After all, the sugar ball factory is not seriously injured.
The "world-class factory department overhaul" was repeated by the black-robed man, and then the black-robed man rushed out with more spikes and tips.
It seems that everyone in the whole skillful factory is dressed up.
Black robes hide their physical characteristics, and they can’t see the race, but they seem to be very familiar with each other and have a very skilled division of labor.
But they didn’t come to the sugar ball factory first, but flocked to the nearby village to "repair" the factory, which was densely packed like ants crossing the river.
In a short time, the factory was dismantled one by one, and it was directly sucked away by spikes and sucked into the skillful factory.
This is accepted the deal, and the black man’s eyes turned to the saw blade next to it.
Before, he saw the damage of the sugar ball factory at a glance, but when he saw the saw blade, he suddenly frowned and said nothing for a long time before saying, "How to pay for this maintenance?"
"Isn’t that the package price just now?"
Packing price?
The black-robed man spread his hand not far from Lengzhuang and said, "Is it necessary to pay for a weapon?"
Black people and leng for a moment shook his head and turned away from "wait a minute"
He is struggling because he can’t see through this thing.
An important person who specializes in repairing factories. He has repaired factories and perhaps seen more factories not far from Zhuang.
For sugar ball factories, you can see the problem at a glance.
But this saw blade allows him to make an accurate judgment
Retracted from the spike and returned to the factory department, the black man immediately ran up and ran to another black man. "My Lord, come and see!"
This black robe is inlaid with a gold edge. Obviously, its status is different from others, but it is still black.
He is the owner of the skillful factory.
Hearing his calling, he turned his head demurely and said, "What’s the hurry?"
"This weapon … is very strange!"
The main business of maintenance factory is to deal with other factories and it needs high technology.
The factory owner attaches importance to and is polite to himself. Instead of yelling, he turned around and followed the black man directly to the sugar ball factory, and summoned several other important genera together.
"This is …"
"This thing …"
"Is it …"
Several people looked at each other and said, "ancient technology!"
Ancient science and technology can be said to be a "cultural relic" for the thriving earth.
Because for the earth, all science and technology are developing forward, there is no problem that modern science and technology can’t do if ancient science and technology can do it.
It is very unprofessional and anti-intellectual for the earth to "advocate ancient technology"
But unfortunately, in the world of factory owners, this is not anti-intelligence at all.
A big battle between the factory owner and the manor owner destroyed both sides, and the manor owner also destroyed many branches of the factory owner and a lot of technology.
Since then, factory owners have never returned to their peak times, and because the whole world of factory owners has lost its unity, it has become a "cluster" region, and their technology has not developed, but has been continuously fragmented.
Of course, it is not a complete retreat. Many industries are still progressing.
However, many ancient technologies are still copied by the present method, and how to understand them.
And this "saw blade" is "ancient technology" at first glance!
It’s so obvious. Absolutely no objection!
And if you look at it like this again, the smooth blade on the other side of the sugar ball factory, the big clip and the rivets and connection methods outside the sugar ball factory all seem to be full of ancient technology.
But none of them are as typical as this saw blade.
It is not without reason that this saw blade can become an "intermediate warehouse".
It’s not powerful, but its technical content is very high.
The difference from ordinary smooth blade is probably the difference from machete saw.
It is an era and an order of magnitude of technology.
Several people looked at each other and saw greed in each other’s eyes.
Soon the black man appeared again. He said not far from Zhuang, "OK, we accept this transaction, but the maintenance of the saw blade is complicated and needs to be taken to the factory department for maintenance."
Zhuang not far also didn’t care about motioning with his hand, "good! When will it be repaired? "
The black man said "three days" without looking up.
Can it be fixed? Of course it can’t be fixed!
But even if it can’t be repaired, how can you miss it when you meet ancient technology?
Of course, we have to hide and occupy it first
What should I do in three days?
A few people showed a sinister look.
This is not the first time to do it.
This is not a doctor’s parents’ heart hospital. This is a black shop that eats people and doesn’t spit bones.