Dan Qiusheng said, "Now I’m not a beggar. I’m looking for you for my own business!"
Zhong needless to say, "I have nothing to do with you. What do you want to do for me?"
Dan Qiusheng said, "I have nothing to do with you but with your two accomplices!" Duan Jianqing means that his face has changed greatly.
Zhong needless to say, "since I’m not involved with you, no matter who I am, I don’t care!"
Dan Qiusheng said, "You have to take care of this matter whether you like it or not!"
Zhong Needless to say, he was a little afraid that Dan Qiusheng really turned his face and said, "Well, tell me who you are looking for?"
Dan Qiusheng said, "Two Monsters of Meishan"
Zhong needless to say, "I’m sorry. Although I know them, I don’t know where they are?"
Dan Qiusheng said, "Meishan Erguai has a friendship with you for 20 or 30 years. You always know better than me where they might go. Now, first think about whether they told you but you forgot? If I really haven’t told you, then take me everywhere! "
Zhong needless to hum said, "I’m sorry, I have urgent things to do, but I don’t have the leisure time to accompany you to find someone everywhere!" " Say unexpectedly from Dan Qiusheng hard blunt past.
His move is a gamble. Do Dan Qiusheng dare to use force against him? If Dan Qiusheng is blunt, then it will be said that when he walks past Dan Qiusheng, his hand is really holding a cold sweat.
Dan Qiusheng did not dare to use force in his material. Duan Jianqing and Zhong Needless hurried behind him and ran away. Dan Qiusheng nai had to know what to do. They have already gone far by now.
Zhong needn’t look back and see Dan Qiusheng coming after him. He was relieved and said, "Count him in or I’ll show him the taste of my iron palm!" You brag as soon as you take off your face.
Duan Jianqing said, "Yes, although his swordsmanship is high, how can he compare with the doyen’s practice for decades? Of course, he dare not make track for it, but we’d better hurry back to the army."
Zhong needless to say, "He dare not fight hard, and he won’t chase us again, but you also said that we are not afraid that he should meet Wei Tuoping and them as soon as possible." He said that he was not afraid, but he was really afraid, so he stepped up and ran away.
Zhong was relieved and said, "Even if he dares to chase us, he can’t chase us." It turned out that they had already seen the "old ape stone" at this moment.
Zhong went back to Xinjiang for a long time to get familiar with the geography. When he saw the "Old Ape Stone", he felt more at ease because he knew that the "Old Ape Stone" was hundreds of miles away from Luohai Camp.
I didn’t know what to say, but I heard a long scream. Someone said, "I’ve been waiting for this for a long time before you came?" When Zhong and Duan looked up, they saw a white man fluttering from the "old ape stone". Isn’t that Dan Qiusheng? Zhong needless to be shocked, he shouted, "Dan Qiu gave birth to you, and what are you coming for?"
Dan Qiusheng said, "Didn’t I tell you? I want you to take me to Meishan Erguai! "
Zhong needless to say, "didn’t I also tell you? I have no time to find someone with you! "
Dan Qiu said coldly, "You don’t have time to accompany me, but I have time to accompany you. You said you had other important things, didn’t you?"
Zhong needless to say "good" Dan Qiusheng said "well, I’ll follow you wherever you go. I can’t let you walk until you have time to find someone with me and you have to find the Meishan monster."
It turned out that Dan Qiusheng could neither use force against Zhong Needless to say, nor was he willing to let Zhong Needless to say. He finally came up with a formula of "winding" for him. His flying skill was much higher than that of Zhong Needless to say, and he took another road. As a result, he didn’t chase after him from behind, but waited for Zhong Needless to throw it himself.
How dare you let such a fierce adversary always follow you? Besides, he went to see Dan Qiusheng, a disciple of the Qing army, and how could he let Dan Qiusheng know the purpose of his visit?
Zhong Wu knew that he couldn’t get rid of Dan Qiusheng’s frown and said, "Dan Qiusheng, it’s not difficult for you to ask me to do something for you. You have to show me!"
Dan Qiusheng said, "Well, you can draw a line. If you don’t compete, you will accompany me!"
There is no need to say, "You and I have wronged each other in the past and hated each other in the near future. I think it’s unnecessary to compare Wu with Wen."
Even if the master has been trained to send and receive freely, it is difficult to miss and get hurt by accident. Now there is no need to say "Wen Bi", which is exactly what Dan Qiusheng wanted, so he said, "How to compare a good Wen Bi with a good Wen Bi?"
Zhong needless to say, "Let’s use this old ape stone to show our unique skills in life. If your kung fu really beats me, I will do whatever I want!"
Although their respective housekeeping skills are not necessarily the same kind of kung fu, in the eyes of martial arts experts, it can still be concluded that Gao Dan Qiusheng expected that his identity would not be denied, so he said, "Please give me your advice first if you obey."
There is no need to say, "Good old lady!" When the fists clenched the old ape stone, the virtual ratio was more than two, and the qi was full. Suddenly, I drank "Break!" At the same time, I heard an old ape stone and a "right arm" was broken!
Dan Qiusheng smiled and said, "The Beggars’ skill in mixing Yuan and Yi is really worthy of the name." He thought to himself, "Zhong needless to leave the Beggars’ Sect must have been striving for victory with his senior brother for 40 years. Look at his skill now. It’s a pity that he is stubborn, otherwise his senior brother would be very happy to know that he has achieved this."
Zhong needless to see him thoughtful, he was already amazed at his skill, and said, "I have always admired the magic of your serial killing swordsmanship, for example, please display it today to show my old lady’s eyes!"
Dan Qiusheng said, "Old-timers have a life and dare not disobey your advice!" When it comes to the word "teach", the sword light flashes steeply, which is not like that. It is needless to say that you need to get ready for kung fu first. It seems to others that he is casually waving his hand. The old ape has left two sword marks criss-crossing his abdomen, and there are ten small holes pierced by the tip of the sword.
What Meng Hua saw later was the trace left by their old ape stone, but Meng Hua could see the trace left by their "Wen Bi", but he could not see the trace left by their "Wu Bi", which Dan Qiusheng did not expect in advance.
It turned out that Zhong needless had already made a vicious plan, whether he was better than him or not, and when he concentrated on his sword, he secretly plotted against him.
This piece of hidden weapons’s famous "Poisonous Fog Flaming Bomb" is a unique one of Xin Qiniang, and hidden weapons Meishan Erguai forced Xin Qiniang to give it to them, while Zhong Needless to say, it was recently learned from Zhu Jiao. This is his first time to make it.
Dan Qiusheng never dreamed that Zhong Wuyu would be so mean; Secondly, the precept of the Beggars’ Sect is that it is forbidden for my brother to feed poison. hidden weapons Dan Qiusheng never thought that Zhong needless to have such a vicious hidden weapons.
At this time, he was using his exquisite swordsmanship, and the old ape stone stabbed ten small holes. When he had his own handy joy, he suddenly hit the road.
However, Dan Qiusheng is really very responsive. Seeing the white light rising steeply in the smoke, Dan Qiusheng caught fire but has already jumped out of the smoke!
"I don’t need to promise your brother not to hurt you. Now you hurt me, let’s fight!" As soon as Dan Qiu was born, he put out the flame and chased after it.
It goes without saying that hidden weapons can’t harm him, so he has lost a move. If you dare to compete with him again?
Zhong needless to continue to send out two poisonous fog as lily flame bombs. Dan Qiusheng has been prepared for these two times, of course, it can’t hurt him. However, Zhong needless and Duan Jianqing are covered with smoke and run away and get farther and farther away from him.
Dan Qiu was born to want to chase, but suddenly he felt that his knee was sore and he almost fell down. At the same time, his dizzy feeling was getting worse and worse.