Xuanbing armor body once again rose violent firm but gentle with the expansion turned out to be the riverside in less than half of the courtyard included.
All over the sky, firm but gentle interweaves into a net, killing everything crazy in it.
"Or …"
In an instant, the house collapsed and shattered, and several rocks were torn apart.
A series of figures were blown away by firm but gentle, and they vomited blood in half.
Is exhausted firm but gentle ground into ground meat all over the sky.
In the distance, once from the dragon’s heart, the sudden explosive force forced Hsuan Yang to retreat for a while, and a few flashing panicked Xu Shang fled outwards.
At the same time, a lift of the hand inspires the special message signal of the elders of the Tianhu Sect.
Mouth is shouting
"The landlord of Xueteng Building is here to arrest him!"
Hsuan Yang wanted to kill him and quickly stopped and looked in the field.
In the field, the sword light dispersed and Zhou Jiali stood in front of the field and lay two bodies.
Impressively is a face of panic Cai Ji and some strange clear snow.
He waved thoughtfully.
Chapter 1
The so-called three caves of cunning rabbits
Since Shicheng, there are also many blood vine buildings that secretly control the industry.
One of them
The landlord of the blood vine building is sitting right in front of him, and the console table is placed in a few things that have been searched out from the place where Qing Xue and Lao Wu are located.
Zhou Jia picked up something like chalcedony and studied it carefully.
"The name of this thing comes from the marrow"
Hsuan Yang explained.
"Such a small piece of accumulated source force is comparable to that of thousands of source crystals. Only when the pure source force condenses into essence can it look like this."