Ghost Yin’s words made the remnant blood and teddy boy look stunned. This time, the general took a good move. By this time, they can’t make any more mistakes, and artificial intelligence is still sad. Because of Ye Zhang’s sudden entry into the imperial list, they are really under siege now.
But at this time, Ye Zhang was very calm. He didn’t look anxious at all. When the residual blood looked at Ye Zhang, he was first stunned and then worried.
Being able to be present now is the core brother of Ye Zhang. He knows all about the management limit that Zhang Ye has. Obviously, Ye Zhang is absolutely capable of changing the immediate predicament, but it is precisely this that he is worried about residual blood.
"Ye Zhang’s beheading of the gods can set up a legion one step ahead of us. It seems that the other party has arranged for us very thoroughly, and it is difficult to guarantee that they will not be so thorough about other secrets. Be careful at this time."
After listening to the words of residual blood, Ye Zhang immediately raised his vigilance. The residual blood is not wrong. At this time, maybe others are waiting for him to make another mistake to give him the most fatal blow
At this time, Feng Zhi suddenly got online and immediately sent a message to Zhang Ye. The two sides agreed on the meeting place, and Feng Zhi’s news also made everyone present feel a shock.
An hour has passed since Feng Zhi arrived. When Feng Zhi learned about some general situations in glitz today from Ye Zhang and Canxue, he took a thoughtful look at Ye Zhang.
"Don’t worry, I can still hold on there and the situation is still not a defeat for us!"
Feng Zhi’s words made the remnant blood stunned and already besieged. Isn’t that a defeat?
Feng Zhi smiled. During this period, the major forces have entered a white-hot stage for Feng’s suppression. However, Feng’s various criss-crossing power networks over the years have also given his opponents a painful blow. It can be said that Feng Zhi has indeed shown fatigue on the surface, but he has hurt the enemy by five points and lost five points.
Outsiders may see that Feng’s stock has shrunk dramatically, and Feng’s land market is in a tight liquidity, but outsiders can’t see that their opponents are also in the same trouble. Almost Feng’s family has been forced to sell all kinds of assets, and there has been a tenfold negative growth. This is the power that Feng’s family has maintained over the years. Although his opponents have taken over these assets, it is difficult to manage them with their assets and control. Because of the business model, Feng Zhi has completely changed them.
"Ye Zhang should do it when it’s time to do it. Don’t be afraid. The worst result now is that we lose the war, but what do you think we can lose?"
Feng Zhi’s words made all the people present whispering. At this time, Ye Zhang was also lost in thought after hearing Feng Zhi’s words. He suddenly found that Feng Zhi was absolutely right. Once the war failed, would he really get out of the glitz?
Root is impossible!
He Ye Zhang’s mind is not so delicate that he can’t even bear a failure. He once lost the mainland. Ye Zhang failed only once. Honggao lost twice, and the southern mainland was occupied. All this was just a temporary defeat for Ye Zhang and them. Ye Zhang had no psychological troubles and no burden behind him.
If he can’t stay in Ye Zhang, he will go to the lost mainland. If he can’t stay in Ye Zhang at this time, he will go to other times. The management limit he has can give him such convenience
But his opponents can’t afford to lose or consume every war, Ye Zhang. They all take over lightly, while those behind the scenes of the big whirlwind opponents choose the flashy battlefield. They invest a lot of money in the early stage to install various pushers and contradictory conductors. They need to spend a lot of money to arrange one war after another, which is already consumed before.
Feng Zhi’s words enlivened the thinking of all the people present. At this time, A Fei Kou
"Yes, God, if we want to fight, we will play with them once. It will be a unilateral consumption for both sides to win or lose less!"
Teddy boy’s words made the remnant blood laugh. They have accumulated more than a year’s worth of money in glitz. At this time, they don’t need to invest money in it, but their opponents need to increase and enter this collection. There is enough media power to vilify their opponents. There will always be times when they can’t afford it.
Now that the direction of the war has been determined, the residual blood has also been lost.
"It seems that this war will become a harvest battle of Xuanshi, so as to increase the enthusiasm of players participating in the war, we might as well make a list of Xuanshi."
You can also get Xuanshi by killing players. From the distribution of experts on both sides, there are too many experts on the residual blood side.
"There is a whirlwind brother in the first place and there is no chance!"
Angry inflammation finally had a chance to say something, and his words once again made the atmosphere lively. Everyone burst out laughing. After laughing, everyone stopped their excitement and looked at the remnant blood. Because Feng Zhi may not be able to participate in this war, the remnant blood will once again become the supreme commander of the Coalition forces.
At this time, the remnant blood also inspired his emotions. He quickly spent the guild resources on the guild channel and typed a sentence on the World Channel.
"The Bloody Carnival Association officially declares war on the Heaven and Earth Corps here!"
Chapter six hundred and forty-one Angry vs War
There is no general mobilization before the war, and there is no need to pay attention to it. When the remnant blood gives the order, when every player in the war gets 1 Xuanshi, after the resurrection, the players scramble to charge in the direction of Longque Imperial City.
Ye Zhang, Ang Yan and others are also among this group of players. Generally speaking, Cyclone is their super main force. Obviously, in the middle of weeping, Cyclone will lose his enemy’s meat shield and go against the sky, which will become an absolute hate point, which can also minimize the damage of other players.
Ye Zhang accepted this honor very naively, but Ang Yan and Ghost Yin joked that the war would be far from Ye Zhang.
The Legion of Heaven and Earth led by the beheading God and the old ghost did not retreat in the imperial city. However, although the Legion was first established by Ye Zhang, it also greatly reduced the number of all Xuanshi in the entire independent legion due to the abolition of the guild, and it was able to be distributed to each player. The resurrection of Xuanshi is somewhat difficult.
At this time, the two men, Ben Lie and Ming Zhan, took their group of ghost brake guild players and reached out to beg for the resurrection of Xuanshi. Even the sven who cut the gods in their hearts scolded these two hateful spies for 17 times.
The war immediately made headlines in the media, and several people paid attention to this online game.
When they saw the players in front of them, they stopped. At this time, according to the previous arrangement, Ang Yan suddenly started to raise his voice. The regional channel near the current channel sent three identical messages.
"Let the god-slaying idiot come out to grandpa, and I want to hit him one-on-one!"
Anger and anger made everyone look high-spirited and his loud name immediately triggered a huge contradiction between the two sides. Suddenly, before the war started, there was a street battle.
God didn’t get angry when he got the news, but looked at the famous war beside him and laughed