Before Han Xiao flew into a rage, the man’s strength was high and his enemy was just that, but really when he was the first master of Xiao’s younger generation, was it a decoration?
Really when the vision is weak, anyone can step on it …
But anger is not blazing. Yue Buqun is polite enough to do it again. The speed is even faster than Su Wei by three points.
When former Su Weiyou was now in Huashan School, he naturally knew a lot of martial arts in his mind, but now he feels refreshed after trying the nine swords and knives alone.
But if the theory of skill Yue Buqun is better than Su Wei, it can be more than one.
As soon as the Qi Imperial Sword moves, it carries a firm but gentle sword, and Yu Huashan’s offensive is the sharpest. Taiyue Sanqingfeng has been attacked like a storm.
He never underestimates his enemy.
Especially in the past, Chen Zhou often talked about Yue Buqun’s theoretical knowledge, which made Chen Zhou enlightened, and Chen Zhou did not explain those different techniques or terrible colonization, and he obviously described them if fighters responded to both.
Attack, attack, attack again!
Never let the sorcerer pull three feet away from the ancient Vu Thang!
Yue Buqun’s swordsmanship is simple, even though his mentality has changed greatly from strength to quality, it is difficult to get rid of the barriers after all.
His tricks are far from conventional, but they are more impenetrable, just like a thick wall pushing forward, destroying everything in its path and not giving Han Xiao any escape.
And match the sword …
Let Han Xiao angry heart blink despair!
Enemy but!
If the former opponent is hard to resist, then this enemy is really the enemy.
At the very least, this man has to be a gas-gathering fighter with earth strength.
"The deputy head is mighty!"
"The deputy head is domineering!"
"Deputy head, I will give you a monkey …"
"Bullshit! You’d better be torn down by Uncle Ning, believe it or not? Listen to me, deputy head. I want to marry Xiao Lingshan … "
Master Yue is a real person. Uncle Ning must be a real person, too. Even Yue Lingshan, the pet of Huashan Group, must be true.
Su Wei looked at Yue Buqun with great power.
My heart secretly praised that your sword is really worthy, and this impenetrable offensive has already laid an absolute victory.
He look down at his panel.