Gladiolus sighed, "That is, he can make one product for each copy, but he can’t make more similar products."
The mad dog dragon frowned. "What?"
Gladiolus said, "This design legend has been marked. This is an assassin’s special weapon. The name is’ Light Language’. I just read the design. It will take me at least ten days to understand the structural principle. Because of many designs, I have to check the information. Secondly, the materials needed for forging weapons are almost impossible for ordinary players."
Mad dog dragon couldn’t help asking, "What materials do you need?"
Gladiolus sighed, "First of all, there are a lot of Tianshen stone, Xuantieying, gold-titanium ore, Tianyinshi and extremely black iron embryo."
Mad dog dragon suddenly became silent about the difficulty in obtaining these raw materials. He knew it and had experienced it.
Don’t say that the Temple of Heaven will only be put into use once every six months. It will take several years to collect a large number of gods, such as Shinima.
Gladiolus said, "These five materials are easy to say. Brother Leng has a lot of goods there. Now Miss Ai is the largest seller of gold and titanium minerals in Loulan Empire and a senior dealer of rare minerals in our Eastern Dynasty."
Mad dog dragon suddenly farted. Michelle, this sister-in-law has actually developed to this extent. It’s true that mining can dig up a piece of heaven and earth.
Gladiolus continued, "The second biggest problem is that the three processes of magic injection, channeling and phase detector are the most difficult. A good magic weapon has its own life. Whether it can come out depends on the last three hurdles."
Mad dog dragon wondered, "It’s the first time I’ve heard of these processes. Please ask Sister Jian for advice."
Gladiolus explained, "You don’t have to worry about the two processes of channeling and telepathy. I can help you with it, but you must finish the magic injection. I will simply give you a shape. Usually, after you kill some special monsters, the monsters actually have souls. You can take specific props to absorb the souls, and then I will inject the souls into this weapon. After perfect integration, the weapon will have some of the abilities of the monsters."
"Is this ok?" Mad dog dragon was surprised.
"Yes!" Gladiolus expression is very serious. "I’m not kidding. I won’t elaborate on the principle. I’m afraid you’ll feel dizzy. I’ll give you an example. How did you melt the rune into the tactical sniper rifle of the Arctic War Police? You should know fairly well. "
Mad dog dragon is vaguely white, but the whole is still confused. "That’s a rune. You are a demon spirit. I can’t figure out how to merge?"
Gladiolus said, "We can do it in one meter of sunshine in the Eastern Dynasty."
"all right! Big sister! " The mad dog dragon spread his hand and said, "So how can I get those monster souls?"
Gladiolus said, "there is a very special prop called a magic bottle, and it can do it."
Mad dog dragon really heard "where can I get this bottle?"
Gladiolus sighed. "This thing is more difficult to get than Romantic Date, but you are very lucky. I know someone who has it and you can borrow it if you borrow it!"
Mad dog dragon road "who?"
Gladiolus said, "You used to have this one in your old club, Mu Zixing’s eyes and Xia Xiaoqing’s hands."
Mad dog dragon nodded. "I’m white!"
Gladiolus said, "With a magic bottle, you have to find a monster with spirit."
"This magic weapon is really troublesome!" Mad dog dragon couldn’t help saying, "Are you going to a specific place?"
"Cong!" Gladiolus gave him a thumbs-up sign. "I’m still a place like the Temple of Heaven, but the place where we call monsters with spirit is the magic cave. This light language is a thousand-machine design. Ordinary monsters are really blaspheming this weapon in its body. You should go to the more famous magic cave and you’d better collect the powerful boss soul."
Mad dog dragon sighed, "I finally understand that there are so many conditions for such a link, so it is impossible to be too time-consuming and labor-intensive to design and produce a thousand machines and then do the same thing."
"Correct!" Gladiolus primly said, "Even if these preparations are completed until the final refining time, it is quite risky because the soul weapon fusion has certain accidental performance." Please allow me to give you a non-professional word-providence! "
When I heard this, Mad Dog Dragon finally understood this drawing. Mr. Du had to give it to himself. Because Taoyuan Island forces want weapons to really take shape, it is better to build Time Island well.
For a moment, Mad Dog Dragon was silent and came to see him a little disheartened. "If you don’t want to build it, I can buy this picture for you personally. Brother Leng needs such a weapon."
Mad dog dragon quickly said, "So … how much do you pay for it, big sister?"
Gladiolus stretched out a finger and mad dog dragon hesitated, "A dragon coin?"
Gladiolus shook his head and mad dog dragon was surprised. "A dragon coin?"
Gladiolus said word by word, "One dragon coin is absolutely fair price!"
"Hissing-"Mad dog dragon took a deep breath.
To tell the truth, he is not very short of money now, because Jiang Huaye has made great progress now, and they are still relatively well-off economically.
But the price of a dragon coin says that the key to the importance of this picture is that once a weapon comes out, its value is far more than that.
Mad dog dragon suddenly thought of having a good time. I once thought that I would buy my famous wrist guard for 5 dragon coins. If it comes out, it is estimated that it will be stronger than the famous ones.