"Why didn’t Miao Cuicui come out?"
"The place to take medicine is not here. She should have left directly from behind." Jiao Yuhua shrugged and didn’t care much.
"If you want to see her, you can find her after you go out."
"No" woman hurriedly motioning with his hand.
"I’m just asking"
Time goes by slowly
One after another, women walked into the backyard, but not all of them went to get medicine. Some of them returned sullenly without saying a word.
It depends on the situation. Think of it as a bad result.
So it seems that if you don’t come back, it will have a good result
"Qian Xiaoyun!"
Jiao Yuhua looked up.
"Sister Qian, it’s your turn."
Qian Xiaoyun got up and took a deep breath of air pressure. My heart was uneasy and nodded at Xiang Fang, pulling Huo Zhen toward the backyard.
Nervousness made her unaware of Xiang Fang’s strange face.
There is a road in the backyard that leads directly to a guest room. Before you get close, you can smell a strong smell of medicine and you can faintly see the figure shaking.
"Another one!"
The sound is dull and thick, but it doesn’t like saving lives at all.
"At this age, I am afraid that no one wants it?"
"That’s not necessarily" a population.
"Half-old Xu Niang may be more interested in some people’s tastes. Besides, he also needs some people to beat thugs and can’t always call on the goddess."
"Besides, the maintenance is good, which is better than those crooked melons and dates just now."
"And is this kid a mute?"
Qian Xiaoyun came into the room and saw three fat, bald monks looking at themselves.
The sight made her realize that her tight eyes swept the place and she got goose bumps all over.
"Excuse me, imperial doctor in …"
Before her voice fell, suddenly a black body consciousness took hold of Huo Zhen, and then she fell unconscious.
There are many rivers running through Shui Ze, even Taiping House.
Water can support people.
The place near that wat spontaneously became a meeting place for vendors.
It’s getting dark. Zhou Jia walks on the stone arch bridge with his hands on his back and walks on the bluestone ground beside the scattered street stalls.
"Da …"
As soon as the foot stops
His eyes rested on a divination booth.
Gua Tan?
It’s really a divination booth.
The stall owner is a Dili, with white hair fluttering, a fairy wind waving in the breeze, and three calculations a day, one of which is marked with nine Chinese characters.