It’s like it’s not melted
And in front of me
There are more than 10,000 people in the square, and the ground is smooth and smooth. Nine stone pillars with several people embracing each other stand around.
Carving dragons and phoenixes on stone pillars shows exquisite craftsmanship.
Through the dense trees in front, cornices, arches and exquisite buildings can be faintly seen, which is not at all like a sample.
However, the architectural style here is really different from that of Liang.
Even small details don’t pursue extreme exquisiteness, but splash ink like grass, and there is an atmosphere in the original.
When Zhou Yi examined the surrounding environment, the team leader Haru had already stepped forward and walked towards the square.
He respectfully chuishou way toward each other
"Everyone has brought it."
The man is tall and in his early two meters, but he is as thin as a bamboo pole, wearing a black robe and gently sweeping the ground with a curved cane.
A pair of deep and unpredictable eyes seem to have hidden virtual shadows, but when they sweep the place, everyone unconsciously hangs their heads.
Zhou Yi’s heart is pounding.
The yogi!
And it seems that it is still stronger than the two of the seven Xuan doors. On the same day, the man who came for himself was afraid of a few differences.
Scaring cicadas is almost out of control.
"Ulu … Ha …"
The tall and thin monk has a slow, deep and clear accent.
deal with
Don’t understand!
Zhou Yi’s eyes are confused.
"No matter whether you are willing, tortured, atoned, or bought and sold here, you must abide by the rules here since you have come to the black wind tunnel."
"There are thousands of worms that eat you and evil spirits that swallow your soul."
A delicate and delicate sound enters the eardrum.