It’s true that although the four-person fight is very fierce, it’s not a four-person game. It’s been two seconds since the four-person fight. If it weren’t for the encounter in the wild area, the two wild players would have already arrived.
Lu Zhan hated biting his teeth, but he knew that it was not the time to fight. ez and he were both blood. If the widow really appeared, it would probably be a double kill.
Lu Zhan finally chose to retreat. Jinx is awake, and Jinx is eating blood. He may not be able to change his life again, and ez is also very obedient.
And the other Jin Kesi also chose to retreat for the first time after waking up from dizziness. Obviously, she is also afraid of Lu Zhan’s wild play here.
Only the second level took a long time to spell, and each of them handed in several skills, and everyone exerted their own strength, but no one died in the end.
In the end, none of the remnant blood dared to stay in the battlefield and chose to return to the city at the same time, while both sides played wild and appeared together, all of them were helping themselves to mend the line.
Just this moment let Lu Zhan behind three people into ecstasy.
"I finally know why Brother Doobie said I couldn’t keep pace with him!" Su Yueran gave a long sigh and said that many times before Bloom said this to her, she didn’t even know her way when she participated in the Jinling Cup later. It was because she was poor in level, but she didn’t follow the rhythm.
After watching this duel, she didn’t like the situation just now. If one person on both sides didn’t follow, I’m afraid one side would have been killed. It seems that Bloom was not false when he said that she didn’t follow the rhythm.
"Who is the funny brother?"
A long time Xia Lingyao suddenly doubt asked 1.
Xiao Chengqiang just took a sip of water and almost spit it out. It’s the first time he heard Su Yueran call Bloom. He couldn’t help thinking about the day when a foreigner went to participate in an international competition and made a speech after winning the prize.
Hello, my English name is Bloom and my Chinese name is Dobby Bloom.
Even Bloom’s simple and honest appearance was imagined by him, and he was bent at the moment.
"All right, stop it and watch the live broadcast!" Su Yueran white his one eye and said
When the two people’s eyes returned to Lu Zhan’s screen, Lu Zhan’s road fought again.
Chapter 21 Widow Maker
It’s a great delay to go home at this level, and you can’t get the key props, but it doesn’t matter whether you want to come home or not in that situation just now.
In fact, the change of blood for Lu Zhan and them still made a profit because they made a weakness here, but the other side made a weakness and lit it.
This game is so fierce that Lu Zhan is very nervous. His whole body is devoted to the game. Although the other side is the strongest king, he is a one-on-one player, but there is no such intensity as two-on-two playing.
This time, the two sides fought quickly again and again, and the skills of four people were intertwined. You came and I went, and in a short time, all four people were half blood.
"Both sides are very fierce!" Su Yueran commented behind him.
"In this case, there are probably people across the street who want to be promoted. Everyone plays very formally and is not at all casual." Xia Lingyao said that her own rank is not as high as Su Yueran, but her eyesight is really the king’s level.
After watching it for a while, she suddenly found that the widow had not appeared for a while. Obviously, the widow was probably squatting on a certain road.
She is keenly aware that it is the easiest way to gank because the road assistance does not flash. Widows will never give up the opportunity to come to gank. Maybe according to the normal route, widows should go to other routes after helping to guard the line from the road, but Xia Lingyao intuitively believes that widows will still come this way.
She just wanted to speak to wake up Lu Zhan, but her face smiled and stopped. At this time, she deliberately wanted to see what happened to Lu Zhan’s consciousness after such a long time.
However, she soon found that Anne Lu Zhan was deliberately hiding in the river. His eyes were not over yet, but the hero widow was not really tough.
Xia Lingyao nodded with satisfaction. It seems that this period of land exhibition is still growing, which makes her very gratified.
Compared with ez, the reaction is slower, and then I realized this. I chose a river to wake up and ez moved to the opposite side of the river.
Lu Zhan made a mark at the same time, but the position of this signal is obviously different from the ez mark. The land exhibition mark is that he inserted the grass, that is, a tower of grass near the other side
"This is?" Xia Lingyao immediately understood the meaning of Lu Zhan. Everyone can guess that the widow must have come to gank, but where the widow came, she didn’t recognize the river by ez, but squatted from the tower!
It turns out that Lu Zhan’s consideration of the game and the psychological grasp of the other party are more complicated than she thought!
After Lu Zhan marked it, he hid it in the grass on his own side. According to the time, the other side’s eyes should be gone in this grass, but they should still be in the other side’s grass
Sure enough, just after the land exhibition was marked, the other widow appeared. It turned out that the widow was crouching in the grass behind and moving forward.