But this time, after all, he wants something from others. Even if he wants to drag Ragnaros to beat him up, he has to wait until the war is over. Archduke Moss just squeezed out a smile and said to his younger brother who wanted to rip him off.
"You see Ragnaros, although you didn’t fight with Titan recently, you should always know some of their weaknesses and shortcomings when you fought hundreds of years ago, right? Why don’t you give me a hand because my brother has left me behind? "
Haha, you also have today! Watching Moss upset himself but being able to accompany a smiling face, Ragnaros’s heart was so cool! Since Moss killed Demogorgon, his fame suddenly rose and he was thrown down behind him, especially when he wanted to kill the fire element plane Lord’ Fire King’ Galafis’ father’ Yan Emperor’ Gallon. The lion’s mouth actually asked most of his possessions to invite him to make moves. Although the final plan was successful, he did not forget this matter even after hundreds of years.
Today, it’s time for revenge and revenge! Ragnaros malicious "ha ha" a smile moss heart suddenly hitched a jump.
"Moss, aren’t we brothers?" Ragnaros walked beside Moss and pretended to be very enthusiastic. Seeing this Moss, he really wanted to slap him to death and then roared that I didn’t have you, a brother who would rob my brother’s territory!
That’s right, Lord Rossitis of ragnar. Even the most common abandoned plane in the abyss is full of magma. He needs a gun and his hand. Three abyss planes have a good environment. Ragnaros controls ten abyss planes, three of which were abducted from Moss’s hand.
But now it is Moss who wants something from others. Even though he really wants someone to beat Ragnaros up, he has to squeeze out a smile and answer, "Of course, Ragnaros, are we brothers?"
But everyone knows that in the abyss of chaotic power, let alone brothers, even husband and wife parents may sell you, and the reason why they didn’t do so was because of insufficient interests
"Yes, we are brothers." Ragnaros grinned at the mask, and Moss knew that he was going to be in trouble. "Since you are brothers, you can’t ignore it soon, but my brother is really poor recently. I have a few efreet and fire elements, and I am all rusty and lack of resources such as magic crystals, magic cores and alchemy potions."
Speaking of which, Ragnaros pretended to be a pity and shook his head. "Although I really want my brother to vent on you in my heart, look at my family as a younger brother. Ragnaros is really unable to do so!"
"Without my dear brother," Moss smiled, but actually wanted to vomit blood. Seeing that Ragnaros was about to be slaughtered with that knife, he still asked others to hand him over. "Brother, although I am not rich, I have some possessions at least. How can I not help my brother?"
Resist the impulse to swear and think of something. Moss finally gritted his teeth and said this sentence.
"Tell me, brother, what do you need?"
Haha, you also have today. Ragnaros remembered that he asked his brother for help hundreds of years ago, but when he saw that the situation changed today, Moss suddenly became happy when he asked for help.
"Since you are so generous, brother, I’m welcome." Ragnaros rubbed his hands to prepare the lion’s mouth. On the other side, Moss really wanted to say that you were polite! But when I thought of the message from the goddess of chaos, Lord Dilaya, a few days ago, Moss choked back again.
Ragnaros opened his mouth and startled Moss. "I want you to have two habitable planes in your hand, seven barren planes, a high-ranking deity, five middle-ranking deities, twenty low-ranking deities, the thirteenth floor of the abyss, a large amethyst vein, the sixteenth floor of the abyss, two large magic crystal mines, ten demon stones, three artifacts and fifteen odd weapons."
Every time I hear Ragnaros say a condition, Moss’s heart will seem to be hammered by hundreds of kilograms once. Ragnaros is really worthy of being his brother. He has a lot of style. This bite will pay him for hundreds of years and want to come from Demogorgon. Half of his money!
"Why don’t you grab it!" This time, Moss finally couldn’t hold back his anger and roared at Ragnaros. "I’ll invite the greedy Leviathan and Kelvetan, the ugly monster Gahaladi, and Zurkin who has always been wrong with me. How can you be worth so much alone!"
"I can’t say that when I say dear brother!" Ragnaros also knows that he is a little more this time, but his greedy and demonic body will not just let go of the possibility of starting a large fortune. "I’m not alone. I also represent the whole fire element plane! I, Fez, Gagara, and several efreet lords and fire lords. Why aren’t other legionaries worth it? Besides, "Ragnaros Pie Pie", is there any other god besides me who has a large-scale war experience with Titan? Two high-ranking gods with nearly a hundred semi-gods formed a battle to charge, even Garafis and I have to avoid the edge for a while! "
"That’s not so much!" Although it is clear that Ragnaros is right, it is better to pay so much for his help. Moss might as well swallow this tone directly. At least one high-ranking god, four and a half gods and an elite, but it is not the loss of the top legion. He gritted his teeth and carried it to shame. It’s always better to have money in Bidiu! "
"But brother, you can’t think so!" Ragnaros is still trying to "do you want to know which god is better than Titan? It’s the dragon god! If those titans can’t beat people, even if we join hands, we may not win! I’m taking a big risk to help you! "
Speaking of which, Moss is also silent. If you want to make a ranking in mainland Lafia, the dragons are definitely at the top. Although those old-fashioned people may not break their vows when they were forced by several main gods, they have to guard against them.
"Yes," Moss’s face suddenly burst into a smile to see that Ragnaros is somewhat puzzling. "In this case, I can’t give you so many things! In order to ensure the victory of this war, it seems that I really have to bleed a lot to invite all my old friends who worked with Demogorgon in the abyss! "
Chapter 16 Barracks trivia
When Ross and Moss in ragnar discussed how to deal with the possible dragon of Titan, Nolon became a hero model set by the top leaders of the Coalition forces.
What does it mean for a high-ranking god to win four and a half gods in a group of main wars?
Of course, it’s a military bulletin, and not only Titan, but also the human god Angola Zerg will give them rewards and praise!
It has been nearly 200 years since the fall of a Lord God, who still committed suicide because he felt that his life had lost its meaning for too long. It is an abyss in which the demon king tried to defeat Nalisa with his lover. As a result, a demon king was killed by a new love * * The main Nalisa was in a mental state, and another Lord God fled in a hurry. The result is worth it. First, after the Lord God fled in a hurry, he seemed to be afraid that Nalisa would chase after him and kill him, and he would not come out.
In this field, the dragon god, the Angolan Zerg God, triggered and gradually expanded the war. Both sides know that several gods interfere with each other to destroy the dragon god or the Angolan Zerg God is unrealistic. The best situation in the plan of the six gods of the Angolan Zerg is to kill several high-ranking gods, threaten and retaliate, and almost kill half of the other troops, and then they can wait for the dragon god to take the initiative to sign a peace agreement with them.
This time, Nolon’s action can be regarded as the end of the war. After all, in a situation where a god with a high position in the kingdom died and wanted to escape, few people can prevent the other party from cutting and fleeing back to the kingdom. This time, if Hydera didn’t secretly obstruct Galaman, he wouldn’t be silly. Yum, in the case of being defeated, he and Lala recklessly fought.
What’s more, in this war, besides leading the six main gods, there are many high-ranking gods. Since Titan can kill a’ deceiver’ god Galaman without saying a word when he loses a demigod, it must not be difficult to spend some time to kill them in the future, right?
In addition, regardless of the facts, the nominal leader in this operation still has the title of Marquis in the Beradian Empire. Sally princess royal has a good personal relationship. The master of Nolon is barely half of the human camp, and the status of Nolon naturally rises like a rocket.
First of all, the Titan God was awarded by various gods, and he was one of them. Seriously speaking, Lala, the biggest contributor to killing Galaman, was not a member of Titan God, but a friend of Nolon, and she was very supportive when Lala didn’t object. This achievement was counted in Nolon’s head.
When receiving the prize, several young high-ranking figures or their brothers were envious, jealous and resentful. Looking at being able to kill the high-ranking god Lala, she hung on Nolon’s body with a happy face. At the same time, Nolon’s right hand side also took Ellie, which suddenly made many self-proclaimed charming and full of male charm. The senior professional never missed Nolon’s amazing lv1 junior professional strength, which made a demigod who could kill the high-ranking god fall in love with him when he learned that he had a fiancee, so he compared them all.
Several great gods are not stingy. After knowing Nolon’s true identity, he is all white. What he wants to do now is to help Ellie develop. The Titan God has sent some magic crystals, medicines, dry goods, epic poems, and many weapons with odd levels. There are also ten million gold coins after marking the killing of Galaman in the column of military supplies, and an artifact. The three great empires of mankind pass the title of first-class duke, and the honorary title of the Angolan Zerg gods is rewarded as the master of the temple.
The four demigods and other rewards were all represented by Thurss, the demigod "Desert Death", the captain of the wolf cavalry unit of the first Shuruima Army. After this battle, many Shuruima soldiers were injured, but fortunately, no one really died. After several days, Thurss was still happy to return the butcher knife to the assault captain of the "Desert Butcher" who was bruised and bruised.
If you can get a lot of resources and belief crystallization, Nolon will be happy and crazy, but after Hydera told him about the gap between the goddess of creation and the Lord God, he would forget that the Lord God of mainland Lafia would be finished if he accidentally provoked a goddess of creation, and Hydera’s original words were
"Well," heard Nolon ask about the strength gap between the Lord God and their three creation goddesses, Hydera thought and said, "Although the strength of the Lord God will fluctuate strongly, such as the inflammatory Lord Ragnaros or the Titan God Gordon bullying the weak Lord God, such as the winged man Lord Leonardo, which can definitely beat him back, it is really a day by day compared with us."
Hydera, the third master in the world, has the most speech. "I don’t know the strength of elder sister and second sister, but for me, if a creature wants to absorb a drop of blood, it will be able to become a standard high-ranking idol Lala, which has been slightly adjusted by me ~ I have taught it to be at the forefront among high-ranking gods. In my eyes, the Lord God is like a professional in the eyes of the Lord God, and he can kill a lot casually."
At that time, Nolon stopped pursuing a steady rise in strength, and directly asked Hyderabad to help him rise to lv25 and feel very satisfied to be a mortal limit.
(If you say the name is Titan mage Nolon, you won’t become Titan God Nolon, which is also an echo of the title.)
After receiving the award, Nolon stayed in the camp and practiced a few new skills in addition to cooperating with the top management and promoting Titan and Ellie, the goddess of fate, to boost morale and inspire everyone in front of the rotating Coalition soldiers.
Of course, with Nolon’s high status and reputation, many high-level daughters or granddaughters have come to’ dedicate themselves’ during this period. They also don’t ask Nolon to feel that it is good to spend one night or a few nights with this hero Nolon. Many beautiful girls are willing to be his generation lover. This is a lot of happiness and troubles for no reason in Jeannot Long.
But fortunately, with Lala and Ellie, Nolon’s eyes have risen a lot, and he has firmly controlled his belt, thus avoiding a storm caused by jealousy.
Chapter 17 Debate
In fact, there is also an embarrassing problem in Titan’s support, that is, the hill dwarves in the kingdom of lacasse are far away from the other side of the mainland, and it is almost impossible to cross the half continent of the orc empire, the orc empire and the troll empire to support the Zerg here in Angola. They can make the army have Azer’s original Shuruima Empire First Corps.