It’s cheaper to use a second-hand car at a price of around two million.
Is it okay to buy the key or the problem-special flight driver’s license!
Without a special driver’s license, if you dare to drive a speeding license, you will definitely be punished to doubt that life directly affects your future.
Back to being familiar with Jincheng’s consciousness, Xu retired and drove the car to the neighborhood where he lived.
Fly to the nearby Xu tui to react.
My parents have sold the house here.
He cultivated his parents and abandoned his family!
But if you have parents, you will have a home!
Xu tui directly asked Huang’s parents to rent a house now and navigate the destination.
To tell the truth, it actually took two and a half hours to get out of Kyoto and arrive at Jincheng Expressway.
On the contrary, it took almost two hours to fly in Kyoto Prefecture and Jincheng Prefecture.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, I finally found a place for my parents to rent a house.
Chengxi old residential community
Most of the houses are 30 years old, and no property is old and dirty, which is the characteristic of this residential area.
Xu tui couldn’t find a suitable landing point for the repulsive flying car.
Finally, Xu retired and parked the repulsion car in a parking lot two kilometers away, and then went home with a backpack and big bags!
The attack on Virginia told Xu that when he retired, he had to carry his backpack.
At that time, if Xu retires and simulates the mechanical warehouse, maybe …
Unfortunately, there are not so many ifs in reality.
It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon before I can find my parents to rent a house again.
After thinking about it, my parents are still in class, and Xu retired and didn’t talk.
Telepathy slightly induced a room to see parents and their own photos to confirm that this is after parents rent a house.
Spirit into the door lock slightly force the door.
It’s nothing if you can’t reach a certain level of door lock in front of the embodied spirit!
When I entered the room, my eyes were wet when I retired.
This living condition … is much worse than Xu tui imagined.
A little narrow
The wall leads two patch panels to see the direction. Xu tried that the bedroom ceiling light was broken.
Sanitary showers are also bad.
In order to take a bath, my parents bought a new folding bathtub.
The water in the washbasin is also bad, and a basin is connected to it.
Sanitary and kitchen floor drains are covered with several layers of plastic bags, which should be waterproof pipes to stink …
There is a sense of sadness when I turn around and retire.
Although the former house is smaller and older, it is comfortable to live in. What is broken and needs to be replaced? My parents and horses will be replaced by themselves.
But you spend a little money to repair this rented house, but you spend money to change some pipeline objects and tidy them up.
But after a year or two, what if the landlord doesn’t renew the rent and increases the rent?
This is probably the reason why hardworking parents have not thoroughly cleaned up this rental root.
Wanted to think, Xu gave Zhuang Ziqiang a message.
"Xu Ge, what can I do for you?"
"You help me to look at the apartment property around Huaxia University of Gene Evolution. Can it be too old?
The area can’t be too small, and it’s best to bring a balcony or terrace where people can smoke secretly, "Xu said."
"No problem! My horse will do it, but brother Xu, can you tell me whether to buy it for you or for someone of what age?
I can choose a geographical location and facilities.
Also, buying a house in Kyoto Prefecture is not to want to buy it, but to buy it, or to limit it or … "Zhuang Ziqiang said.
"Give two old people help to make life convenient.
You don’t care if I solve the problem of buying a house. "