage, the headstrong cow not only has a high attack power and moving speed, but also has a high IQ.
The original has been one-track-minded attack Shi Lingmang cattle suddenly turned around and rushed at Grandet.
Grandet had long been prepared. At the moment when the bull rushed over, he dodged the bull’s impact as beautifully as a Spanish matador.
After successfully dodging the first attack of the bull, Grandet became a wave.
The stone marrow hammer in Grandet’s hand struck the feather shield in the other hand and made a muffled sound, which was like provoking a headstrong ox.
The bull was completely angered and rushed towards Grandet again, and this time it was faster than the previous one.
Can Grandet escape the impact of Mang Niu this time?
Chapter 44 Changes
With the scream of the headstrong cow, Grandet jumped to one side again, and the headstrong cow narrowly brushed Grandet’s clothes and rushed over.
This time, when the bull brushed past Grandet, Grandet also launched a counterattack. His hammer skillfully attacked the bull’s side rib.
The angry bull turned a circle and rushed towards Grandet again.
Grandet didn’t choose to dodge this time because he knew that this time he couldn’t avoid the bull’s impact, so Grandet chose a knight who should have a defensive way.
Grandet stood in front of the shield at an oblique angle of 45 degrees according to the impact of the bull.
This time, the block was really successful. The attack of the bull made Grandet lose more than 9 points of blood.